Friday, December 30, 2011

Making It Known.

So the other night I was in a brainstorming, life changing,kind of mood so I decided to make a video! This video is to get word out about children with Down syndrome & other special needs. & how they NEED us because with out our help they will waste away in a cold dark horrible place. So here is the video! Tell me what you think! - Alyssa

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Spirit!

Well hello there, all!  Sorry that there hasn't been a post in a while!  We have all been super busy, & such! But will be getting back into the swing of making more posts!   As we all know (Or at least I sure hope we all know!) it is Christmas time again, music fills the air, the spirit is happy & joyful, the trees are up & decorated. Houses are decorated with lights, people are baking yummy goods, presents under the tree!  So many fun things!  This is my favorite season/holiday of them all!  I enjoy spending it with my family & friends, but yet I don't at the same time.  Because I get so caught up in it all that I forget about everyone that doesn't have what I do.  Some people don't have a family to spend the holidays with, or a home to spend Christmas in.  I take these tings for granted all the time.  I don't thank God for them quite enough.

This Christmas will be the hardest Christmas yet, because I cannot stop thinking about the orphans, that have never experienced Christmas. & all of the fun things that come along with it.  It breaks my heart when I see people taken everything given to them for granted, I even get mad at myself for doing that... There are 147 million orphans, & every 3 seconds an orphan dies.  Because no one is willing to take time away from their own life & happiness to share love & joy with someone else.  I don't understand how someone can be okay with children being forgotten.  I do understand that there are many people that wish to help but don't know how.  Well here are some ways that you could help!

1. Choose a child off of Reeces Rainbow, & become there prayer warrior!

2. Donate to a child on Reeces Rainbow!

3. Now!  This is a big step but! It is a way to help! ;) You could adopt a child off of Reeces Rainbow & give them a better future!

Now those were just a few ideas, but I am sure with some brainstorming y'all could think of many more!  So we would like to hear from You!  How are you making a difference this Christmas?

Don't forget about the Giveaway for Doug!  many prizes up for grabs!  Lets give him a better chance at life!

Merry Christmas all!  I hope you have a fantastic Christmas eve, & CHRISTmas day :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Raising Doug's Fund!

So we are going to try a little something new!  We have an item, it is a Christmas wreath.  It is beautiful!  & we are going to auction it off!  :)  This item was donated to us by Country Crafts !  Now the selling price on her page is $25.  So that is what the bid will start at.  When you want to place your bid just comment on the post  then donate the money into the chip in!  The person with the highest bid will win this!  You can continue to bid higher, until you want to stop!  Let's see how well this works! Once the highest bidder is chosen I will have you email us @ so we can have your address :)  Share.Bid.Comment!
Here is the wreath :) 


- 4Girls4Christ Team.

December Giveaway Goes To...

Doug!!!!   We're proud to announce this month, December 2011, will be Doug's month!!  It's his time to shine!! It's his time to be in the spot light!  It's our chance to be his voice!

Doug is a precious little 2 year old orphan in China.  The four of us girls & many other teens are Doug's official "Christmas Warrior"!  I personally am very excited to give this little guy a chance to find his forever family & raise money for is adoption fund! :)   We need YOUR help, though!  This is our biggest giveaway ever!  We've got more prizes than ever before.  I'm praying God will take this beyond our imagine! I know He can!   If it's His will.  <3

 $5-1 chance to win one of our prizes
 $20-5 chances to win one of our prizes!

It'll be great!  Let me show you our prizes now,

1st place winner will win this beautiful scarf & hat set from none other than, CutieSweetShop!

2nd place winner will get this amazing cute little Christmas bast fromTonia's Basket Faze

3rd 4th, 5th, 6th, &7th winner will win these cute pink earrings!  From the, MP Designs Jewelry!

8th  winner will get this adorable bow!  From My Little Gingersnaps

& We have a 9th  prize of another beautiful bow from My Little Gingersnaps

& the 10th winner will get this amazing prize from Karen Valle!  

There are two more prizes coming up soon!  We currently don't have the photos but they are donated from 

Just look at all the amazing prizes!!  Their all beautiful!  And so is precious little Doug, please help us raise money for him.  Help us save his life, he doesn't deserve to be in a cold lonely orphanage where he had no one to tell him just how truly special he is!  And that someone DOES care about him!  Someone IS praying for him!  Pray this goes far & that God will bless Doug with a wonderful loving family! :) 

Thank you!!  God Bless you!

- 4GirlsFourChrist Team

P.S. If you you have any questions feel free to email us @ or we're happy to answer any of your questions! :)  Thank you!