Saturday, August 25, 2012

Give A Chance

Reece's Rainbow is doing something a little more different this year with their "Angel Tree".   They're giving three of the children in different categories of "Other Angels" and "HIV+"

That means the little precious girl I (Kaitlyn) talk about all the time will finally have a shot at getting on the Angel Tree this year!

Her voting is going on from now till the 30th.   That's barely four days!

Could you please give "my" itty  bitty Lina a chance?  Will you please please vote for her?

She needs us.  She could really use this chance.  

Here's how you vote!  
Click the link right here ---->
When you're there, go find the picture of Lina that is like the one here at the bottom in the post.  Look above the photo and hit "VOTE" 

And then, just like that, you've made a BIG difference in this little angels life. <3  And you've given her a real chance. 
Little Lina baby.  She's an orphan with many disabilities.  Her mama left her in the hospital when she was born a premature baby.  VOTE FOR HER, please! <3

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Her Name Is Calli

So remember the other day when I asked you guys to go through & pick a child on Reece's Rainbow for my idea?  Well guess what?!  I decided on a child!  Her name is Calli, she is probably one of the cutest things ever.   She turned 2 years old in March, and has Down syndrome.  Meet Calli!

Like I said, she is adorable!  Anywho, now that you're in love with her I shall share my idea with you!  So Miss Calli has $0.00 in her grant fund.  I feel that that $0.00 needs to be changed to $1,000.00.  Do you agree?  Here's the deal for every $50 dollars that is donated someone will get pied in the face!  I will find people who are willing to be pied in the face for Calli.  I will ask those who want to be pied for Calli to record themselves being pied in the face, I will then share the video with you guys!  Sounds entertaining huh? So who wants to pied for Calli first?  Any takers?  Comment on this blog post OR you can email us at  if you want to be pied for Calli!

Maybe I will even jump in and let my little brothers pie me in the face!  Now mind you I have 6 younger brothers so that could be very entertaining!   If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask! :)

Custom Banners And Signatures: Raising Money for Lina

If you've been watching my (Kaitlyn) recent updates on our Facebook Page than you've seen my sweet little Lina's picture.  She's the newbie on my personal blog,  I've made her the center of my mission.  I've fallen in love with this child, to say the least.  Every time I write a post or draft on her I end up with tears filled in my eyes.  I cry sometimes thinking about her.  I've never loved someone, I've never met, so much in all my life.  And I'm speaking nothing but the truth here.   She doesn't have Down syndrome but she does have several disabilities.  And if you look her up in the 0-2 Down syndrome girls section on RR you wouldn't find her.  She's listed in the "Other Angels 0-5 Girls" section.  She's very special to me, in more ways than one, but especially since she;s from that section.  I believe she's my very first.  She's exactly what I prayed God would put on my heart.  I prayed so hard for God to show me a child that was especially more different than the others with Down syndrome.  Maybe one that needed me even more than the other children.  He brought me "my" little Lina girl!  She's changed me, she's made me a better person.  I believe she's even made my relationship between God and I stronger.  I talk to Him more and more.  I consider Lina a little miracle child! :)

Lina's mommy left her in the hospital,when she was born a premature baby.  Yes, I get really upset at thinking of anyone leaving her behind!  A sweet innocent child doesn't deserve that!
Then I was thinking to myself, not long after finding her RR profile picture and becoming her Prayer Warrior, what a blessing she is to be alive!  Not only because of her many disabilities but more importantly that her mommy didn't have an abortion!  Her mother saved her life and gave her a second chance!  Something so many babies don't have or get now a days.  If I could tell Lina's biological mommy and daddy anything I'd would tell them "thank you..thank you for not aborting Lina.  Thank you for giving her a second chance at life."

I know Lina's in no happy spot in her life but God's in control!  He has a special purpose for her and I have faith and trust in Him to find Lina a forever family that will love her, care for her, watch her grow and laugh happy!  Miracles happen.  Lina's living breathing proof of that.  <3

I've already mentioned to you that Lina's my center mission on my personal advocacy blog.  I want to raise money for her somehow and I've thought and been working hard on it for a couple weeks now, for one idea.  I'm working on designing custom blog banners and signature for people but I need to know if anyone would actually buy anything from me.   100 percent of the profit would be donated to Lina's grant on RR.   And my prices aren't very bad at all.  

My blog address is
I'm raising money for LINA now but at the time the most recent post was made I was still raising money for Ashlyn, who is now getting adopted by an incredible family! :)  I don't have any samples of my signatures yet but I'm getting there.

Please email me your thoughts, questions or interests in my blog designs at and I'll get back to you ASAP! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Small Things Matter.

So as some of you may have seen earlier, I posted on out Facebook page & asked who would be willing to accept the mission of donating $2 to a family in need.  Well I got a few comments back, stating that a few of our fellow followers wanted to accept this challenge!   Which I was very happy to see by the way :)

Okay followers!  Here is your mission.  For the past 15 months the Quinn family has been pursuing a little girl named Autumn.  They were very anxious to bring her home, & have her in a safe & loving family.  You could tell that Autumn was loved by this family, it wasn't something you had to search for.  It was just out there & known!  Well the other night the Quinn family got an email from Autumns orphanage director stating that Autumns biological family came & took Autumn home.  The Quinn family is devastated, not to mention that this happened 3 DAYS before they were supposed to travel to meet Autumn.  Their hearts are broken & they are in the process of healing.   The Quinn family has to fall in love with another little girl in Autumns region before Saturday.  Which as you can imagine would be a difficult task.  Ashley Quinn, wanted to do something special for her parents to help ease their pain.  So Ashley made a blog post asking everyone to help fund the rest of their adoption.  They still need $15,000 to be fully funded.  I think it would be truly a HUGE blessing for Mr. & Mrs.Quinn if they woke up & realized that their adoption was fully funded!  So I am going to give you guys a link to Ashley's blog & I want you guys to go their & donate $2 to the "Chip-In" that is labeled "Quinn Family Adoption".  It is located on the Right side bar.  I am only asking for you to give $2.  That's all.  As Ashley states, we have no fancy prizes, or nifty trinkets to give you.  We are just simply asking that you will be a part of the healing process for this family.   Lets bless this family so amazingly that we leave them speechless & in tears of joy.  Shall we?
Here is the link, click it donate $2 dollars and rejoice.  Because once that $2 is in that "Chip-In" You will have become a part of this healing process.

Thanks Fellow Followers!  We love you all & are glad that God blessed us with all 5,591 of you! :]

Have a wonderful evening!