Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Precious Child Named Archie!

As all of you know we 4 girls are Prayer Warriors for Archie, an orphan with Down syndrome.  Well Archies profile was updated recently & in big red letters these are the new words on his profile: ***FACING TRANSFER SOON***  .  Now mind you Archie just turned 4 years old.  So this means he will spend the rest of his life in an adult mental institution! D:  That is no place for a 4 year old!  So I come crying to you fulling know that there are at least 2 wonderful families out there that wish to adopt Archie & bring him home but don't have the money.  PLEASE DONATE TO ARCHIES FUND!!  It's critical that we save Archie.  He cannot regress in an Adult Mental Institute.  Here is a video of our sweet Archie.  Can you picture this face living in a place so horrible?!

Archie is oh so sweet & needs a forever momma of his own!  So please, someone save this cutie!  He needs you! :)  Remember every time you buy a piece of jewelry from our SHOP it goes towards Archie.  So help this boy!  Please...  Help him.

Here is the link to his profile.  Help him.  Please.

His adoption fund sits at $442,  how high can we get it?  If all of our followers donated $1 each his fund would be over $6,000.  Can we do it?  Yes, this is a challenge to ALL of our followers.  Will you except the challenge to save a little boys life?

Save him.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

June Giveaway WINNERS!

Sorry for the delay everyone, we've all been pretty busy this summer, but now we're finally ready to announce our giveaway winners! 

Rosanne F-Amazon Gift Card
Rachel G-Vision Forum Gift Certificate
Karen P- Cherry wooden Engraved Plague
Sarah P-Tote Bag
Carin V- Tickets to the Creation Museum
Susanna M-Needlework Book
Saundra B-Rainbow Tutu
Naomi H-Silpada Gift Card
Hannah K-Square Wooden Stacker Toy
Evelyn G-Doll Hat and Poncho
Sabrina M-Paracord Keychains
Jennifer S-Handmade Soap
Carla R-Dandelion Dust Earrings
Michelle S-Green Globe Earrings
Erika R-Gold Coin Earrings
Cescily G-Bottle Cap Necklace
Megan G- Pink Knitted Hat
Erika R-Red and White Knitted Hat
Rachel G-Bow

Great job, everyone! We need everyone to email your address to so we can get your prize to you. 

Thanks to everyone who  donated to help the Sutton's bring their son home! They just got their travels dates and are going to meet him in THREE weeks! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

They need a warrior.

There are 200+ kids listed on Reece's Rainbow, some in great orphanages where they are loved by the nannies & directors, some in "In between" orphanages where the children aren't ignored but they don't get very much attention, then there are those "few" orphanages where the kids or ignored & only touched when their cribs need changing & when they are fed.  Which isn't very often.  The kids in "The Bad Place"  are VERY small & malnourished like Miss Penny. 

Penny, 11 years old & weighs 21 pounds. 
Very small, thin, & malnourished.  The kids in "The Bad Place"  are fed maybe once a day, they are fed a few (litteraly a few 2-3) spoon fulls of gross bitter mush, & are lucky if their diapers are changed once.   Then they lay alone in cribs, banging their heads against the rails, biting their hands, inflicting any pain on them selves so they can at least feel something.  Kids like Penny or Payton...

Payton, is 8 years old & weighs 17 pounds.

Get me thinking.   When your child gets a diaper rash you put ointment on it & it clears up with in a week or so right?  Well imagine what it's like for these kids who sit in nasty dirty diapers all day long.  They don't have any one to make sure their diaper is changed the second it's dirty to help the rash heal.  But instead they have to sit in the dirty diaper as the rash worsens.  How about when your child gets sick, you give them medicine & have them lay down until they are better, depending on what they have they are usally better with in a week or so right?  Well imagine what it's like for these kids who have no medical attention what-so-ever.   When they are sick, well that's just it they are sick.  There is no medicine given or love shown.  With how malnourished they are just imagine how terrible their immune systems are.  I'm sure they are sick quite often!  
Like little Marsha, she needs a shunt for her hydrocephalus, to drain the fluid around her brain.  But she wont get that in "The Bad Place" 

Marsha, in need of medical attention. 

This is why these kids NEED warriors!  They need someone to speak  yell, for them!  For their lives, so that they can be saved & have a second chance at life!  So that they can know what love is like!  These kids need us!  So I will not rest until they are saved & LOVED! :)  Will you join with us in shouting for these kids?  Will YOU be their warrior?