Thursday, March 20, 2014

WDSD Girls

There are hundreds of darling children on Reece's Rainbow. Some have Down Syndrome, and some have other medical conditions. But honestly, they all need families.

There are two little ladies in particular that need some love this week. First up is Olivia:

Oh, sweet girl. Your smile makes me so happy!

 Seriously, could she get any cuter?

I love her little nose, and her bright eyes, and I bet she gives the world's best hugs! This is what her Reece's Rainbow profile says about precious Olivia:

Girl, born March 2007
Down syndrome

Olivia can walk alone, and can go upstairs and downstairs without help with hands holding onto support, but fairly slowly. She can do morning excises with children together in the line. When there is her familiar song I Love You, she can imitate clapping hands and wiggling her body simple with music, and can dance with children together.
Now she can’t use words to express her needs, but she can understand what the aunt and the teacher say to her; such as when it’ s time to eat. the aunt will tell the children, “ let’s have a meal.” Then she would move her chair to the table for the meal. When she is told to go potty, she can go to the bedpan and take off her trousers and sit on it. Now she can make some simple words, such as yi and ya. She is careful to study, and is confident; in the activity of stringing beads, coloring, playing the cap of a bottle she is very interested in them and focuses on them. She can imitate pointing to facial features. She is kind and helps other children; when she falls down in walking, teachers and children would help her and encourage her. Now she knows to care about children. She is restless and brave.

Doesn't she sound just *perfect*? I can practically visualize her "Gotcha Day" Pictures. Can't you? She's so stinkin cute. I can't get over it.


You know who else is waiting for her Mama and Papa? Precious Maddie. Just take a moment to look at her little face...

How could you ever get mad at this little lady? She's just too cute. I love her so much, and she's just sitting and waiting for someone to take the leap and bring her home.

Her Reece's Rainbow Profile says:
Girl, born July 2010
Down syndrome, congenital heart defect (ASD)
Maddie is a clever child, curious about anything new and with a passion for life. She is somewhat introverted but will play with other children. She is a happy child who often asks her caregiver for a hug. She likes colorful toys as well as dolls.

Did you see that? She "often asks her caregiver for a hug." I can't get over how cute that is. I wish I could give her a hug! Sweet baby needs someone to love her forever. Could it maybe be you?

Those are my two little ladies to put in the spotlight this week. I messed up the timing a bit, and I wish I could have been more on top of things, but here they are together anyway. They are BEAUTIFUL. And they are LOVED. Could they be yours? :)

Love and hope,

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