Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chosen Child | Alisha

Today we are celebrating another March birthday!  Alisha, turns 11 years old on March 24th!  She has spent 11 years alone, locked away, with no one to tell her how absolutely gorgeous she is, it's heart breaking really.   What must life be like for her?  11 years, and all she knows of life is uncomfortable beds, nasty mush, horrible lies, no affection, oh how horrible it must be. :(

Alisha was born with Penn-Sjogren Syndrome.  The update on her, from 2012, says that her eye sight has regressed significantly, which is never a good thing!  Another update on her, from 2013, says this "Look how good she looks! When I saw her she was sitting on the floor with another child, and she reached out and tugged my leg almost like "look at me!" I said her name and she gave me a big grin."

Over all Alisha just needs a family, she needs out, she needs to be set free from the horrible, horrible place that she has been forced to live.  She needs a family to step up and proclaim that Alisha is their daughter.  She needs to be chosen, loved, cherished, wanted, nurtured, rescued, she needs you.

I love all types of adoption, but I love adoptions of older children the best.   I love seeing those kids who have longed for a family for so long, finally get what they have prayed for.  I love seeing them, see their dreams come true, and see all the lies they were told be put to shame. I love seeing them filled with love.

With love,

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