Saturday, March 8, 2014

Chosen Child | Mackenzie

 Reece's Rainbow has listed a good number of new little ones recently, and let me tell you they are absolutely precious!  All of them with their own little quirks, smiles, and eyes filled with wonder. 

There was one sweetie that stuck out to me, and there was something about her sweet smile, that totally took me away!  As I was reading through Mackenzie's profile, a family that met her recently said "Wow...She is such an amazing little girl with such a will for life."  Yes, Mackenzie, a little girl who was given up, and deemed as worthless by the world, was described as amazing, by a family.  Wanna know why?

Mackenzie has Cerebral palsy, a cleft palate (It closed on it's own.), right sided syndactyly.  She is 6 years old, and probably the most precious, determined, little ball of love, you'll ever meet.   She is very smiley, and likes to be loved, she stands only when holding onto something.  Her profile says that she does not speak, or make sounds, but I would almost guarantee that once she was in a family, who loves her, and would help her achieve goals, that she will thrive, talk, and babble! 

She loves when she is talked to, loves listening to music, and embraces the touch of others.

Mackenzie is precious.  Mackenzie, may or may not have stolen my heart.  Mackenzie, I honestly could sit, and write for hours about this bundle of love, but I'll save that for another day.  
 She is precious. Perfect. Adorable. Sweet. 

So I have a question for you...

Will you love Mackenzie with me? 

With love, 

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