Friday, February 28, 2014

"My" Girls

Hi everyone!  It's Kaitlyn here!  I realized that I haven't officially introduced you to "my" precious little girls!
These two little girls have stole my heart, and I'm not sure that I will ever get it back!  They are both absolutely glowing and need forever families to come to their rescue.  
Vera (2)

Peggy, (10 months)

How cute are they?!  They are going to make perfect daughters to some special families.  
Both princesses have so much potential that I pray the rest of the world will see.   

My mom has done so much for me and my advocating since the beginning 3-4 years ago.  She's helped in every way she possibly could and to thank her for all her amazing support I requested that she chose the next child I advocate for once Mick had found his forever family.  She was thrilled to have the opportunity and gladly accepted my offer.   She scanned through the children listed on, but after a while of searching there was one child still tugging at her heart and lingering in her mind,    "It's her facial expressions!  She's just precious"  and to state the obvious, that child was Vera. :)   She needs a family to give her all the love and care that every little princess deserves and needs to bloom.   

Now I had no intention advocating for two children at once.  Not unless I felt that God had put the right child on my heart.  I like to stay committed to one special child at a time.  That was my plan anyway... 
God said differently though, when a few days after committing to Vera came along precious baby, Peggy. 
Alyssa tagged me in a post on a Facebook group, just moments after they had listed her on RR.  
Instantly my heart melted and I was in love.  She has so many medical needs that are causing her so much pain and she needs a mommy and daddy FAST!   She needs the love to blossom and grow.  

It absolutely kills me to know that both these little angels are rotting away in a place where no human deserves to be.   It brings me to tears just thinking of how no one has ever told them how incredibly beautiful they truly are.  They need to be held, hugged and kissed.  They need proper care, appealing food and a warm soft, safe place to rest their tiny innocent heads at night.  They need a loving father to scoop them into their arms and wipe away their tears when they have nightmares and can't sleep.  They need a kind sweet mother that will kiss their boo boos and tell them it will be okay because she's there to care for her.  
That's what little girls needs to grow.  They don't DESERVE to be in an orphanage where you eat disgusting mush, tied to crib, barely getting changed, and NO LOVE.  

These children live and face things most of us couldn't handle.  They get up every morning on their tough bed, and do the same thing every single day of their lives.  Just wondering when it's there turn to escape.  Wondering what's really behind those doors and out those windows.   

I didn't mean to ramble and rant on and on.  But what I said is truthful and needs to be heard.  No matter how hard it is to say or write.   When you become so close to the children you advocate for you begin to have a special relationship that's indescribable and you'd do anything to save them.   
I always think of what I would want someone to write about if I were in their place.  

If you would like to see updates an more posts about Vera and Peggy please follow or subscribe to my new advocacy blog, Unlocking Lyubov.  I would love to have you join!  I currently don't have too many Vera and Peggy fans, so you'd be a huge encouragement.  :)

Thank you so much for taking time to read!  

Thursday, February 27, 2014

It All Starts With One

Ever see someone with an over flowing passion, for an injustice?  And when that person talked about their passion for that injustice, their eyes lit up?  Face glowing, and you could just tell that they wanted to spend their life time ending/fighting for that injustice?  It's a beautiful thing. Those people are beautiful people.  They are also very few and far between.

I think that everyone has something that ignites there heart, and fills them with an un-explainable urge to get up and do something.  For me it's the orphan crisis.  It truly makes my heart ache, knowing that there are kids, who have never known love. It sounds so simple, and you've probably heard that before, but it's true. It's reality.   The human body, mind, and soul, craves, love and human affection.  It's this deep, void, that can't be filled with anything other than love.   Love is a necessity for life.

My heart jumps, literally, at any chance to love the least of these.  Whether I'm advocating for an adopting family, or shouting for a waiting kiddo, my heart becomes excited at the idea, that I can provide even the *smallest* bit of love, to someone who's never known love.

But it's not always easy to follow, or take part in whatever ignites your heart.  There are so many people out there, that will do everything in their power to discourage you from making change.  You'll hear things like "You're too young."  or "You can't do that on your own." or "What's the point?  No one is going to pay attention anyways."  and if you allow those things to get to your head, you'll believe them, and you will never make change.  Which is why it's critical that when people shove those things in your face, you turn around and say "Watch me. Watch me, make change.  Watch me, do things that you never had the courage to do." (In a nice respectful way, of course. ;) ) Because otherwise, you might become on of  *those* people, the ones who do everything in their power to discourage you from your passion, because they were never brave, or courageous enough to take charge and fight.

It wont be easy.  At times you will feel like giving up is the best option,  you will feel like you are being ignored, or like your attempts come across as "annoying" to those around you, but those are just negative thoughts that don't want to see you succeed.  Push past those thoughts, throw them away, remind yourself why you started to fight in the first place.  Find that passion, and re-ignite your fire, because it is worth it.  

So you have a passion, or there is an injustice that tugs at your heart but you don't know how to help, or make change.  Start a blog, do research and get the facts, write a blog post, or share the facts with your friends.  Hold a fundraiser, make a flier, write a news article and submit it to your local newspaper. There are hundreds of ways that you, can make a difference.

Every movement starts with one person. 

Every great organization, starts with one thought, one willing individual, one minute of insane courage. 

 It all starts with you

So, what are you going to do about your passion?  What injustice, will you fight for?  Will you take charge, and make change? 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


5 years old.

She's not even 5 years old.

But she already has a need greater than any of us.

Not a medical need, specifically. While she has medical concerns, even those are not the greatest issue.

This princess, this little girl, this precious child of God...she needs a Mama.

And not just any Mama...


Someone devoted to her. Who loves her, no matter what, for forever and for good. Someone all for her.

I can picture her life here in America. I can picture the "after".
I can picture Victoria, home.


A little girl in a Little Mermaid nightgown bounces on her knees as her Mama turns out the lights. The braids in her hair have loosened throughout the day's play, but the smile still radiates from her little round face.

Her Mama walks over to the Hello Kitty bedspread and gives her daughter a kiss, right in the middle of her forehead. As she tucks her daughter's little legs under the covers, she whispers a prayer in her ear, thanking God for the joy this child has brought to the world.

A pastel nightlight glows warmly in the corner, and as the room quiets down, and this little girl's eyelids become heavier and heavier, her Mama's voice lulls her to sleep with the same lullaby sung over cradles and toddler beds for generations.

"Victoria" is safe. Loved. Cherished. Treasured. Protected. Adored.



If you are willing to help me find Victoria's family, please share this post and her profile page
on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, ANYTHING. Show your parents, your friends, your siblings, your coworkers, your peers, your colleagues, your teachers, your neighbors....your spouse... :)

If you want to make a serious inquiry about this precious little lady, please contact us IMMEDIATELY at I will personally do anything, absolutely anything, to help this child get home. Whether this means fundraising for you, sharing your story, finding more information, blogging to raise awareness for you and your beautiful new daughter...anything. I promise. I am here to serve you in your journey to bring this darling child home.

Much love and thanks,

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Reece's Rainbow | Child of the Day, Camille!

Chosen to Bless has decided to begin sharing an orphan everyday listed on Reece's Rainbow!

Today is my (Kaitlyn) to pick our child of the day!  And her name would be.....


This cutie is so overlooked!  And needs a forever family to find her FAST!  

Reec  e's Rainbow information on Camille: 

Girl, Born June 4, 2007
Camille is a beautiful girl who deserves a life outside of this crib!  She is diagnosed with hydrocephaly and CP.    She has a precious smile (please inquire for more photos) and a will to survive and THRIVE!
From her medical records:  hydrocephaly, symptomatic epilepsy, deep mental delay, kidny development pathology, extra right kidney, partical otrophy of vision nerve, flat feet

Isn't she precious?  I think YES!   I know there is someone out there that wants a beautiful little princess of their own.  She could be the one you call your daughter!  

God doesn't make mistakes, and I know that He made Camille for a special purpose in life!  She has so much potential!   I can see her with her forever family holding her tight now. <3  

If you would like to make a donation towards Camille's adoption fund please CLICK HERE
Let's help her reach $5,000 soon!!! :) 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Unlocking Lyubov

Welcome to Unlocking Lyubov page!  I'm Kaitlyn and my passion country is Ukraine.  And you might be a little puzzled by the name of my project, but lyubov means love in Ukrainian.  In English the name is Unlocking Love.   I absolutely love the name of my project, because I feel it describes my mission perfectly!  I want to unlock love for the orphans in Ukraine, also known as "Ukraine's forgotten children".
I have advocated for several orphans in this country, though I cannot say whom for privacy purposes.

My heart is lost somewhere in Ukraine with the many beautiful children.   There is just something about those kids that makes me melt.  I love and adore everything about them and would one day love to take a missions trip there if it's God's will.   They are precious little gems in my eyes that God has put on my heart and in my life for a special reason, I believe.   I see their full potential and have a desire to help bless them in any way I am able to.

I am still putting together details for my Unlocking Lyubov project, but I'll have everything up ASAP.

So I hope that you will please check back soon and take this journey with me. :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dream For You: The Duvall Family!

Our January fundraiser, that we did for Renee Alan and her family ended wonderfully, with a grand total of $1,050!!  God is so good, and provided ever second of the way for that fundraiser!  Renee Alan, and her husband travel THIS MONTH to go get their babies! How exciting is that?  I can only imagine, their worries, fears, joys, and anxiousness, will you pray for them?

For this month of February we will be fundraising for...drum roll please! *insert drum roll here*

The DUVALL family!!!  

This beautiful family has 3 bio children, and are in the process of adding another sweet boy through adoption!  Asher, is 6 years old and has Down syndrome.

Absolutely precious right? :)  This family has $20,000 more to raise for their adoption of Asher, and we would like to bless them by doing a fundraiser or two to help with funds!    The ultimate goal is $1,000 to be raised for the Duvall Family!

Our "main" fundraiser will be a gift card bundle that YOU can enter to win!   So far the gift card bundle has a value of $55 and will grow over time as more gift cards are added!

The gift cards that we currently have are:

* $10 Target Gift Card
* $10 Target Gift Card
* $25 to one of these four restaurants: On The Border(Mexican Grill & Cantina), Chili's, Macaroni Grill, or Maggiano's
*$10 Old Navy Gift Card

As stated above, more gift cards will be added over time, so keep checking back to see if we have added more!

To enter for a chance to win this gift card bundle you will be able to purchase entries: ($5-2) ($10-5) ($20-15) ($50-30) There is a donation button on the right hand side of the blog labeled "Dream For You" you will donate the money for entries there.


Once you have entered this giveaway, your name will be written on a t-shirt for Asher!  Once the giveaway is over we will send his new family this shirt, with all the names on it.  They will forever be able to remember who helped them bring home their precious son! :)

 You can also earn entries a few other ways!

1.  If you share this blog post on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram: You earn 1 entry for each share.
 Be sure to comment below once you have shared, and please tell us which sites you shared it on.

2.  If you share this photo: On your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  Please comment below once you have shared, and please tell us which sites you shared it on.: You earn 1 entry for each share.

 Through out the giveaway different opportunities will arise for you to be able to gain extra entries!  To be sure that you see those opportunities go "like" our Facebook page here: Chosen To Bless

This fundraiser will run until 12pm Mountain Standard Time on February 28th.  :)

You can visit the Duvall's family blog here, to get updates on their adoption of Asher:

I will share with you a little about Asher's new family, and then feel free to enter the giveaway! :)  Thank you, for being such wonderful followers!  We love you all!

"Jon and Carly Duvall have been married for 9 years, and have three wonderful children ages 7, 6, and 5. They met at the small Christian school they both attended and got married after 4 years of dating. They live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where they were both born and raised.
The Duvall’s talked about their desire to adopt early on in their marriage, but ended up having three children very close together and were caught up in the busyness of raising a young family. As their children have grown, God has been bringing the call to adopt to the forefront. They did not set out to adopt a child with special needs, but God had a different plan. When they found Asher (Jimmy), they knew he was their son and it began to make perfect sense. Carly had lost a younger sister who had Down syndrome and died from a hole in her heart. God was completing His perfect plan!
Jon, Carly, and family are so excited to bring Asher home and give him the love and family he deserves. They are trusting in God’s provision in the financial aspect of this process and would be so grateful for any support as well as prayers. "