Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chosen Child of the Day

Hiya! Madeleine here. Today's my turn to highlight a Chosen Child of the Day, and my choice today is darling Gretchen.

^Isn't she stunning?^ 
Those eyes are such a bright blue, and I love her ginger hair! :) Sweet baby needs some lovin', though, and needs her Mama to come get her quickly. She just turned 6!! That is FAR too long a time without hugs and kisses from a Mama and Papa!

Click here for Gretchen's profile. It says that she was born with FAS, which is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. She also has strabismus, commonly known as a "lazy eye". She used to be a carrier of the Hep C Antibodies that her birth mother had, but is apparently testing negatively now.

Please, don't let those diagnoses deter you from inquiring about precious Gretchen. I know that in time, she would give the best snuggles and bear hugs ever. She just needs a chance. If you let me know (email at, write "Gretchen Chosen Child" in the subject line so I know to respond), I can easily get you in contact with multiple adoptive Mamas whose little ones have FAS, and I bet I can find some information about Strabismus and even Hep C if you need it. Please, don't be afraid to ask.

Little Gretchen is growing up so quickly! 
She needs someone to love her forever, no matter what. Can you be that someone? 
Even if you aren't able to bring sweet Gretchen home, please share this post and help us find her family. I know they're out there!


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