Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sister Blog

Kristen, Madison & Kaitlyn
Last night, January 27th is when the 4Girls4Christ reached their highest goal of "Likes" & followers!  When my sisters in Christ, Sam, Rachel & Alyssa weren't online for a good hour or so (Or Sam didn't come online till the next day!  Talk about a BIG surprise! ;) )   When I couldn't celebrate & scream of joy with them I was torn, at the same time super thrilled by what was going on!   But, there was two people I celebrated with in the moment.  That would be my two sisters, Kristen & Madison!  They've been so supportive of me & all I've done & hope to do!  They were so happy for me!  I love them so much!

I wanted to share with you our sister, orphan advocating blog!  Sisters Stick Like Glue -blog, is a blog we literally JUST created about two weeks ago, & my little sisters are new to the blogging thing so we're still in the making of making our blog!  But, please by all means check it out & "follow"!

Like I said, my sisters are newbies & I've been packed busy with Rainbow of Hope so we haven't gotten much time to post very much but, I hope you can read & enjoy what you see!  

In case you can't tell, like most, I'm the oldest of the the three, so nope, we're not triplets! (9 out ten times  people will ask us that question.)   I'm 16, Kristen is 14 & Madison is 13.  We've realized how strong we are sticking together as a team doing things!  So what better way to put it to use than to create a blog to spread the awareness of Down syndrome & the love of Jesus Christ!  

I want to do, Kristen a special favor & share to you her personal advocating blog, Saving One of God's Greatest Gift's!  Her blog is all about saving two boys she is a Prayer Warrior for!  Cain & Tristan!  Her love for those two precious boys is AMAZING!!  Just read little Cain's information, he doesn't have much more time before he's TRANSFERRED TO THE ADULT MENTAL INSTITUTION!! 
Please, DON'T LET that happen to either him or Tristan!  Their lives depend on people like us!  People who can PRAY & SPREAD the awareness of HIM!!  We MUST save him!   Help him, please!?

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to ask questions & comment!  We're opened to helping & listening :)

Support More Teen Pages!

We're so grateful for everybody's support to our page/blog!  God was in all of this for sure but it's people who support us that keep us going too!  Before last night we didn't have a lot of support, sure we did from our families and blogging buddies, but other people in the public no, not like this!  This is incredible!  We want to continue to make a change and help other teen blogs/pages!

First of all the blog/page we have A LOT in common!  They would be the Guardian Angels!  One amazing group of four teenage girls!  Holding fundraisers on their blog to help raise money for families to bring home their little babies!   They are really great ladies, working to serve God with the ways they can!  Please help support them by "Liking" their Facbook page & following their blog

Support from others will double the encouragement for these ladies!  It did for us!

Here's another young lady who will be twenty soon, Mariah!  She has a big heart for the little orphans from Reece's Rainbow!  Take a moment to read her blog & follow, its His Precious Love.  A great blog!  Be sure to read it! :)

One of the most amazing girls we know would be our friend Leah!  She's NOT one to give up!  No matter what!  The amount of money Leah has raised for the children she is a warrior for is awesome!  Her blog has a giveaway going on right now!  For three girls, I believe!  She also has a good bit of prizes you could win if you donate to her fundraiser!  Caring 4 Celine and Coralynne, is her blog!    Give that girl some support!  She deserves it! :)  Way to go Leah!

Our friend, Caleb is 16 & runs a blog/page!  Caleb was the FIRST guy we ever met with such a kind & caring passion for these orphans! Do us a favor & go "Like" Speaking for the Silent & be sure to read his blog!  He has a way with words that makes everything a little more amazing!  Support our dude, Caleb & go read his blog Speaking 4 the Silent -Blog!

A girl who really supports us is our friend, Kaleigh!  What a great friend she's been to us!  Her family is adopting.  Please help them all out & show your support to a family adopting!  Go visit their blog right, HERE

We'll update will another page supporting groups later!  Please visit these!  :)  Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Saving Livvy Mae -Giveaway PRIZES

God recently blessed us beyond we could ever describe when a big page shared our blog & put us above more "Likes" & follows then we EVER THOUGHT we'd have!  After that we've learned GOD IS WATCHING OUR BLOG!  He has a SPECIAL plan for us & all of the families we plan on helping now & in the future!     
Livvy Mae
So I am here to tell you who our Feb. giveaway is going to be for!  Meet The Herrington Family who is working on bringing home Livvy Mae.  They are short on there funds, & are praying & asking God to provide!  This is where we come in!  Lets make this the biggest giveaway we have ever done.  Lets bless this family tremendously!  The $2000 dollars that we are hoping to raise for this family will go to them & help cover the travel cost when they go to meet their daughter!  So lets get this family to their daughter! 
God has a plan for HER!!  Let's help her get home to her forever family! 

Please donate to our giveaway "Saving Livvy Mae" & enter for a chance to win one of those lovely prizes!  

The entries are  $5-1 $20-5 & $50 - 20

We'd be SO thankful & we know Livvy Mae & her soon to be family would be too!  Go to the "Chipin" on the side of our blog & enter! 

Here are the prizes......

From the wonderful Simply Vintage Lovely we've got our NEWEST prize update in honor of reaching half way to reaching out half way mark!  We're on a goal of $2,000!  ENTER!!

These beautiful watches donated by Mrs.Nakia!

Cotton Candy Totes donated a gift card of $25!

Element Boutique donated a beautiful clip. 

A T-Shirt donated by Justrust Christian Clothing

A sticker donated by Justrust Christian Clothing

                                          We've got one beautiful item from Just Jewelry By Heather

                                       A three amazing items from Simply Vintage Lovely

                                             Waiting on one more photo of the third prize...
Adorable headband.

From Simply Vintage Lovely!

                                       We have a lovely pair of earrings from Jewelry4ubiz

                 From Barron's Photography Boutique we have a beautiful necklace!  One of a kind!

(they will be available in sizes 2-3yrs, 3-4yrs and 4-5yrs)

We have lovely item from, Lil Cha'peau Headbands
(Pending on the size of the child)

We have a $150 value prize right here from, Lil Blue Boo!  They are donating this entire sewing pattern collection to our give away!  Check it out RIGHT HERE!

Rainbow of Hope Members Video

The 4Girls4Christ wanted to share with you a video! I made this a while ago for our blog but never really got to "share it all that much. Please, feel free to leave a comment or share this video on your social sites/email. We'd love for you to spread the word of our blog!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Random ramblings of Alyssa

I'm super excited for the "Livvy Mae Giveaway!" I cannot wait to get the post up, so everyone can see all of the prizes that have been donated but fantastic people! :)  I would love to be able to raise as much money as possible for this family! They most certainly deserve it, & so does Livvy Mae.  On another note, the Rainbow Of Hope team has a couple little ones in mind, that the blog might become a warrior for ;)  Can't wait to announce that as well!

A certain little one though that God has laid on my heart is Alexander, a precious boy who is getting ready to turn 5 in Feb. which for him doesn't mean a birthday cake, hugs, kisses, & presents but instead getting transferred to an adult mental institution.  This is very scary for any child at all, because it is most certainly not where any child deserves much-less should ever be put.  The reason it scares me so much for Alexander is because is health has already been declining...& you can see the difference in the pictures of him.  When he is sent to a mental institution, his health will become 10x worse.  Most children wont survive their first year there.  So what I ask of you is to help me rally for Alexander, & save him from life in an institution.  Will you help?  He has an $11,000 dollar grant....Take him home?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Orphan Warrior!

I become an Orphan Warrior for one precious angel. Sadie.  Oh what a beautiful angel sent from heaven, she is!  I want to wrap my arms around her & kiss those chubby cheeks.

God put Sadie on my heart to become an Orphan Warrior for!  I've been an OW once before, but, I'm really excited to get started helping "my" little angel find her forever family to love her!

i just wanted to invite all of you to come visit my personal advocating blog to follow my adventure to "Saving Sadie"!  My blog is,  I haven't posted on there much lately, due to the holiday season & working on the Feb. Giveaway for the Herrington family.    I plan on getting started back up posting like crazy!

Feel free to follow, comment or email me!

Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giveaway For Livvy Mae!

So I am here to tell you who our Feb. giveaway is going to be for!  Meet The Herrington Family who is working on bringing home Livvy Mae.  They are short on there funds, & are praying & asking God to provide!  This is where we come in!  Lets make this the biggest giveaway we have ever done.  Lets bless this family tremendously! But!  We are in need of prizes for this giveaway, & this is where you guys can step up & help!  So things that you guys can donate are: Hand made goodies, Jewelry, gift cards to popular places, Hair items, electronics, books, movies, toys, pretty much anything will do! Just email us: or you can message me on Facebook. Alyssa Goodhue.  Just let us know!

Lets help this family.....

Herrington Kids

Add this little blessing to their family picture!

Livvy Mae

Here is the link to their family blog! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Just messaged the family we are hoping to do a fundraiser for next month!  Cannot wait to tell y'all who they are! :)