Thursday, April 24, 2014

Family Warrior!

I (Alyssa) never thought I would sign up to be a Family Warrior,  not because I was against it, but because I never thought a family would appear and totally steal my heart.  Well last night that family "appeared"  and I want to share this family with you, because they literally mean the world to me.

The Thomas family has been a part of my life for about two years now, I "met" them while for advocating for a sweet one named Anastasia, a precious little girl that was born with Down syndrome, who they were so anxious and excited to make their daughter!  About 3 years ago I was Anastasia's Angel Tree Warrior, I fought for that little girl, I really did.   I was so overjoyed when I found out that she had a family, and even more excited when I found out that they were an extremely sweet family!This family traveled, and met their sweet daughter (she is just the most precious girl.), they took pictures,loved on her, laughed with her, kissed her goodbye, and said they would be back for her.  Now at this point I'm trying to keep myself from bawling, because my heart still hurts for Anastasia...sweet one got caught in the ban, sweet one is currently stuck in a place that no longer allows Americans to adopt from.   Even after the ban her family fought, they fought for so long, and did everything in their power to get sweet one home, but right now God is saying "Wait."  He's saying "I have a different plan, please just trust me"

So this is where their story changes, this is where God says "I have another little one that I need you to love."  and so they have stepped out in faith and are embarking on the journey to bring home another little one, this little one is absolutely precious and was born with Down syndrome too.  Lily, is 5 years old, and will be coming home to the most amazing family, and I couldn't be more happy to announce that I am the Thomas family's official Family Warrior.  I will be shouting, sharing, and praying for this family until Lily is HOME.  I am so, so, blessed to know a family as truly amazing as the Thomas family, and am so blessed to be a part of their story. :)   I'm also excited to help raise their adoption grant, to help with the major cost of adoption!

Meet sweet Lily, who I will be shouting for until she is home, safe, and loved in the arms of the Thomas family. :)

For $13 you can purchase on of these t-shirts, and the profit made from this t-shirt will be donated into the Thomas families adoption grant. :) To Purchase A Shirt Use This Link:

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