Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Raising Leilani's Ransom Giveaway!

Recently you may have seen us shouting for a little princess named Leilani.  Leilani is an orphan in Eastern Europe, she has hydrocephalus, spastic tetraparesis, convulsive disorder, Hep.B, valgus feet, optic discs atrophy....Yes a whole line of special needs, but ultimately her one main need is love! We want to help get her the family that she needs and the love that she deserves!  We have asked some small business' if they would be willing to donate some of their beautiful items to our giveaway to be used as prizes,  Out of the kindness of their hearts they very generously donated one or more of their items, so that Leilani could get closer to her family! So really quickly, I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our donors that have donated to us in the past, present, and future!  It truly means a lot to Kaitlyn and I as well as our followers and the families we fundraise for!

Q & A:

How will the fundraiser work?
You will scroll through the post, look at the items up for grabs, and then enter to win!

How do I enter?
You will donate the set amount per entree to the donation button located at the bottom of the post.

How much is the set amount per entree? 
$5 for 1 entree. $10 for 3 entries. $20 for 10 entrees.

How long will the fundraiser run? 
We will end the giveaway and draw winners on September 7th.

How will we know if we won? 
We will make a post after the giveaway has ended, that will contain a list of winners and what they won.  You will also be emailed.

Where will the money go at the end of the fundraiser? 
The total amount raised will be donated into Leilani's grant fund on Reece's Rainbow.

**NOTE: When you donate DO NOT put your name or email as hidden/anonymous.  If you do so then we can not choose you as a winner or contact you to tell you that you won.** 

The prizes that YOU could win!

                    This gorgeous teal headband was donated by the lovely shop Brianna Sophia Bows

$25 dollar gift card to one of these 4 restaurants! Thank you Mrs.Knueppel! :) 

A very generous donor donated not one item but TWO beautiful items from TakeYourFancy! :)  
We have this beautiful Golden Amber Type Beads Necklace! 

Also, from TakeYourFancy we have a beautiful Bright pink Retro Floral Tote Bag!

Shawna The Hat Lady donated this beautiful crocheted hat!  Thank you Shawna! :) 

The Mending Hearts Project, crocheted this beautiful scarf just for our giveaway!! :)  Thank you!!
Yarn Type: Loops & Threads "Charisma" Bulky Acrylic in Black Raspberry 
Measurements: 70" long plus 4" inch fringe, 4.5" wide

Tied with Love ~ Bows by Amber  has generously donated this gorgeous dress that retails for $25!  

Eternally Elegant donated these beautiful items! :) 

Eternally Elegant also donated these beautiful items! :)

Each of the small business' names are linked to their Facebook pages.  Would you hop over and give them a like, and tell them thank you? :)  Tell them we sent you! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Raising Her Ransom!

Her name is Leilani.  She is a sweet little girl, waiting alone in a scary place for a family to come to her rescue.  She waits, daily for a miracle family to come and pro claim that they are her family, and she is their daughter.  She waits.  

There is a family that wants to come to this little girls rescue, they want to restore her broken heart, and fill her heart with love.  They want to show her just how much she is worth, and show her that she belongs in a family.  

We have a baby girl, and a family, but what stands in the way?  $13,000.  Yes, money that is what stands in the way, of this little girl having the family that she deserves, and the love she has never known.   Chosen To Bless would like to ask if you, our followers, will come beside us and help raise the ransom for this tiny life.  At this time, we don't have any prizes, or cool things to offer you.  But what we do have is a little girl, waiting to be rescued, and a family that is willing to rescue her.  So lets join forces and save this little one, because with each other, and the great love of Christ we can help rescue this baby girl. 

No amount is too small, because it all helps this family get one step closer to rescuing this precious one.  Please, consider donating to help this family!  Don't forget to share this post with your friends. The more people that know about it, the better! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Contest Of Cuties In Honor Of Camden Lee.

On Thursday 8/15/13  my mom shared a story with me of a young woman just a year older than Alyssa and I (Kaitlyn).   She’s a single expecting mother named Katie.  She’s expecting a  VERY special baby boy who is going to be born without legs and only his upper arms.   

She writes this one her Facebook page:
I am trying to raise money for my baby boy’s medical expenses, I am on Tricare and the moment he is born it will not cover him at all, so I don’t know what expenses I will have with him being high-risk and disabled. I am also trying to raise money for Camden’s prosthetic arms, as they cost thousands and thousands of dollars and any other items for his use. I want to go ahead and thank everyone in advance for any donations made!! It means so much to me, and for what has already been donated, I am speechless. I feel truly blessed!!”

Alyssa and I really want to help Katie and her son, Camden Lee.   If you know anything about the two of us girls you know that we love children with special needs and disabilities.  This is our opportunity to help bless precious little Camden and his mom!
We’re going to support Katie and Camden 100 percent!

So in honor of Camden we’re opening a very special PHOTO CONTEST!! 

Here’s some helpful information on how you can enter your little guy or gal:

Q: Who can enter? 
A: We are looking for kids of all ages!  Special needs or no special needs!  

Q:How much does it cost?
$5 per photo.  You can enter as many of your children as you would like.  BUT you cannot enter the same child more than once.     

Q: How does it work?  
We’ll post all of the photos onto our Facebook page, which ever photo get’s the most “LIKES” (Thumbs up) will win! 

Q: What’s the prize? 


The second place winner of the photo contest will be the shining  facebook cover (made into a fitting banner, of course!) of our page!  And the parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or whoever you may like will get a custom made banner of that special photo JUST FOR THEIR FACEBOOK COVER! :)  

Q: How long will the contest last? 
The contest will run for 1 week, once we have enough entries. 
After you donate the $5 entree fee please,
SEND YOUR PHOTO TO US @  ChosentToBless@hotmail.com 
* When you send us your photo please tell us the name of the child, their age and their favorite food! :)

*All of the money from this contest WILL BE DONATED TO KATIE AND CAMDEN*  
So please please enter and share share share this fundraiser!!  We would love to get as much money raised for them as possible!!

You can also visit Katie’s Facebook page by clicking here!  :) 

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fresh Start and...Oh Hey! We're back!

Friends!  We've moved back to the blog!  Yes, you read that right.  We will no longer be using the website, and will from now on be posting on here as well as our Facebook page.  

You are probably wondering why we would make such a drastic change, only to change back a few months later.  Well I am here to explain, and let you in on what God has been doing in our hearts!  Ready? Lets go! 

In the beginning of 2012 we had a huge, and rather successful fundraiser for the Herrington family, we raised $1,360 for this family who was adopting a little girl from Ukraine.  It was the biggest achievement that Chosen To Bless had achieved so far.  We were over joyed and happy that God allowed us to bless this family, with nothing more then a blog post and some small donated prizes!  That fundraiser made Kaitlyn and I feel like we could accomplish anything, and raise even the biggest amount of money.  So with the next fundraiser we set our sights high, and lost sight of shore.  Constantly we told ourselves that "We can do this because God will provide!" now don't get me wrong or misunderstand me...God will provide IF you are doing His will that He has planned for your life.  He will provide all that you need IF you are doing as He has asked you.  With that said...Back to my story! 

With every fundraiser we had huge expectations, those expectations never became a reality, sadly.   So we figured "Maybe we need better prize.  Then people would be sure to donate!"  so we found some donors and got ourselves an iPad to auction off.   We were ecstatic and just like before...we had expectations.   (I am no way saying that having expectations is bad, because it not and it can be a good thing!)   As we waited and shared the fundraiser occasionally we slowly started to loose sight of why we were raising this money.  We ended up raising nearly $1,000 with that iPad, and were surely convinced that the two of us could do anything as long as we had "the right prizes" then we could draw people in and get them to give money.  So with the next fundraiser what do you think we did?  If you guessed: that we bought an iPad, had high expectations, and felt like the two of us could move mountains with our bare hands.  Then you guessed right.  
You see the issues with this "We can do anything, and raise any money...as long as we have these prizes and this website, and this, and this, and this." is that with out God?  None of this would be ours, none of this would be possible.  He is the one who makes all things good, and who deserves all the praise!  For months we had gotten so caught up in the "right prizes" and having all the "right things" that we lost sight of who made this all possible!  It's God, He is the one that gave us the iPad, the blog, and not to mention 6,000 FANTASTIC and SUPPORTIVE followers!  It was all HIM!   Kaitlyn and I were CHOSEN TO BLESS because He CHOSE US!   We don't need fancy prizes, or a fancy site, to bless these families!  All we need is God, each other and you guys!  :)  

It stinks that it took us so long to realize this but we are excited, and blessed to have this "fresh start".  We are more then ready for the next couple of months!  Really quickly I will give you guys an itty bitty look into the next few months! ;)   Angel Tree sign ups are in a few weeks, October is Down syndrome Awareness Month, and then November and December and Angel Tree fundraising months!  A lot of SUPER awesome things are coming up!  

Thank you guys so much for sticking with us on this insane, and crazy journey.  We love ALL OF YOU, and are thankful that you guys are willing to support us and the adopting families!