Monday, August 4, 2014

Chosen Family of The Month: The Vargas Family

Hello lovely people!  It's been so long since we've written a post, or updated the blog, and we're sorry for that! Life has been hectic (Like every other time we've stopped writing!), but we're trying to navigate, and rearrange our *new* adult lives so that we still have time for blogging. :)

As you know we like to fund-raise for families every month, though we took the last two months off, we are right back at it again, and this time our Chosen Family is the Vargas family!  This sweet family is adopting three lovely babes, Alonzo, Mary Ellen, and Sophia, from Easter Europe.  They have already traveled to meet their blessings and are now waiting for another set of travel dates.  We want to help ease the financial burden that comes with international adoption by holding a fundraiser that will benefit them.  So, to kick off the fundraising this month I have a handmade (by me!) 8in X 10in  canvas that quotes "the answer is still and again love."

(Click on the photo to enlarge.) 

I felt this quote was fitting, adoption is centered around love, whether it be the love these children have lived without, or the love that the Vargas family will be bringing to them, or the fact that now that these babes have a family they will never be without love again.  Love is always the answer.

We will be holding a giveaway that will run for 5 days (starting today 08/4/2014) and ending this Saturday (08/9/2014).  You can enter this giveaway 2 ways, and earn up to 2 entries.  One way to earn an entry is by donating $5 (or more, whatever you feel like giving!) to the donation button on the right hand side of the blog named "Vargas Blessings".  You can also earn 1 free entry by sharing this fundraiser on your Facebook!  If you have chosen to grab that free entry by sharing on your Facebook, please be sure to comment below and let us know so we can count your free entry at the end of this giveaway! :)

I know this canvas isn't much, but when you consider giving please think of Alonzo, Mary Ellen, and Sophia.  The Vargas family has so courageously stepped out in faith the pay the ransom for these lives that have been deemed worthless.  When you give that $5 it may not seem like much, but I can guarantee you that it means the world to this family.  Let's help them bring their babies home.

With love,

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Even If It Hurts, Don't Turn Away

This wont be easy to read, and you will probably leave this blog with a hurting heart.  But I would just like you to remember that this is the everyday reality for these kids, they don't have the option to turn their eyes away, they can't pretend like it's not happening, because they live it.  So please, even when it hurts, don't turn away.

The life of orphans in other countries is far from what you may think.  Most days are spent in their crib, with no interaction, no toys, these kids are lucky if they get their diapers changed even twice a day.  With nothing to their name, they live on borrowed time, waiting for something, or someone to come along and change their everyday routine.   If the child is lucky they will get a care taker who sees something special about them, and pays a little more attention to them than the other kids.  But most days are spent alone, in a crib, chewing their hands, or hitting their head trying to feel something, anything.

Please, don't stop reading, don't turn away.  Remember, this is their life that they cannot escape from.

Feedings are scary to think about, I've heard stories, and watched documentaries of feedings.  The older kids have gruel shoveled into their mouths, so fast they don't have time to swallow.  I wonder how many older kids dread feeding time for fear of choking? But yet they know that might be the last time they are aloud to eat for who knows how long.  Babies, and children who don't have the ability to sit up are laid on their back in a crib, with the bottle propped up, as this think substance pours into their mouth faster than they can swallow.  Not having time to breathe, causing them to aspirate this think gruel into their lungs, but since they cannot sit, they cannot cough it up, and often times get so sick from this.

Please, don't stop reading, don't turn away.  Remember, this is their life that they cannot escape from.

At the age of 4 their time runs out, and they are made to leave what's been their "home" for the past years, they are sent away to an adult mental institution, where their heads are shaved, unneeded medicine is given to keep them quite, and they are tied to a crib for hours on end.  Statistics say that most children who are sent away to an institution wont last their first year, and I believe it.   In most cases it's extremely hard to adopt children once they have been transferred, because their institution directors don't see their value, and don't see the point in letting families rescue them.

When a child is born with a special need in other countries, they are deemed worthless, and parents are told that their child will never contribute anything to society.  Or in some cases the families aren't able to provide the proper care for their child, and doctors *convince* them that the orphanages will be able too.  I hurt for those parents, the ones who are trying to do what's best for their child, and have no clue what the orphanages are really like.

So, this my friends, is why Kaitlyn and I fight for these kids.  This is their reality, their fate, and without advocates, and willing families, these kids will die in the hands of people who could careless about them.  Without you, and me, these kids will pass away without ever knowing what it's like to feel love, or to have mommy snuggles, and a daddy to wrestle with, they will know nothing other than the lies that have been fed to them over the years.  They will believe the lies that they are worthless, unwanted, a burden, and have no purpose.  You, and I know that those things aren't true, and we know that they have potential, and are wanted.  Will you fight with us?  Will you join us, and help end this horrible injustice?  In the words of Eric Ludy  "We will rescue these little ones"

Friday, April 25, 2014

God is Moving

Alyssa and I (Kaitlyn) have had a pretty rough week with emotional ups and downs, but with all that has been going on I remember more and more that God is in control and that everything happens for a reason.  Our tomorrow is His yesterday.  It's in His hands and he already knows what's going to happen so there isn't any point in worrying or stressing over it.  And sometimes God let's things happen so he can teach us a lesson in all of it, and I feel as if I have learned a lesson from the last week.  I realized how long it had been since I turned to God and asked for help and guidance in our small organization.  Instead I tried to solve everything on my own and ended up in a mess and feeling overwhelmed,   Alyssa and I discussed this together and decided that it was time we turn everything over to Him and give HIM the *glory* for all things!  He has brought us to these places in our lives and he will surely bring us through them!  He never fails and is always faithful!

For example, with a rocky start to April and not raising anything for the Obenauf family we felt hopeless!  Then God provided over $100 for that wonderful family, even in our doubt!  

Fast forward to more recently and Alyssa and I are launching a tshirt fundraiser expecting to sell a bunch instantly, and we failed.  It was day 3 of the fundraiser that would benefit our May fundraiser and we were still at zero.  With both of us praying our hearts off and trusting that God would again provide I go and check up on things tonight and we've sold 2 shirts TODAY!  Which is a huge deal to us!   Proof below:

Alyssa's reaction 

Here's the proof that God hears our prayers and knows our hearts.  If we trust in him, he will answer.
He gives and takes away! <3

 Alyssa and I have been struggling.  Things have been really tough these last few days.  But we do feel as if God is constantly reminded us that he is right here beside of us and know our hearts and intentions are pure for this organization. 

It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed. (Deuteronomy 31:8)

                               We know that God is holding us in his hands, and we're not afraid. :) 

                                   We will do ALL things in CHRIST who strengthens us! 

To purchase one of these t-shirts please use the following link:

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Family Warrior!

I (Alyssa) never thought I would sign up to be a Family Warrior,  not because I was against it, but because I never thought a family would appear and totally steal my heart.  Well last night that family "appeared"  and I want to share this family with you, because they literally mean the world to me.

The Thomas family has been a part of my life for about two years now, I "met" them while for advocating for a sweet one named Anastasia, a precious little girl that was born with Down syndrome, who they were so anxious and excited to make their daughter!  About 3 years ago I was Anastasia's Angel Tree Warrior, I fought for that little girl, I really did.   I was so overjoyed when I found out that she had a family, and even more excited when I found out that they were an extremely sweet family!This family traveled, and met their sweet daughter (she is just the most precious girl.), they took pictures,loved on her, laughed with her, kissed her goodbye, and said they would be back for her.  Now at this point I'm trying to keep myself from bawling, because my heart still hurts for Anastasia...sweet one got caught in the ban, sweet one is currently stuck in a place that no longer allows Americans to adopt from.   Even after the ban her family fought, they fought for so long, and did everything in their power to get sweet one home, but right now God is saying "Wait."  He's saying "I have a different plan, please just trust me"

So this is where their story changes, this is where God says "I have another little one that I need you to love."  and so they have stepped out in faith and are embarking on the journey to bring home another little one, this little one is absolutely precious and was born with Down syndrome too.  Lily, is 5 years old, and will be coming home to the most amazing family, and I couldn't be more happy to announce that I am the Thomas family's official Family Warrior.  I will be shouting, sharing, and praying for this family until Lily is HOME.  I am so, so, blessed to know a family as truly amazing as the Thomas family, and am so blessed to be a part of their story. :)   I'm also excited to help raise their adoption grant, to help with the major cost of adoption!

Meet sweet Lily, who I will be shouting for until she is home, safe, and loved in the arms of the Thomas family. :)

For $13 you can purchase on of these t-shirts, and the profit made from this t-shirt will be donated into the Thomas families adoption grant. :) To Purchase A Shirt Use This Link:

Monday, April 7, 2014

Write Your Story : Meet the Obenauf Familly!

We would first like to make an apology to this wonderful family!  We never intended on beginning their fundraiser so late.  We are extremely sorry and promise that we will do as much as possible to make it up to you!  We love you! :)

That being said, I'm (Kaitlyn) dying to introduce you to our April family!  

Meet the Obenauf family!
Here's their information from Reece's Rainbow:

Stephani has always wanted to be a mother. Since she was a little girl, she knew she would have a big family and at least some of her children would arrive through adoption. She thought her family was going to be starting in 2009, when she found out she was pregnant. Sadly, God had other plans and her daughter Emma was stillborn.
Stephani found Reece’s Rainbow in 2011, through a friend that was adopting, She would spend hours looking at the children, reading their stories, hoping that soon, the time would be right to adopt. When a friend posted about “Zola”, Stephani knew instantly that hits little girl was meant to be her daughter.
Stephani was raised by a single parent and understands the struggles that lie ahead but knows that with God’s blessing and the love and support of her family, she is ready to provide “Zola” with a bright and happy future.
A sincere thank you to everyone for your prayers and financial support.

I am beyond excited to help bless this beautiful little family and help precious Stephani bring her gorgeous daughter home forever

All three of us girls absolutely adore pretty princess, Zola!  We will do anything and everything possible to help her mama bring her home!  We're so grateful that we were chosen to bless them!  

I made the title of their month "Write Your Story".   When I read the Obenauf's information I was listening to a song that had came on, on Spotify.   That song was by Francesca Battistelli, called "Write Your Story".  
The lyrics fit the Obenauf's story so well.  God is in control of our lives, and He took the pen and wrote 
Zola's story to become Stephani's beautiful daughter. 
Stephani, in my eyes, has chosen to let God write the story of her life. And He is writing a marvelous story i

We will be trying something a little bit different for Write Your Story fundraiser!  
Melly has wrote out the plan and you can see it if you CLICK HERE
We hope that within the next few days we will be opening up our sponsorship program and that
will benefit the Obenauf family.

Please share this post with all your friends and family!!  
Please join with us as we not only raise funds for this family, but become their prayer warriors.
The family is incredibly grateful for this and would greatly appreciate every
single donation!  

Let's bless the Obenauf family!!!

CLICK HERE to donate/view the Obenauf family's information on RR. :)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Sponsorship Program!

      Hey there! Madeleine here. :) If you're reading this, you're probably familiar with us girls here at Chosen to Bless. And you know that we love you with all our hearts! You all have been the most supportive, helpful, encouraging, and uplifting friends we could possibly ask for! Every penny you have ever donated, every kind-hearted comment you leave for us, every bit of it makes our hearts so full!
     This month, we want to offer you a completely new opportunity. We are looking to create a Chosen to Bless Sponsor Team! Here's the plan...

  1. For just $5/month, YOU can help provide Start-Up funds for Give-Aways and Prizes. YOU can help bump families over who aren't *quite* to our goal for them by the end of the month (Obviously, this is never our goal, but it does happen sometimes, and we would love to be able to boost them over a milestone or checkpoint when we can, and a Back-Up Fund is just exactly what we need to do that for our dear, dear families). And if there's a medical emergency for an RR Kiddo, or for one of our beloved Chosen to Bless families, we would *love* to have a little extra cash to help support them and show them love.
  2. THIS Month (April 2014), our family is small, but PERFECT. Ms. Obenauf is adopting gorgeous Zola (see her precious picture below). We can't wait to support her, and help bring her home to her wonderful Mama. 
  3. If you sign up this month, all the money from your registration will go straight to Ms. Obenauf's adoption fund. THIS IS OUR MAIN FUNDRAISER FOR HER FAMILY. Registration/Sign-up cost is $10, but Monthly Sponsorship is $5, always. We won't flip that around on you or raise it. $10 to sign up, and $5 from there out.

    Registration opens tomorrow, Saturday, April 5th, 2014. Please, please prayerfully consider registering as an Official Chosen to Bless sponsor! We will likely have News Letters, Insider Updates, and maybe even prizes for sponsors in the near future, so please consider stepping up as a sponsor, and keep an eye out for a post tomorrow with Registration Details.

    Thank you all, from the bottoms of our hearts. We really, really do love you!

    -The Chosen to Bless Team.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chosen Child | Denis

Today we let a friend choose the Chosen Child, and she pick a lovely little boy, Denis.  From my knowledge Denis has been waiting for quite a while, and the update that we recently got on him was not the best. 

Denis was born with a few different special needs, and is a very tiny boy.  His special needs include: Epilepsy, frequent seizures therapeutic resistant, spastic tetraparesis, craniostenosis, gasttoesophogeal reflux, congenital endogastrisis. 

Update March 2014:
Denis is a very handsome little guy.  He is nonverbal but makes a high trilling/singing sound or squeals when he is happy or trying to communicate.  He looks like he is about the size of a 4 year old, however his abdomen is quite large (barrel shaped) while his arms and legs and hands are very thin and tiny.  He is in a wheelchair and does not walk.  His little body shakes often from his head to his toes, which may be seizure activity.  He's very alert and watches what goes on, but does not appear very interested in interacting with people specifically.  He is in a room with many other older, more mobile boys, so he may simply feel overwhelmed with the activity and constant movement. 

This sweet boy needs out.  I honestly can't stress that enough.  Every child needs out.  An orphanage/institution is not a home.  It is no place for a child to live, much less grow up.  Denis belongs in a family.  He deserves to be loved.  He needs out.  Denis would make a fabulous son.  Just imagine him joining you and your family for movie night.  Cuddled up on the couch watching frozen, giggling with the rest of his siblings.  Can you see it?  Can you see Denis' face in your family?  Go get your son! 

With Love, 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

WDSD Girls

There are hundreds of darling children on Reece's Rainbow. Some have Down Syndrome, and some have other medical conditions. But honestly, they all need families.

There are two little ladies in particular that need some love this week. First up is Olivia:

Oh, sweet girl. Your smile makes me so happy!

 Seriously, could she get any cuter?

I love her little nose, and her bright eyes, and I bet she gives the world's best hugs! This is what her Reece's Rainbow profile says about precious Olivia:

Girl, born March 2007
Down syndrome

Olivia can walk alone, and can go upstairs and downstairs without help with hands holding onto support, but fairly slowly. She can do morning excises with children together in the line. When there is her familiar song I Love You, she can imitate clapping hands and wiggling her body simple with music, and can dance with children together.
Now she can’t use words to express her needs, but she can understand what the aunt and the teacher say to her; such as when it’ s time to eat. the aunt will tell the children, “ let’s have a meal.” Then she would move her chair to the table for the meal. When she is told to go potty, she can go to the bedpan and take off her trousers and sit on it. Now she can make some simple words, such as yi and ya. She is careful to study, and is confident; in the activity of stringing beads, coloring, playing the cap of a bottle she is very interested in them and focuses on them. She can imitate pointing to facial features. She is kind and helps other children; when she falls down in walking, teachers and children would help her and encourage her. Now she knows to care about children. She is restless and brave.

Doesn't she sound just *perfect*? I can practically visualize her "Gotcha Day" Pictures. Can't you? She's so stinkin cute. I can't get over it.


You know who else is waiting for her Mama and Papa? Precious Maddie. Just take a moment to look at her little face...

How could you ever get mad at this little lady? She's just too cute. I love her so much, and she's just sitting and waiting for someone to take the leap and bring her home.

Her Reece's Rainbow Profile says:
Girl, born July 2010
Down syndrome, congenital heart defect (ASD)
Maddie is a clever child, curious about anything new and with a passion for life. She is somewhat introverted but will play with other children. She is a happy child who often asks her caregiver for a hug. She likes colorful toys as well as dolls.

Did you see that? She "often asks her caregiver for a hug." I can't get over how cute that is. I wish I could give her a hug! Sweet baby needs someone to love her forever. Could it maybe be you?

Those are my two little ladies to put in the spotlight this week. I messed up the timing a bit, and I wish I could have been more on top of things, but here they are together anyway. They are BEAUTIFUL. And they are LOVED. Could they be yours? :)

Love and hope,

Monday, March 17, 2014

World Down Syndrome Day : Kelvin!

Welcome to day one of our special little World Down Syndrome Day event!   I want to jump right into this and introduce you to one of the four waiting children with Down syndrome that we will be posting on this event!    (If you missed the announcement post for this event or need more information CLICK HERE to read the post, this page will stay open for your convince) 

                                       Meet Kelvin! 

Isn't he precious?  This is going to sound extremely bad and pretty sad, but I had never seen this boy until I went and searched for a child that was "overlooked".  
I'm part of several RR groups and friends with many advocates, but never have I seen Kelvin mentioned or shared before.  I know I could have missed it, because he does have $1,000 in his adoption grant.  
This is why I chose Kelvin to take part in possibly becoming "the face" of Chosen to Bless for a month. 
I consider him to be an overlooked child that needs the spotlight for a change!  

Kelvin is 7 years old and has never felt love before in his whole life.  He has Down syndrome and seems to be a healthy boy as far as his description on RR says! 
And normally I would copy and paste the child's description from RR below, but Kelvin only has a small caption of his photo. 

I think it's safe to say that this boy deserves attention that will help lead his forever family his way!  

If you would like to "vote" for Kelvin to become the face of Chosen to Bless for a whole month go "like" our Facebook page (click here to view). and join us on March 21!  On that day we will post all four children in the running to win, to vote for the child of your choice you will have to hit share

The child with the most shares WINS! 

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!  




World Down Syndrome Day!!!

March 21 World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) is a global awareness day which has been officially observed by the United Nations since 2012. Each year the voice of people with Down Syndrome, and those who love them, grows louder. But there is still so much more we can do. 

We would like to announce that this year from March 17 to March 21, we will be celebrating and spreading Down syndrome awareness all while benefiting four orphans with Down syndrome listed on Reece's Rainbow.

Since Alyssa is away in Mexico (on a missions trip) until March 20, Madeleine and Kaitlyn will be hosting this WDSD event on Chosen to Bless Facebook page.

Starting March 17 Kaitlyn or Madeleine will take turns posting a special orphan they've handpicked to be the "Chosen Child" for WDSD event.   A new child will be posted on our blog everyday leading up to March 21.

On March 21 each child will be posted onto our Facebook page.  And this is where you come in!
All of our followers and readers and even newbies will be welcomed to go onto our Facebook and hit SHARE on the child you want to be the face of Chosen to Bless for a whole month!

You may be wondering what exactly that is, right?  We've got you covered!
The face of Chosen to Bless means that we will be putting the spotlight on one child that we consider as an"overlooked" child, for a whole month!   We will make him or her several virtual flyers, posts on our blog, a button on the side of our blog, the profile picture on our Facebook page and more!

It is very important that you participate in this event and share the child that has tugged your heart or just gives you "that" feeling!   Because at the end of March 21 the child will the most shares on their photo/link will be the WINNER!

This is a big opportunity for one of these little angels and we hope that you will join us and vote (share) the child you want to be the "face" of Chosen to Bless!

Our goal is to raise Down syndrome awareness and benefit a precious little child.

Thank you for reading!  Please share this post on your social media to help us gain more followers for this event!  And if you don't already, you're welcome to following or subscribing to our blog, that way you can keep track of WDSD child we'll be posting daily.   (We just need ONE MORE follower until we're at 60,YAY!)

If you have any questions, you can just comment and we'll get back to you!

Thanks again!

CLICK HERE to see the day 1 child.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chosen Child | Alisha

Today we are celebrating another March birthday!  Alisha, turns 11 years old on March 24th!  She has spent 11 years alone, locked away, with no one to tell her how absolutely gorgeous she is, it's heart breaking really.   What must life be like for her?  11 years, and all she knows of life is uncomfortable beds, nasty mush, horrible lies, no affection, oh how horrible it must be. :(

Alisha was born with Penn-Sjogren Syndrome.  The update on her, from 2012, says that her eye sight has regressed significantly, which is never a good thing!  Another update on her, from 2013, says this "Look how good she looks! When I saw her she was sitting on the floor with another child, and she reached out and tugged my leg almost like "look at me!" I said her name and she gave me a big grin."

Over all Alisha just needs a family, she needs out, she needs to be set free from the horrible, horrible place that she has been forced to live.  She needs a family to step up and proclaim that Alisha is their daughter.  She needs to be chosen, loved, cherished, wanted, nurtured, rescued, she needs you.

I love all types of adoption, but I love adoptions of older children the best.   I love seeing those kids who have longed for a family for so long, finally get what they have prayed for.  I love seeing them, see their dreams come true, and see all the lies they were told be put to shame. I love seeing them filled with love.

With love,

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chosen Child | Friday He Turns Four

Today's Chosen Child is Brendan.  Brendan, is an adorable little sir, who is currently living in Latin America, who's birthday happens to be on Friday, the 14th.   Brendan, will be 4 years old, and will spend another birthday alone, without a family, with no love, no presents, no cake.  Although a blog post really isn't much, and probably nothing at all, my heart aches, and I want to give sweet boy some exposure during his birthday week.

Little sir, was born prematurely and spent his first 4 months of life in an incubator, and was diagnosed with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia and Hydrocephalus caused by Periventricular Leukomalacia.  Now is you're like me, you are compeltely confused by what you just read, don't worry I did some research. :) 

"Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) is a chronic lung condition that affects newborn babies who were either put on a breathing machine after birth or were born very early (prematurely)."-From Google

"Hydrocephalus is a buildup of fluid inside the skull that leads to brain swelling. Typically fixed with a shunt."-From Google 

"Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL) is a type of brain injury that affects infants.  The condition involves the death of small areas of brain tissue around fluid-filled areas called ventricles.  The damage creates "holes" n the brain." -From Google

Little sir, also has vocal chord paralysis due to prolonged incubation.  I did some research on vocal chord paralysis, and it appears that every patient is different so I can't give you an exact explanation of what the side affects for little sir are.   

Brendan sounds like an absolutely stunning little boy, having a family would enable him to make great strides in his progress, motor skills, and just in being adorable.   Would you consider making little sir your son? :) 

With Love, 

Monday, March 10, 2014

We're Shouting For Helen!

So we all know that Madeleine ADORES Helen, or at least I hope you all know!  Her love for this little girl, is truly an amazing thing to witness, she shouts endlessly for Helen.   A few weeks ago you may have seen us girls, sharing a link and asking you to nominate one of our little loves for the 21 Days Of Hope Campaign.  Well Helen made it onto the 21 Days Of Hope list!  Great right?

So since she made it onto 21 Days Of Hope, it means that she has a chance to get $2100 donated to her fund!  That's HUGE!!  In order for Helen to get that $2100, $1000 has to be raised/donated to the Voice Of Hope fund TODAY.  With the day slowly withering away, we're running out of time, and Helen could really use this grant!!

So I come to you, with a question, and some adorable pictures of sweet Helen, I must ask...

Will you donate, share, and pray along side of us, in hopes that Helen will get this grant?

You can visit the link below to donate to the Voice Of Hope fund, and help Helen receive this grant! :) 


Helen says "Pretty, pretty, please!

With Love,

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chosen Child of the Day: Dolly

Today's Chosen Child is beautiful Dolly

Sweetheart, you've been waiting too long! You'll be SIX this Autumn, and you're still not home! :( Already you've waited far too long for any little girl to live without her Mama!

Look at this smile, y'all...this little lady will SHINE in a family. She's so huggable! And those bright eyes are sure to light up your day every morning.
Dolly's profile is here, but the information is also below:
Girl, born October 2008
Mental delays, anomaly innate of development of central nervous system and spinal hernia with lower paraplegia, cross- eye.  Chronic kidney infections (obstructive pyelonephritis, and congenital megaureter)

I'll be honest, I don't know what all of those diagnoses mean for Dolly, but I do know two things: One, those words on her file do not and will not define how wonderful this child is and can be! She will, I'm sure, surpass all expectations and standards and be the star of the show every time. Two, if anyone is even a little bitty bit interested, or has any questions about Dolly and her diagnoses, I will personally do everything I can to find out more for you. I will find someone with experience and put you in contact. Please, don't be afraid to ask!

From someone who met her, summer 2013:
This girl has my heart. I can not get her off my mind! I wish I was in a place to adopt or I would go get her. I really, really hope a family falls in love with her like I have! I got to kiss her and love on her for a little bit. No idea what she was saying to me but she gave the biggest smile- very photogenic. I can’t bear to think about her just sitting in the wheelchair and watching the other kids play!

Dolly needs you. Will you help her find her family? Please?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Chosen Child | Mackenzie

 Reece's Rainbow has listed a good number of new little ones recently, and let me tell you they are absolutely precious!  All of them with their own little quirks, smiles, and eyes filled with wonder. 

There was one sweetie that stuck out to me, and there was something about her sweet smile, that totally took me away!  As I was reading through Mackenzie's profile, a family that met her recently said "Wow...She is such an amazing little girl with such a will for life."  Yes, Mackenzie, a little girl who was given up, and deemed as worthless by the world, was described as amazing, by a family.  Wanna know why?

Mackenzie has Cerebral palsy, a cleft palate (It closed on it's own.), right sided syndactyly.  She is 6 years old, and probably the most precious, determined, little ball of love, you'll ever meet.   She is very smiley, and likes to be loved, she stands only when holding onto something.  Her profile says that she does not speak, or make sounds, but I would almost guarantee that once she was in a family, who loves her, and would help her achieve goals, that she will thrive, talk, and babble! 

She loves when she is talked to, loves listening to music, and embraces the touch of others.

Mackenzie is precious.  Mackenzie, may or may not have stolen my heart.  Mackenzie, I honestly could sit, and write for hours about this bundle of love, but I'll save that for another day.  
 She is precious. Perfect. Adorable. Sweet. 

So I have a question for you...

Will you love Mackenzie with me? 

With love, 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Chosen Child | Jais

Hello!  It's Kaitlyn here with today's Chosen Child of the Day!   I hope you are prepared to be overwhelmed with cuteness, because Jais here has cuteness oozing out of him!

Do you see what I mean?  Just look at those cheeks!! SO kissable!  Okay...I need to get a hold of myself so this can actually be a decent post.  Believe me, I could sit here and type thousands of words that describe this precious little boy, but we'd be here forever and you wouldn't learn much valuable information.  And come on, every thing I would say is just going to state the obvious, this kid is cute! ;)

Jais is overall a pretty healthy child, according to his profile on Reece's Rainbow his only diagnosis is Down syndrome.

Jais needs a mommy and daddy to help him grow up.  He would make a fantastic son for anyone, if you ask me.

Here's what a family who met him say's about him:

From a family who met him in November 2013:
He is very cute and seems well liked by his nannies. I’m not sure if he’s walking or not, when his group goes out to walk he is always in a stroller. He sat very nicely when the older class did an autumn program last week

Jais deserves a family!  And soon!  He will 4 years old in November.   He's waited FOUR long years of his life in an orphanage.  Never celebrating a birthday before.   :(   I don't think he even has anyone advocating for him.   

Thank you so much for taking a little bit of time to read about Jais!  Say a special little prayer for him today, if you think of it. :)   

Don't forget to share on your social media!   Just copy this link then paste it on whatever site you'd like! 




Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chosen Child of the Day

Hiya! Madeleine here. Today's my turn to highlight a Chosen Child of the Day, and my choice today is darling Gretchen.

^Isn't she stunning?^ 
Those eyes are such a bright blue, and I love her ginger hair! :) Sweet baby needs some lovin', though, and needs her Mama to come get her quickly. She just turned 6!! That is FAR too long a time without hugs and kisses from a Mama and Papa!

Click here for Gretchen's profile. It says that she was born with FAS, which is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. She also has strabismus, commonly known as a "lazy eye". She used to be a carrier of the Hep C Antibodies that her birth mother had, but is apparently testing negatively now.

Please, don't let those diagnoses deter you from inquiring about precious Gretchen. I know that in time, she would give the best snuggles and bear hugs ever. She just needs a chance. If you let me know (email at, write "Gretchen Chosen Child" in the subject line so I know to respond), I can easily get you in contact with multiple adoptive Mamas whose little ones have FAS, and I bet I can find some information about Strabismus and even Hep C if you need it. Please, don't be afraid to ask.

Little Gretchen is growing up so quickly! 
She needs someone to love her forever, no matter what. Can you be that someone? 
Even if you aren't able to bring sweet Gretchen home, please share this post and help us find her family. I know they're out there!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chosen Child | Kimberley

"Though she be but little, she is fierce." -Shakespeare 

That is the quote that popped into my head this morning, when I chose Kimberley as my Chosen Child.  I was researching Latin America recently, and came to find that Spanish is their national language.  I spend a significant amount of time in Hermosillo,  Mexico, and am in the process of learning Spanish.  So the idea, that in theory I would be able to communicate with the kiddos in Latin America, excited my heart, and lit a fire that I hope will grow. ;)   

Kimberley.  She is such a sweet *little* girl, but is much older than she looks to be.  Kimberley is 7 years old, although she looks to be about 3 in her picture. (It may be an older photo.)  Kimberley, has been on my heart recently, for more reasons than one,  but one of the biggest reasons being she reminds me of another "Kimberley" who lives in an orphanage in Mexico.   Sweet as can be, both of them. 

Kimberley, was born with Down syndrome, and as I stated above she is 7 years old.  She was also diagnosed with a heart condition (Congenital Heart Disease), Hypothyroidism, and mental delays.  Her orphanage describes her as a sociable, smiling, loving, quiet girl, who loves to be around other people. :)  She enjoys eating *pretty* food, (foods that are bright colors?) so they give her vegetables, eggs, and iron.  However they still give her a vitamin, and avoid foods with lactose. 

Her communication is mostly through noises, cries, and gestures, which is normal for a child with Down syndrome.  Children born with Down syndrome, have lower muscle tone, and need speech therapy to help with communicating through words.  Sign language would give Kimberley, a huge advantage, and probably relieve some frustration. :)  

She participates in group activities, and plays well with other kiddos. :)  She is weary of strangers, but adjust quickly to their presence.   Kimberley, sounds like a beautiful little girl, who just needs someone to believe in her, and help her reach her FULL potential!   She would bring such joy to any family, and would make a fabulous daughter!   It breaks my heart that she is still waiting, and I hope that a family will see her potential and step up to love her.    Kimberley, needs you.  She needs a mama, she needs a papa, a sissy, and a bubba too.   Will you share sweet Kimberley today?  Will you help her family find her? 

With Love, 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Darling Kayla

It's not my turn to post about a Chosen Child of the Day today (it's Kaitlyn's...scroll down to read about beautiful Posey), but I just have to put my new little girl in the spotlight for a moment. 

I can't get over how beautiful this child is. Little button nose, GORGEOUS smile, and bright eyes.
I don't want to see her fade away. Can't you just see this little one wheeling into her second-grade classroom with a big smile and pigtails? I sure can.

My sweet girlie can't walk, but boy can she smile! I mean, really? Can you even believe how beautiful her grin is? Who wouldn't want that ray of sunshine in their Christmas Card every year? I know I would. If I was old enough to adopt, this little one would be mine. I honestly would've committed this morning. Seriously! I can't articulate how much I love this little lady. I would honestly sell everything I own to let her be my sister, or my daughter. Problem is, I'm only 10 years older than her. Exactly ten years, actually...we're both August babies. :)

Y'all know I love Helen. And I still do...I *always* will. I've just "met" this other little cutie, and now my love is magnified. Not split, not halved...doubled. Please, help me find my little girl her home? She needs a Mama. And...I'm desperate to meet my darling little Kayla. :)


Chosen Child of the Day | Posey

I would like you to meet precious little Posey!  Oh goodness! Where do I begin?  She has SO much potential!  I can't figure out why she doesn't already have a forever family coming to her rescue.  She's a little diamond in the rough.

Unfortunately, Posey is overlooked and forgotten.  She's been listed for quite some time now and only has $9 in her adoption grant on Reece's Rainbow.   Don't quote me on it, but I don't think she even has a Prayer or Orphan Warrior as of right now.  And by the looks of her adoption grant total, I doubt anyone has been advocating for her.   This might be the child you would like to become a warrior or advocate for?   (Just an idea ;) )  That will give the child such a wonderful start and boost in their process of finding a forever family.  I will link the information on becoming a Prayer or Orphan Warrior below.

One of the purposes of Chosen Child of the Day on CTB is that we can help shine some light on the "hidden" children listed on Reece's Rainbow and ultimately lead their forever families their way!  I pray this will help precious Posey, because she will be 6 years old in November!  Which means she faces the risk of aging out and being transferred to an adult mental institution! Which is not good thing!

Unlike most children listed on Reece's Rainbow, Posey won't be found in a Down syndrome section.  Which may be why she isn't well known.  You will find Posey in the Other Angels, section instead .  Because Posey doesn't have Down syndrome, but does have other special needs.

Here are Posey's diagnoses:

Cerebral palsy, double hemiplegia with severe movement disorders, symptomatic epilepsy (frontal lobe, focal) with partial seizures with secondary generalization, significant mental delays, optic nerves atrophy.

Posey is a bundle of blessing just waiting to bloom in the arms of her forever family!  I pray that everyone that reads this post will see what I mean!  She's not a mistake like a majority of the world would claim!  She's a lovely deserving little girl, whom will be a true blessing just as it says in the bible. 

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate - Psalm 127:3-5

I hope that you enjoyed today's Chosen Child!  

CLICK HERE to view and or donate to Posey.  

CLICK HERE  to find out how to become a Prayer or Orphan Warrior. 

Thank you for reading!  Say a prayer for Posey today, please.  Also, please share this post on your social media that will be a huge help for Posey!  

Feel free to follow or subscribe so that you can see each Chosen Child. :) 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Child of The Day

Little man, where is your family? Tanner will turn 3 in September, and he needs a Mama and Papa immediately! Don’t let this little face grow up without plenty of hugs and kisses! 

Tanner has been diagnosed with viral encephalitis, secondary epilepsy, external hydrocephalus. I'm still learning about what that means for him, but here's what I know so far:
Viral encephalitis is inflammation of the brain caused by a virus. The body notices the invasion and mounts an immune system response. This causes the brain to swell. 
Secondary epilepsy occurs as a symptom of a known as diagnosed condition (as opposed to epilepsy being the sole/main condition).
Hydrocephalus is broadly defined as a neurologic disorder that results from a disruption in the balance between the flow and absorption of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.

Aside from his diagnoses, Mr. Tanner is a little gentleman! According to his profile, and as of October 2013, he has normal limbs and mental development. On April 1st, 2013 he had a skull CT test due to his head size and he was diagnosed with external hydrocephalus. He suffers secondary epilepsy. Occasionally he has a convulsion and always takes medicine for that. At the age of 1 year, he could stand while holding onto something, could search for familiar sounds, could turn back if his name was called, and could search for dropped toys. At the age of 1.5 years, he could stand alone, could respond to other’s asking, and understood what "NO" meant. At the age of 2 years, he could walk freely, could go up stairs holding on, could call “ayi, jiejie”, and liked smiling. Usually he likes listening to children’s songs, watching cartoons, and playing toys. Sometimes he has outdoor activity where he likes running around the playground. He can do actions according to your direction, such as jumping on the bridge. He likes being praised and hugged. He also likes helping the nurturer manage the toys. He can get along well with other kids. Now he can use the spoon to eat, can put his shoes on and take his shoes off, and is very cooperative.

"He likes being praised and hugged." "Likes smiling." "He also likes helping." 
What a little snugglebug! Can't you picture him tucked into a little toddler bed, reaching up for just *one* more hug from his Mommy?

If you are at all interested, even just the tiniest little bit, please contact us right away. I would love to see Tanner home and shining in a family of his very own. If you have any questions, let us know.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

They Won't Come Home

(I've typed, read, and promptly deleted this post 5 times now. In the end, it's quite brief. I can't find the words to properly honor my little girls. Perhaps there are no suitable words. But if no one speaks for these darlings, their story will be untold and their lives will be unsung. I will never give up on my little girls. Never.)

My first loves.

Emily, my spunky little lady with the sweet, sweet smile.
Holly, my squishy little angel with the biggest eyes and cheeks I've ever seen.
Until the ban is lifted, and these darlings get their Mamas, I'm their only Mama. I'm the one in tearful prayers at night, worrying about them, dreaming about what could've been and what may one day be. They are tucked away in my heart forever, and no authority, no ban, no law can tear them away from me.

I don't know how they're doing. I don't know, and I may never know. But I've seen footage of orphanages similar to the ones where they may be living, and friends, it tears my heart to shreds. This is a dramatic post, and a terribly sad one, and for that I am sorry. But I have to tell you the truth. I have to sing Emily's song, and Holly's song, because no one else knows.

Now you know. And once you've been told, once you've seen the faces and heard the stories, I beg you to speak up. Don't stay quiet. Their silence is forced, but ours is not. You can still talk about "my" baby girls. My little ladies. Will you? Please?

This is a simple post, yet an unspeakably hard one to write. So in conclusion, I ask that you would just scroll back up and look at the faces of these children. And know that as long as the ban lives, they won't come home.

Much love,

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Fundraiser

It’s time for our March Fundraiser! We’ll be conducting an envelope fundraiser this time around.
What’s an envelope fundraiser, you ask?

An envelope fundraiser is where the person chooses an envelope from a big grid (see below) and commits to donating that amount to our YouCaring page ( For example, if you choose Envelope #25, you are promising to donate $25 to our YouCaring page! Once it’s taken, let us know, and we’ll block out that number on the chart so that no one else can claim it.
^Chart updated with every new claim.^
Current claims = #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #20, #31, #34, #35

To claim an envelope, email us at, comment below, or comment/message our Facebook page ( with the color (see above) and number of the envelope(s) you'd like! We will send you a reply confirming your claim, and once you've made your YouCaring donation, we'll mark the envelope as chosen! If we fill in all the envelopes, we'll have a grand total of $1540!

What's in it for you? Well, for one thing, you are helping bring "Little Wonder" home to this family forever. That's pretty incredible all on it's own!
But we know that money's tight, and we are ever-so-grateful for every dollar donated, that we want to thank you in a bigger way:
The envelope you choose will grant you *that* number of entries into a giveaway that will take place at the end of the month. What are we giving away? That depends on YOU! :)

Once we hit $1000 for our March Family, every penny more will go to a Reece's Rainbow child or family of the winner's choice. To rephrase, that means that if (and ONLY IF) we raise $1000, you could win up to $540 for the child or family of your choice! :) Pretty exciting, right?

**Please check our Facebook page: for an updated envelope chart.**

Please, please, PLEASE choose an envelope today!

Love Has No Limits

Bart and Linda Selby are two wonderful parents whom God has blessed with overflowing love for a child they have yet to bring home.   The little wonder that they are bringing home, has special needs, as well as other medical challenges.  From what they were able to tell us about this child who is currently an orphan, awaiting the arrival of a family, this little wonder is absolutely outstanding, and we can't wait to see "Little Wonder" come HOME!

We are very aware that all of this is vague, and we are not able to share much information, or a picture for that matter, but this family still asks for help, and we want to bless them.  I have talked with Ms.Selby, I have talked with her daughter (who actually nominated, her mom and dad's adoption for this month.) they are very sincere, loving, sweet people, who just want "Little Wonder" to come home.  So, will you, our trusty, fantastic, loyal, followers, rally with us to BLESS this family...beyond measure, without boundaries, regardless of the circumstances?    We won't be able to do this without you.

From the words of Ms.Selby :
"Suffice it to say that we are in the process of adopting a precious orphaned child with special needs, and medical challenges.  Our youngest child is 16 and is eager to have this child join our family.  Our older children and grandchildren are supportive of our bringing this child into our home and lives. :) "

A sweet family, with a need that we as a support group, can meet!  Join us, as we set out on a mission for the month of March, to bless the Selby family.

**Click here: to view the fundraier**

With love,
Alyssa, Kaitlyn, Madeleine

Friday, February 28, 2014

"My" Girls

Hi everyone!  It's Kaitlyn here!  I realized that I haven't officially introduced you to "my" precious little girls!
These two little girls have stole my heart, and I'm not sure that I will ever get it back!  They are both absolutely glowing and need forever families to come to their rescue.  
Vera (2)

Peggy, (10 months)

How cute are they?!  They are going to make perfect daughters to some special families.  
Both princesses have so much potential that I pray the rest of the world will see.   

My mom has done so much for me and my advocating since the beginning 3-4 years ago.  She's helped in every way she possibly could and to thank her for all her amazing support I requested that she chose the next child I advocate for once Mick had found his forever family.  She was thrilled to have the opportunity and gladly accepted my offer.   She scanned through the children listed on, but after a while of searching there was one child still tugging at her heart and lingering in her mind,    "It's her facial expressions!  She's just precious"  and to state the obvious, that child was Vera. :)   She needs a family to give her all the love and care that every little princess deserves and needs to bloom.   

Now I had no intention advocating for two children at once.  Not unless I felt that God had put the right child on my heart.  I like to stay committed to one special child at a time.  That was my plan anyway... 
God said differently though, when a few days after committing to Vera came along precious baby, Peggy. 
Alyssa tagged me in a post on a Facebook group, just moments after they had listed her on RR.  
Instantly my heart melted and I was in love.  She has so many medical needs that are causing her so much pain and she needs a mommy and daddy FAST!   She needs the love to blossom and grow.  

It absolutely kills me to know that both these little angels are rotting away in a place where no human deserves to be.   It brings me to tears just thinking of how no one has ever told them how incredibly beautiful they truly are.  They need to be held, hugged and kissed.  They need proper care, appealing food and a warm soft, safe place to rest their tiny innocent heads at night.  They need a loving father to scoop them into their arms and wipe away their tears when they have nightmares and can't sleep.  They need a kind sweet mother that will kiss their boo boos and tell them it will be okay because she's there to care for her.  
That's what little girls needs to grow.  They don't DESERVE to be in an orphanage where you eat disgusting mush, tied to crib, barely getting changed, and NO LOVE.  

These children live and face things most of us couldn't handle.  They get up every morning on their tough bed, and do the same thing every single day of their lives.  Just wondering when it's there turn to escape.  Wondering what's really behind those doors and out those windows.   

I didn't mean to ramble and rant on and on.  But what I said is truthful and needs to be heard.  No matter how hard it is to say or write.   When you become so close to the children you advocate for you begin to have a special relationship that's indescribable and you'd do anything to save them.   
I always think of what I would want someone to write about if I were in their place.  

If you would like to see updates an more posts about Vera and Peggy please follow or subscribe to my new advocacy blog, Unlocking Lyubov.  I would love to have you join!  I currently don't have too many Vera and Peggy fans, so you'd be a huge encouragement.  :)

Thank you so much for taking time to read!