Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chosen Child of the Day: Dolly

Today's Chosen Child is beautiful Dolly

Sweetheart, you've been waiting too long! You'll be SIX this Autumn, and you're still not home! :( Already you've waited far too long for any little girl to live without her Mama!

Look at this smile, y'all...this little lady will SHINE in a family. She's so huggable! And those bright eyes are sure to light up your day every morning.
Dolly's profile is here, but the information is also below:
Girl, born October 2008
Mental delays, anomaly innate of development of central nervous system and spinal hernia with lower paraplegia, cross- eye.  Chronic kidney infections (obstructive pyelonephritis, and congenital megaureter)

I'll be honest, I don't know what all of those diagnoses mean for Dolly, but I do know two things: One, those words on her file do not and will not define how wonderful this child is and can be! She will, I'm sure, surpass all expectations and standards and be the star of the show every time. Two, if anyone is even a little bitty bit interested, or has any questions about Dolly and her diagnoses, I will personally do everything I can to find out more for you. I will find someone with experience and put you in contact. Please, don't be afraid to ask!

From someone who met her, summer 2013:
This girl has my heart. I can not get her off my mind! I wish I was in a place to adopt or I would go get her. I really, really hope a family falls in love with her like I have! I got to kiss her and love on her for a little bit. No idea what she was saying to me but she gave the biggest smile- very photogenic. I can’t bear to think about her just sitting in the wheelchair and watching the other kids play!

Dolly needs you. Will you help her find her family? Please?

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