Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chosen Child | Denis

Today we let a friend choose the Chosen Child, and she pick a lovely little boy, Denis.  From my knowledge Denis has been waiting for quite a while, and the update that we recently got on him was not the best. 

Denis was born with a few different special needs, and is a very tiny boy.  His special needs include: Epilepsy, frequent seizures therapeutic resistant, spastic tetraparesis, craniostenosis, gasttoesophogeal reflux, congenital endogastrisis. 

Update March 2014:
Denis is a very handsome little guy.  He is nonverbal but makes a high trilling/singing sound or squeals when he is happy or trying to communicate.  He looks like he is about the size of a 4 year old, however his abdomen is quite large (barrel shaped) while his arms and legs and hands are very thin and tiny.  He is in a wheelchair and does not walk.  His little body shakes often from his head to his toes, which may be seizure activity.  He's very alert and watches what goes on, but does not appear very interested in interacting with people specifically.  He is in a room with many other older, more mobile boys, so he may simply feel overwhelmed with the activity and constant movement. 

This sweet boy needs out.  I honestly can't stress that enough.  Every child needs out.  An orphanage/institution is not a home.  It is no place for a child to live, much less grow up.  Denis belongs in a family.  He deserves to be loved.  He needs out.  Denis would make a fabulous son.  Just imagine him joining you and your family for movie night.  Cuddled up on the couch watching frozen, giggling with the rest of his siblings.  Can you see it?  Can you see Denis' face in your family?  Go get your son! 

With Love, 

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