Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Love So Delicate

Here is a post that I wrote in October, of 2011.  It's a post in honor of this sweet boy.  Dakota.  Fly high sweet boy. <3

"Recently since losing my little sister 3 days before her due date, I have come to realize what love is and how delicate it is. Love is something delicate that everyone should know. To everyone should love be shown. Addison Ruth Goodhue, such a delicate yet so lifeless little girl. She was still born on September 26th 2011. She had 8 older brothers and 1 older sister and 2 amazing parents awaiting her arrival, she most certainly arrived. But not in the way we had planned. She went to be with Jesus. Many tears have been cried and are still being cried. She was most certainly loved, all though we had never met her and never knew what her personality was like, all though we will never know what color eyes she would have, what shade of brown her hair would be, what her favorite color or animal would be. We can be assured that she is in a wonderful place where she can rejoice and praise God non-stop! Days upon days, Hours upon Hours, Minute after Minute. To be honest…I am Jealous that my little sister got to meet God before all of her siblings! The youngest but yet the won winning the race! So many people…Had never met her, but yet had a love so big and strong for someone who never got to feel a hug or a kiss goodnight. All of this has opened my eyes. There are so many children who are alive and living, that don’t feel that love but instead feel neglect and hate. They may never feel love, hugs, or kisses. They will never feel a love so delicate. They sit and waste away their precious lives in cribs. When they could be out running ,laughing ,jumping, and playing. Swinging on swings and Making friends! It breaks my heart to know that the kids in orphanages have never even seen the stars! The stars are on my “Top 10” list of favorites! There was a little boy named Dakota, a 7 year old boy…who passed away over a year ago ,just recently we found out about him passing. A life that slipped away so quietly…No one cared about this precious life. A sweet boy, his life wasted…so wasted. It angers me greatly to know that his life was spent in a horrible place without any love. How could anyone do that to a child? Tell me that. There are so many kids with Down syndrome that pass and are never missed. They are the forgotten children of this world. They are perfect and deserve love. So what they may be different. But aren’t we all different? In one way or another. We most certainly are different. But because the world is so warped, children who learn slower, have almond shaped eyes, wider spaces between there fingers and toes get their lives deemed unworthy of life.   If anything someone who could treat a child like that and not be bothered by it...Their life should be deemed as unworthy to be lived.  This is the blunt truth.  It breaks my heart to know that sweet Dakota had to wait 7 years to feel love...7 years.   He endured pain and suffering everyday for 7 years...Because he was "different".  Because God put a little more time into making him special.   Because Dakota was unique in a way that no one else can ever be.   A precious life on earth that just slipped away with out a sound.  Tears were cried over a little boy whom many had never met.  Better yet teens who cared so much about him that we were devistated that he passed.  Anjelica to be specific.  She had been blogging and advocating for Dakota...For months and months.  Trying to find a home for a precious boy who gained his angel wings and flew to Jesus a year ago.  Doesn't that just give you a heavy heart?  I know it does to me.  She cared so much but yet didn't find out that he already had his family and was HOME, until almost exactly a year after his passing.  It's such a horrible thought.  Thinking about it puts me in tears.   I don't understand the world.  I don't understand God's reasoning for this but yet...Will I ever?  I do know that God is calling all of us followers of Christ to join together and fix the injustice's in this world.  "


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Waiting Babes - SAVANNAH

So I know we have been quite bad at the 'Waiting Children' posts, but I'm in a blogging mood (As I always am :P) and have nothing better to do!  

Today I stumbled across this sweet, sweet, girl.  Her name is Savannah, she is 8 year old and was born with Congenital malformation of the nervous system, spina bifida (Lumbosacral), condition after liquor-shunting (Spinal Fluid shunts); and flail legs.   But don't let her diagnosis scare you away, and can assure you with the love of a wonderful family, Savannah can accomplish anything she sets her mind too.

It was very hard for me to picture Savannah as an 8 year old, because she is SO TINY.  She most certainly does not look like an 8 year old, because of how malnourished she is.  So without further adieu, meet SAVANNAH.

Precious right? I think so too. ;)  She seems to still have a slight sparkle in her eye, which to me says she hasn't given up hope.  Hope that someone will see her and say "That is my little girl!" :)  So show Savannah the meaning of love! :)

To visit her profile, you can either click her name above, or you can go to and type her name into the search bar. :)

Have a wonderful evening all!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

"MOSCOW—President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he intends to sign into law a bill that would ban Americans from adopting Russian children, despite waves of criticism of the plan at home and in the U.S.
On Wednesday, the upper house of parliament unanimously approved the draft adoption ban, a retaliation against U.S. legislation enacted earlier this month that aims to punish alleged Russian human-rights violators." - Wall Street Journal 

Yes, the presedent of Moscow Vladimir Putin is planning to pass a law, and ban Americans from adopting the orphans in Russia.  I Alyssa Goodhue, am here writing this post to try and change his mind.  

I totally understand, getting a bit more defensive, because of the 19 children whom were adopted from Russia, that passed away while in the care of an American family in the past 20 years.  I would feel the same way if children from my country where being adopted by a family in another country, and ended up passing away.  But at the same time, I would be sure that the orphanages I kept the children at were in good condition.  I'm not trying to jump down anyones throat or say that they don't know what they are doing.  But it just isn't right, when at 4 years of age a child is sent to an adult mental institute.  When they are put in those institutes they will be very badly mistreated.  If this ban passes?  There will be MANY more deaths of sweet kids, but this time?  It will be in the hands of the Russians.  A very large number of orphans die daily at the hands of the Russians, but not just in Russia, but also other countries as well.  Which is why international adoption is so important and crucial for these kids. 

There is a VERY large number of Americans, that have opened their hearts, homes, and arms for these kids.  They are more then willing to go through the long, tiring process to bring these sweet ones HOME.  They are ready to show this kids what it means to LOVE.  

There are 147 Million orphans in this world, 120,000 of those orphans are listed in the Russian, adoption  database.  There are only 18,470 Russian families whom are ready to adopt those kids.  Which leaves, 101,530 kids as orphans, without love, a family, or anything to call their own.  Imagine the outcome of combining the number of families in Russia, and America whom are ready to adopt.  That number of orphans would decrease imensely! 

But something else I wanted to point out is, there are 120,000 orphans in Russia because families in Russia decided that they couldn't care for these kids, or they simply didn't want them because of a Special need such as Down syndrome, Cerbral Palsy, blind, limb indifferences, FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), Aperts Syndrome, Epilepsy, and many more.   If these kids were given up by Russian families then they most likely wont be adopted by Russian families.   

I understand you are upset about the U.S. legislation enacted earlier this month, but could you please choose another way to retaliate that doesn't include harming these wonderful children anymore then they already have been?   

With all do respect Mr.Putin (If you happen to read this.) we as Americans have an IMMENSE love for these kids, we want nothing more then to show these kids what it means to be loved.  In the past 5 years, HUNDREDS of orphans with Special needs have been shown love and been given a family, all thanks to Reece's Rainbow

I hope and pray that you will reconsider your desicion, and not sign that law.  It wont do anyone any good.  Again, I know you're upset but could you take your frusteration out on someone else, maybe someone that can atually speak for themselves.  These kids are defenseless, and it's wrong in SO many ways that you would choose to affect these BABIES, because your angry. 

Alyssa D. Goodhue

Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayer Request For CT Families Involved in Shooting

Today on Friday, December 14 2012, 26 people were killed in a shooting in the state of CT.  I know little about this, because the case is fresh and no one knows 100 percent the truth from the false and I was gone all day relying on only the radio in the car for information.   But there is one thing I am sure of, and I know everyone else is too.  26 lives were taken and 26 families will never be the same.

This shooting was help in an elementary school in CT.  And I doubt I'm the only one that is absolutely BLOWN away by this!  20 children, mostly kids around the age of 5 (At least that's what I heard.) were shot and killed.  And 20 beds are empty tonight, 20 bed time stories went unread, 20 Christmas tree's most likely filled with present will go unwrapped on Christmas day.  This is more heartbreaking and painful for the parents and families of these children than I could even bare to imagine!  What they are going through is a true real living nightmare!

There is only one true thing that can truly, truly comfort them in the middle of all this terrible madness, and that "thing" is no thing at all it would be the one true GOD.  Like I heard a man on my local Christian radio say today about this story.  "The only thing we can do for them is pray"  And he couldn't be more right!  That is really all we can do, and right now that is what those poor families need more than ever, is God!  They need his love and comfort!  Pray that God will wrap His blanket of comfort over them and wash them with His precious peace.  I know it will be hard, and very difficult for them, but God's got this in His hands.  Just like I know He holds 20 beautiful angels in His never failing arms tonight.

Thank you for taking time to read this prayer request message.  Please please please pray, and please share this everywhere. We need to give those families more prayer than ever before!

God bless you!

-Kaitlyn & Alyssa

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Afua Wolfenbarger

A few months ago, I fell in love with an African princess.  She was oh so gorgeous, tiny, and in need of love. She was listed on Reece's Rainbow as Allison, I always referred to her as 'Baby A'.  I prayed my heart out for that African princess, I prayed for her health, for safety, and most of all a family.  I awaited the day she would be taken off the 'Other Angel Girls 0-5' page and put on the 'My Family Found Me' page.  It would be an answered prayer.

In the first week or two of September, my cute African princess was listed on the 'My Family Found Me' page!  I was overjoyed!  I was almost in disbelief that she was there!  That someone other then myself saw her potential, and wanted to make her their daughter!   Baby A, was CHOSEN by someone, she was hand picked, out of 1,000 other kids.  She was chosen. She will be loved, cherished, and always rejoiced over.

I messaged her new momma, and we chatted a little bit.  She thought it was wonderful that I loved Baby A, and that I desperately wanted her to get a family.   She said that she thought I should be Baby A's honorary Auntie.  I gladly accepted that suggestion, and have an emense love for my neice.

Today Friday, December 13th, 2012 Mrs.Wolfenbarger announced that a gracious judge in Africa made Baby A an official, legal Wolfenbarger!  Afua (Baby A) is now OFFICIALLY a Wolfenbarger, she is legally part of an amazing, wonderful caring family!  She is not an orphan anymore, although she is still at the orphanage, she has a family.  She is officially theirs, forever and ever, to love, to cherish, to encourage, and to believe in.   I cannot wait to see more photos of her as she grows, and strives, and soaks up all the love she can!

Here is a collage that Mrs.Wolfenbarger made of Afua, she is precious and I cannot wait for her to come HOME. :)

Please keep the Wolfenbarger family in your prayers as they finish out the rest of this beautiful Journey! :)

God Bless,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Love Can Do

Tonight Alyssa and I (Kaitlyn) were talking together through Skype.  Since she lives on the west coast and me on the east coast, besides Facebook and text, the only way we can communicate is through Skype.  And we were talking about how God has changed the way we look at His precious children.  I was telling her how I use to have a hard time with children that had different psychical features, like no nose or eyes, or something like that. And she explained to me how she did too at one time. We were afraid that if we shared orphan children like that on our Facebook pages our friends, followers or fans we be scared of it and run away from us and not listen to the real reason we were posting them.  As for myself I noticed that in me I would only chose to become a prayer warrior for a child with Down syndrome that not just I adored and thought was incredibly cute, but one I knew everyone else would think the same to too.  I noticed that in myself and wanted to make it change, I wanted a challenge.  I wanted God to give me a love for a special child that most in the world would run away from, laugh at, or just ignore and pretend they didn't even exist. I wanted God to let me see a child through His eyes, and not with the eyes of the world.
And He certainly blessed me with that when I fell in love with little bitty Lina, whom you might already be familiar with through my personal blog, Saving A Little Life with The Love of Jesus Christ.  And just recently another little boy named, Arlen.  He and she both are gorgeous little angels that I've completely fallen in love with! 
It kills me to see them dying, literally dying in a rotten old orphanage located somewhere in eastern Europe.   Like Alyssa and I were discussing, that so many of their outward, physical appearances could be fixed here in America with the help of surgery and lots of LOVE and CARE from a family.  Even some of the little kids whom are so tiny frail, and that have lost that sparkle in their eyes could make a Miraculous recovery, and you would never know they were an orphan!   

And if you think we're telling you fibs just take a look here at the living breathing proof!

Fransesca & Victoria's before and after pictures.  June 2011, they were officially adopted, and were headed to the states.  June 2012 they have been in a loving family for a year.  Look what love can do. <3 

Gergana was adopted from Bulgaria, a year ago by the Rist family.  Gergana's improvement has been amazing to watch, through Joanna's blog updates!You can read more about Gergana, as well as older child adoption at Joanna's blog: :)

Keith, is 5 years old.  When Keith was adopted he weighed in at 10 pounds.  Here are before and after photos of Keith.  He was skin and bones, but now with the love of an amazing family he is the happiest, little chubby boy, in the world. :)

Sophia, has been HOME with her new forever FAMILY, for just a few weeks.  But you can already see the transformation.  Sophia, has a sparkle in her eyes again all because a family chose to love her. <3

Seth, is an adorable little boy. His before and after pictures are truly amazing.  He went from skin and bones to a regular sweet boy all because of LOVE.

Do you see now?  Do you see that THESE photos are evidence of what LOVE can do! :)  This is what happens when a child is CHOSEN! :)  I have never adopted but I know for a fact that it is extremely tiring, and difficult, but I always hear moms say "It was hard, but the end result was worth it."  These kids are the WONDERFUL reward, prize, golden medal at the end of the paper work, and traveling, and heart break!  There are many kids on Reece's Rainbow whom are waiting for forever families!  Consider adopting a child with special needs. :)  If you aren't in a place to adopt then, pick a child and pray for them daily!  I can assure you it will be worth it!

We hope that these photos have shown you what the power of TRUE love can do! :)

Kaitlyn & Alyssa

One Journey Ends, but It's Just the Beginning of Another

 For close to 2 years now this blog has been known as "John 14:18" (for the first months) and later on "Rainbow of Hope" but something that seemed everyone remembered best was "4Girls4Christ".  

A group of 4 girls who wanted their love and passion for Jesus Christ to be shown to the world.  With all of them sharing the same love for orphans oversea in eastern Europe they decided to start this blog and little non-profit organization.

Through the blog they shared many children's faces whom were in need of forever families, and held many fundraisers to help families on their journey to adopting children with that special something Down syndrome.

The girls joined Facebook and successfully reached out to over a million people, and gained nearly 6.000 followers.

Through the ups and the downs the four stood together for almost two years, they remained a team, until now on the date of 12/12/12 the four felt it was best for them all if they go their separate ways.

Sam and Rachel left decided to part from Rainbow of Hope - 4Girls4Christ and go their own ways, Alyssa and Kaitlyn will take on Rainbow of Hope as a team of two.  There are no hard feelings with this decision being made.  The four will continue be friends. Alyssa and Kaitlyn give their best wishes and will be praying for Sam and Rachel in whatever the Lord leads them to do.

"We hope that our amazing followers of 4Girls4Christ will continue to follow Alyssa and I as we start this new journey together!  We'll miss being a foursome but we're also excited to see what God has in store for us and the blog.  Also the people we will be blessing through it all.  Though it seems that the journey as 4Girls4Christ is ending, another is just beginning for both Alyssa and I and Rachel and Sam. We'll update you on all the information that they give us on their next journey!

The blog will remain as Rainbow of Hope but will be redesigned and have a new meaning and mission, we're not only going to try to reach out to orphans with Down syndrome in eastern Europe but we will be combining all of our passions in one big happy blog, such as helping people in Africa, giving advice to young people and encouraging others to be a changing generation, and more!  We're very excited and hope you will come along with us for the new journey!

Thank you everyone for being so incredible and helping us reach our goals and beyond what we as a team ever imagined we could do!  We thank God most of all, but also our outstanding support from everyone all around Rainbow of Hope!   Thank you for everything!" - Kaitlyn 

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on our post!  We'd love to hear from  you!

Winner Of The Giveaway

Okay, so sadly enough we only had one person enter the giveaway.  But I know that it was in God's hands and I know that $20 was all He wanted us to raise through that! :)  So without further a due......

Carin V. is the winner of the $25 Tastfully Simple gift certificate! :D Yay!!  I will email you about your prize tonight!  Thank you for blessin Novella, with $20 more dollars! :)

We will save the rest of the prizes for our next giveaway!  Thank you to those of you who have donated these prizes! :)

God Bless,

Monday, November 26, 2012

Her Name Is Zoey.

Zoey is 6 years old and weighs less then 10 pounds.  Zoey is dying, wasting away, in a place where she is very unwanted, and unloved.  Zoey needs hope, Zoey needs a voice, but most of all Zoey needs a family.  She needs to be loved, wanted, and cherished.  "I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love." - Mother Teresa.  Someone needs to choose to love Zoey, till there is no more hurt in Zoey's life.  Someone needs to choose to make Zoey, their daughter.  Someone needs to choose to rescue Zoey.  She needs out.  She cannot live this way much longer.  This is the only photo of Zoey, that I have.  She looks sad, sick, and like she has given up all hope that someone will ever choose her.   10 pounds at 6 years old, and only getting worse.  Will someone step up and save Zoey?

You can visit this link --> to learn more about Zoey. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

News On Archie.

I have written and erased this post about 4 times.  I'm not sure how to word it and quite honestly I DO NOT want to be typing this post.  I wish this wasn't real, and I wish I could take it away.  But I can't it's staring me in the face, and is consuming my everything thought.  Archie has been transferred.   Those words are the words that I absolutely despise.  I hate them.  They are the words that now haunt my mind.  At 4 years old, Archie is facing something that is worse then any of us will most likely ever go through.  I'm not sure how bad the institution is that he has been sent to, but I have never heard of there being a "Good" institution.  I would like to get my hopes up and hope for the best but I can't.  I seen pictures, read posts, seen the condition of the kids whom live there.  Saying it's bad is an understatement.  Archie needs out NOW.   We have to shout louder then before for Archie.    Share this post, share Archie, donate to his account, find his family.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giving A Gift: Novella's Chance


Hello there everyone!  So remember the giveaway I mentioned in last nights post?  Well as the end of this post you will be able to see the items up for grabs!   Remember that we have to raise a total of $2,000 for these girls.  $1,000 for each of them.  In the history of Rainbow Of Hope the largest amount of money that we have raised is $1,360 for the Herrington family.  Can we break that record and make it $2,000?  Lets hope so!

Anywho, here is how it will work.  You will enter the giveaway to win one of the items that are up for grabs, and then in a month (So the 1st of December) we will draw the winner, using  The more entrees you buy the better chance you have at winning the prize you want! I will post the entree prices bellow! If you win a prize and you don't want it feel free to not take it.  We will keep it and re-use it in the next giveaway! :)  Feel free to donate just to help us reach our goal (You can do that HERE or HERE)!  You can donate whenever you feel led to!  There will be a Chip-in on the Right side of the blog, where you will donate to buy entrees!  :)

The entree prices are {$5-1 entry} {$10-5} {$20-10}

On a side note before I list the prizes for you guys, you all should know that if you donate to THIS link or THIS link, and you make the donation $35 dollars or more you can request a Christmas ornament and it will have Tabitha's picture on it if you use THIS link or Novella's picture if you use THIS link! :)  !!NOTE: DONATING TO THOSE LINKS WILL NOT BUY YOU ENTREES TO THE GIVEAWAY!!

Now that I am done rambling, here are the prizes for this giveaway!  We will hopefully be adding more to this! :)

                       Two lovely handmade totes by our wonderful follower, Debbie Schreiber

Teen/Adult size headband.

Dawn Santoro, donated a homemade sugar scrub!  Thank you Mrs.Santoro! :) 

$25 dollar gift certificate for Tastefully Simple, donated by The Butler family! :)  Thank you Uncle Grady & Aunt Christa! 

Air Plant City, donated these 2 wonderful gingerbread plant holders! :)  Enter to win one of them! 

A wonderful knitted hat! (Winner gets to choose the size.) 

Another wonderful knitted hat donate by Stephanie W. :)  (Winner chooses the size.) 

A brand new Relic Watch also donated by Stephanie W. :) 

Let the "Give A Gift" giveaway Begin!! :) 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Angel Tree: It matters to this one...

...And when we say one we really mean two!  Novella and Tabitha are our Angel Tree Babes this year and we have to raise $1000 for each of them!  We are looking to you guys to help us out!  We will have fliers you can share, and items you can win in giveaways!  We will also ask you guys to prayerfully consider donating to our Angel Tree fund!  Now to tell you  little about Angel Tree...

"In only six years, more than 800+ children with Down syndrome and other special needs are HOME with their “forever families” this Christmas. The vast majority of this funding comes from our Angel Tree Project each year!" - Reece's Rainbow  
Angel Tree is something that happens every year to help grow the orphans grants.  Money is the number one thing keeping families from adopting internationally seeing as it is VERY costly.  So the wonderful Reece's Rainbow team came up with the idea to grow each child's grant, by adding $1,000 (Or as close to $1,000) to their funds, at the same time as giving each kid individual publicity!  
Sounds wonderful huh?  If you remember last Christmas we did Angel Tree, but we raised funds for a little boy named Doug!   This year originally Kaitlyn was going to raise funds for Tabitha and I was going to for Novella.  But then we decided to combine our efforts as well as adding in Sam, and Rachel!   This isn't going to be easy, but it is possible!   So join with us in Giving these two cuties $1,000, Publicity and HOPEFULLY forever families before the end of the year!  Who's with us?! 


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Orphan of the Day #6

Today's orphan of the day is special!  Today our amazing Facebook followers chose some kids I'd like to share with the rest of you!  :)     And since we go four babies shared with us on our page, I'm going to feature ALL four of them for our OOTD! :)

Here we go!   (The information below is from Reece's Rainbow official website)

Dallas brought to you by Cara S!

Dallas 36F

Have brothers or sisters
Boy, born February 2010
Black Eyes
Hair dark brown
The nature of calm, friendly
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Great region, great agency, fast process!

Pratt from Amber B!


Boy, born April 2012
Down syndrome

Don’t mind the pink outfit, Pratt is a BOY!  He does have a heart condition, we are working to determine those details.  Pratt can be adopted with several other children in this region, please inquire if you are considering that!

Large families welcome, travel required.  Married couples only.  Additional photos available.

                                                               Alexander S by Debbie S! 

Alexander S 

Date of Birth: April 2006
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: blond
Character: significantly delayed
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

From Annie T, Kaleigh!


Girl,  born February 2008
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Dark
Character: calm
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Sweet Kaleigh is facing the institution this year :(

Don't forget to share, donate and pray to these little cuties!  View these orphans and many more at and type their name in the right side search bar.

PRAY & SHARE.  Help find their forever families.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Orphan of the Day #5

Sorry for not keeping the OOTD (Orphan of the Day) thing running fully every single day like I was hoping to do.  I was out of town for a week and the internet was very poor so I couldn't do anything.  Luckily my wonderful best friend helped out by posting once for me so we wouldn't get to behind.  Thanks Alyssa! <3 :)  

Speaking of Alyssa, she chose the pretty little girl orphan of the day, so big thanks to Alyssa for bringing you...

(The information below is from the official Reece's Rainbow website.  Please visit them for more information)

Valentina 14

Guardian Angel
Born December 2007


She is described as being a calm girl. She does not have any siblings. Additional photos available. She is an interesting and positive girl. Sometimes she prefers to play by herself. She is happy to communicate and interact with her nannies.

From one of our adoptive families who visited with her in 2012:  “Valentina is very sweet. She seems to be somewhat delayed, and would very much benefit from a family and an opportunity for some individual attention. Right now she is too old to play with the babies and too young to fit in with the big girls.   In spite of this, she always seems happy and content.   She very much loved playing with us outdoors and seems very active. ”

For more info and parent support on adopting and raising a child with HIV, please visit 

And today's orphan of the day boy is a newly listed little angel who is SUPER DUPER CUTE is...

Freddie 2S

Boy, born February 2011
Blue eyes
Brown hair
The character is calm

Freddie appears to have Apert Syndrome, but this diagnosis is not confirmed.

Both of these orphans have never truly felt love before in 
their lives.  NEVER had someone tell them they love them.  
How rotten is that?  Can you imagine having to look at your 
child in an orphanage knowing they'd never felt love before.  
And it's almost like they've been "thrown away" because of 
their "disability" as the world would call it, just because God 
made them a little more special than the rest of us?!  

Admit it.  You want to change it.  So don't ignore it.  CHANGE 

Just copy and paste this link to all your social media 
websites, donate to their adoption grants and most 
importantly PRAY PRAY PRAY for these little ones!  God can 
do ANYTHING but FAIL! :)  

Thank you for taking time to read this! Don't forget to 
SHARE!!  And pray! <3   God bless you!  

                                Contact Me @ (Subject it Kaitlyn)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bible Orphan Ministry

Once again, I'd like to talk about the Bible Orphan Ministry (BOM). (If you don't know what they Bible Orphan Ministry is, they're a ministry located in the Ukraine that go to orphanages and help care for/play with the children, and teach them about Jesus! :) They are simply amazing. <3) A couple days ago they wrote a post about some of the teenagers that need our help. There are four graduated teenage boys that really need winter coats and shoes. Currently the BOM has a ChipIn on the side of their blog so that people can donate. The money raised will being going towards buying winter things for the boys. They wrote this on their blog:

"But now I want to ask you to pray diligent for these lovely teenagers and about their needs. These boys at all have NO winter clothes, footwear, socks, caps, a scarf and all the rest. Do you know that those clothes that on them, everything what they have it and wear every day? Some of children have even NO sweaters.Oh, my! And those sweaters that they wear, they borrowed at the friends... Their footwear is very worn and in holes. :("

                                                       Here are some pictures of them..
                                                           ^Dima^ Vitya^ Zhenya^

They need to raise $825 in order to get the things they will need. Right now they're at $545 which is pretty close!  I can't imagine being in the boys place.. They're sixteen years old, which is only a year older than me.. They really need your help and prayers! I really hope that they raise the money that they need. PLEASE pray, share and if you can donate!

Also you should really follow/read their blog! :) Just click "Bible Orphan Ministry" above.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Orphan Of The Day #4

Hey Hey guys!  It's Alyssa here, Kaitlyn wasn't able to do the "Orphan Of The Day" post so I told her I would do it!  The two cuties that I have to show you guys today are two kids that have the best smiles!

 I would like you to meet Anna, she has the best smile!  I'm VERY shocked that she STILL doesn't have a family! :)  Could Anna be your daughter?

Girl, born June 2002
Eyes: Green
Hair: blond
Character: sociable, emotional
Anna is a sweet 10 year old girl who is waiting for a forever family.  We are hoping for more pics and medical info, but she seems as though she was either burned in a fire or some other accident.

Now for out little boy of the day I have Theodore :) Look at his contagious smile! 
Boy, born May 2000
Diagnosis: congenital anomaly of brain development in form of microcephaly with severe lag in development of psychological, speech and motor development, myopathic syndrome

Additional medical information and social history available for potential families. Families must be home study approved to commit to Tyson.

So here are your Orphans Of The Day!  Lets hope I did this right!  Kaitlyn will be back soon to do this for you guys! :)  It was a pleasure to jump in and help out!