Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Freak Show

Kaitlyn here!  You might have seen my last post, Friday, "Updates & Requests".  If so you know that we were looking for ways to raise awareness for our blog, to help raise awareness of the orphans with disabilities.   I went to bed Friday night, knowing we didn't raise any "Likes" or followers that Friday, our "Fan Day Friday" we do once a month.  Of course, I was a little sad, usually we raise at least a few, but for some reason I had this feeling something good was going to happen, it was just going to be in God's timing, NOT mine. :)  I even told, Alyssa that, I believe.   She agreed.

Well, I woke up to find a wonderful post on our Facebook Page, the JusTrust clothing store shared our "Saving Livvy Mae" Giveaway on their facebook page!  HUGE blessing that led someone to find us.  They told us they had a friend who did a radio Saturday night show, The Freak Show!  They said they would mention us on their show, & they DID!

To say we're beyond grateful would be a understatement for sure!  We can't even begin to thank them & all the amazing people who are supporting us during our journey to save little lives!  Also a BIG thanks to God, if it weren't for Him, let's be honest, we wouldn't be here, or anywhere at all!  Thank you Jesus for blessing us SO BIG!  

We feel so encouraged by all the support we've received from people!  Personally it really let's me know God has BIG plans for our little group!   We've came so far in just less than a year!  It's almost unbelievable!  But, NOTHING is impossible with God, nothing!

I just wanted to say thanks to, The Freak Show, & all the many others who have helped us get this far!  :)

God bless you!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Updates & Requests

Hey, Kaitlyn here! :)   Haven't wrote a post on here for a little while now.  Busy getting ready for my baby sister who's due the end of March, Lord willing.  It'll be number 14 in my family, yes, I am the eldest.  I love my mother & father dearly, along with my 12 siblings. :)

Anyways, I wanted to mention you've probably noticed that we're ALMOST half way to our goal of $2,000 for the Herrington family!  Of course by now you're probably aware that the money raised will all go to the last bit of adoption costs for Livvy Mae!   It's so exciting to see how the four of us girls, Alyssa, Rachel, Sam & I, have helped bless someone SO BIG!  But let's be honest we would have gotten NO WHERE if it wasn't for the good Lord watching us & our fundraiser!  Along with all of the incredible people who've donated their time, money or prize items to our giveaway!

As of now the giveaway will end March 15th. Plenty of time for all the later people to donate if they'd like! We're praying to reach our goal of $2,000!  It would be a dream come true of not only the Herrington family, Livvy Mae & us 4Girls4Christ!  With out a doubt God has blessed our "little" page & blog further than we ever imagined He would!  In more ways then can be explained! :)  We're truly blessed!

We're at an awesome 1,073 "LIKES" on our Facebook fanpage, our goal is to raise 1,100 by the at least the end of February!   The reason we want to expand our page "likes" is to spread the word & awareness of orphan children with Down syndrome.  To show the world you can make a change.   More importantly to spread the love of Jesus Christ to others!  It would be such a great blessing & awesome thing to reach above our goal, somehow.

Do you have any idea how we could raise our "Likes"/Followers?  If you do, please email me your idea @ we'd be SO GRATEFUL to hear from your idea to help us out!  It means a lot!

Also Alyssa posted on our Facebook page that it still wasn't too late to enter an item you'd like to donate into our giveaway! Which is true!   If you've got an item you can email us the details (or questions) to

Hoping you all have a fabulous weekend filled with smiles & blessings!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Returning The Favor...

Well first off before I get into this post I would like to thank the 20 people that have donated to the "Livvy Mae Giveaway" & that have gotten us to $567 for the Herrington family!  We are 1/4 of the way to our goal of $2,000 & yes, we are very much aware that $2,000 is a very big amount of money. But God took 5 loaves of bread, 2 fish & fed 5,000 people.  So I know that this is something small for God to handle!  We just have to make sure we give it up to him!  With constant prayer & praise we are hoping to reach our goal!

We are all made in the image of God, & when we except Christ into our hearts & give Him control over our life, it then becomes our job to strive every day to be as much like Him as possible.  Now what you may be asking is "How can I do that? He is perfect & I am only human. I can't be perfect." You may not be perfect, & you are correct.  We are only human.  But if we were all perfect there would be no need for a perfect God.  Am I right?  You see when striving day in & day out to be more like Him, we are gonna fail, trip, stumble, but God will be there to pick us back up & say "Try again." He is our teacher, He is the one who is showing us how to be like Him.  The Bible is our hand book.  So in order to be like Him we must know & follow all of the rules.

Striving to be as much like God, is like learning anything new!  When learning a new skill such as in gymnastics.  You have to learn the basics first.  Just like with becoming like God, you have to learn to have faith, to trust, & to love Him.  In gymnastics you move up a level & learn tougher skills, & with becoming like God your heart will grow & you learn to see the world as God does.  Your heart will begin to break for the things that break Gods heart.  & with each step you will grow.  & Eventually you will get to a point where you will want nothing more then to be labeled a "Jesus Freak" & the first thing people with notice about you is how on fire you are for God!  & trust me...It is one of the BEST feeling ever :)   You start to lose cravings for worldly things, so many worldly things become un-appealing to you.  Like with me secular music, cussing, & perverted comments make me so sick to my stomach...& I have to remove myself from the situation because it  not only makes me sick but it also angers me.

I would also like to try something new.  For those of you who feel comfortable sharing your story of how you came to be a believer, & sharing how you have changed.  The habits you used to have that are gone now because of God great love.  Go ahead & shoot us an email with your story & we will do a couple of different post with your guys stories!  These stories can inspire others to come to Christ & become a follower!

If you need any support, prayer, advice or would like to become a follower of Christ (Which will be one the BEST decisions you have ever made!)  You can either email or you can email me personally

Can't wait to hear from you guys!

Friday, February 10, 2012

"I Was Adopted" Essay by Denzell U.

Our team "met" a teenage guy who is one of the twelve adopted in his family.  He has an amazing story that I felt we should share with everyone!    I personally think it is awesome! :)   I've gotten several chances to talk with him & his mother.  They are wonderful people with BIG hearts for orphans!

Please take time to read this essay, Denzell wrote & shared.

"I Was Adopted"
        By Denzell Unroe

"In my family adoption has been the most common way to build, a family. My parents love adoption so much that they have adopted twelve times, with a total of twelve kids being adopted. I was adopted at the age of eight, along with my sister, Unique. The joy that struck me when I was adopted was just amazing! From that day on, I knew that getting adopted was probably going to be one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me.
Experiencing a feeling like this is one of the many affects that a child could have if he or she knew that they have been adopted. Though this child wouldn't be the only one who experienced this feeling, the entire family would. Because they know that the child is happy that they have a home and a family that loves them. This is the most prevalent reason why my parents adopt and to why they have adopted so many.
My house may seem like its a bit crazy because of the twelve kids and not to mention the one that's biological. Though really its not all that crazy, it's actually quite calm, even with twelve other kids running around. All it basically means is that they're getting along pretty well, which could be a shocker at times! That's one of the joys of adopting and having as many kids as my parents do.
This is why I think that everyone should adopt at least once, if not five to ten times like my parents. All you have to do is just give it one try and then if things don't work out the way you thought, at least you can say that you tried. Really, I think that once you've already experienced adoption you'll want to continue, because you'll find that it is a blessing, just like my parents did. Adoption can change everyone's life.

* So for those of you who have never adopted, I urge you to "hypothetically", excavate into adoption. I recommend you go to the Reece's Rainbow-Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry website to see some of the most precious angels, waiting to be adopted. You can find out more a  "

Thank you for taking time to read the essay.  Feel free to "SHARE" it with your friends. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

You Haven't LIVED Until...

You've probably used the "You haven't lived until.." thing a time or two before.  Maybe someone has even said that to you?   Most of the time people ask me if I've watched one of the latest teen rage movies such as 'Twilight' or 'Harry Potter" or something like that, and my answer is simply, no.  Then they go "OH MY WORD, YOU HAVEN'T LIVED UNTIL YOU'VE WATCHED IT"  Or something like that.  Personally I'm not a huge movie fan, I can't sit still for that long, I'm more active for sure.  But that's just me & I'm pretty "odd", ha ha! :)  

I know there is one thing I can honestly say that I feel like I can completely say "You haven't LIVED until, you have GIVEN YOURSELF away."   I know it probably sounds insane, at least to some it may.  

What I mean is give your life to God!  He did create you!  He wants you to be His hands & feet, & serve Him in the ways you can.  

It doesn't mean God wants you to stop every single thing in your life but to give yourself up to Him!  If you haven't already, ask Him into your heart!  Become saved He sent HIS SON to DIE for YOU & I, all of us sinners.  He REALLY LOVES you, more than ANYONE else could possibly EVER!   That's God. :)  

As a sixteen year old I realize that there isn't very much I can 'do', because I don't have a job or whatever the reasons might be standing in my way.  And just two years ago I thought there was NOTHING I could do at my young age.  Boy was I wrong!  God showed me that He could still use me in the ways that I was able to help.  

For example, I enjoy 'writing' as far as typing wise. What better thing to do than start blogging about children that lives DEPEND on people's sharing of them.  I learned I can speak for those who are not able to.  Such as the Reece's Rainbow children!  I thank God He led me to them!  HE HAS A REASON FOR IT! <3 

Maybe that isn't what you feel is right for you?  Maybe you aren't comfortable writing things to the public.  And if so that's totally fine!  We weren't all made to like the same thing, & I think God knows that, He has a special calling for everyone in life I believe.  He TRULY called me to these orphans.  In His own way, I can't even begin to express how thankful I am that I listened to His calling to me!   After that I stop & listen to God more than I ever have before!  You will NEVER regret giving yourself to God!  Never!  Open your eyes, ears & heart to God's calling to you!  See how you can make a difference & spread His love like a wild fire out of control! :)

So that's why I can honestly say, You haven't LIVED until, you give yourself  to God!

Thank you for taking time to read my little post.  I felt that I needed to write it, sorry if it's a bit rambled.  I tend to do that a lot.  Ha ha! :)  IF you have any questions at all please send me an email to or my personal email which can be found in the 'Meet the Member's' section.  :)   I'm happy to help you with anything I can! :) 

Please never turn away from God's calling, always reply! :)

P.S. Sorry for any mistakes, I'm sure I made some, it was close to midnight & I was tired. (:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meet Amelia!

Most of you probably don't know I was a Prayer Warrior for beautiful, Amelia.    I became her PW (Prayer Warrior) in the mid-later summer of twenty-eleven.   Her precious little face captured my heart the moment I saw it!  I began praying for her & my goal was to make sure she was on the "My Family Found Me" page by the end of her birthday month, September.  Sadly my life got very busy around that time & didn't get many more chances to post more on my personal advocating blog, Saving A Little Life With The Love Of Jesus Christ.   That doesn't mean I didn't keep her in my heart & prayers.

Angel Face, Amelia <3 
Little did I know Amelia's (Lord willing) Forever Family was deciding that SHE was the one that belonged in their arms, IN SEPTEMBER!   What a God thing!    

Patrica is a single mother of three children, I found her through her blog & the two of us have been emailing over the week.  I am SO blessed to have 'met' her!  She is a wonderful woman filled with faith for God!  Personally I couldn't think of ANYONE better for Amelia!    She's going into this adoption trusting in God to provide the  $31,000+ that she will need to adopt Amelia!  Now THAT, is faith!    I want to help this family in the ways that I am able to now!   Will you help me?   

First go "LIKE" their Facebook Page HERE!!!!!!!

And their blog is a MUST see!  Go Follow Right HERE!!!!! (BLOG) 

Please try donating to their fundraiser!   Their goal is to have Amelia home for CHRISTMAS TWENTY-TWELVE!  THIS YEAR!

Let's make it happen!  Spread the word like wild fire!   Don't make Amelia spend ANOTHER birthday in the orphanage!  

Also I can't forget the MOST IMPORTANT thing about all of this that will help a HUGE amount!  PRAY!!!!!!!  With out God, we won't go far..or anywhere at all for that matter,   He can do ANYTHING & makes NO mistakes!  Let's remember to keep God in this journey to rescuing Amelia!

Thank you for taking time to read this post, if only you knew how much this meant to me!  If you have ANY questions at all just email me at Just title it -Kaitlyn- or something like that.  I'm happy to answer or help you out with anything at all!