Monday, March 17, 2014

World Down Syndrome Day : Kelvin!

Welcome to day one of our special little World Down Syndrome Day event!   I want to jump right into this and introduce you to one of the four waiting children with Down syndrome that we will be posting on this event!    (If you missed the announcement post for this event or need more information CLICK HERE to read the post, this page will stay open for your convince) 

                                       Meet Kelvin! 

Isn't he precious?  This is going to sound extremely bad and pretty sad, but I had never seen this boy until I went and searched for a child that was "overlooked".  
I'm part of several RR groups and friends with many advocates, but never have I seen Kelvin mentioned or shared before.  I know I could have missed it, because he does have $1,000 in his adoption grant.  
This is why I chose Kelvin to take part in possibly becoming "the face" of Chosen to Bless for a month. 
I consider him to be an overlooked child that needs the spotlight for a change!  

Kelvin is 7 years old and has never felt love before in his whole life.  He has Down syndrome and seems to be a healthy boy as far as his description on RR says! 
And normally I would copy and paste the child's description from RR below, but Kelvin only has a small caption of his photo. 

I think it's safe to say that this boy deserves attention that will help lead his forever family his way!  

If you would like to "vote" for Kelvin to become the face of Chosen to Bless for a whole month go "like" our Facebook page (click here to view). and join us on March 21!  On that day we will post all four children in the running to win, to vote for the child of your choice you will have to hit share

The child with the most shares WINS! 

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!  




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