Monday, March 10, 2014

We're Shouting For Helen!

So we all know that Madeleine ADORES Helen, or at least I hope you all know!  Her love for this little girl, is truly an amazing thing to witness, she shouts endlessly for Helen.   A few weeks ago you may have seen us girls, sharing a link and asking you to nominate one of our little loves for the 21 Days Of Hope Campaign.  Well Helen made it onto the 21 Days Of Hope list!  Great right?

So since she made it onto 21 Days Of Hope, it means that she has a chance to get $2100 donated to her fund!  That's HUGE!!  In order for Helen to get that $2100, $1000 has to be raised/donated to the Voice Of Hope fund TODAY.  With the day slowly withering away, we're running out of time, and Helen could really use this grant!!

So I come to you, with a question, and some adorable pictures of sweet Helen, I must ask...

Will you donate, share, and pray along side of us, in hopes that Helen will get this grant?

You can visit the link below to donate to the Voice Of Hope fund, and help Helen receive this grant! :) 


Helen says "Pretty, pretty, please!

With Love,

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