Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chosen Child | Kimberley

"Though she be but little, she is fierce." -Shakespeare 

That is the quote that popped into my head this morning, when I chose Kimberley as my Chosen Child.  I was researching Latin America recently, and came to find that Spanish is their national language.  I spend a significant amount of time in Hermosillo,  Mexico, and am in the process of learning Spanish.  So the idea, that in theory I would be able to communicate with the kiddos in Latin America, excited my heart, and lit a fire that I hope will grow. ;)   

Kimberley.  She is such a sweet *little* girl, but is much older than she looks to be.  Kimberley is 7 years old, although she looks to be about 3 in her picture. (It may be an older photo.)  Kimberley, has been on my heart recently, for more reasons than one,  but one of the biggest reasons being she reminds me of another "Kimberley" who lives in an orphanage in Mexico.   Sweet as can be, both of them. 

Kimberley, was born with Down syndrome, and as I stated above she is 7 years old.  She was also diagnosed with a heart condition (Congenital Heart Disease), Hypothyroidism, and mental delays.  Her orphanage describes her as a sociable, smiling, loving, quiet girl, who loves to be around other people. :)  She enjoys eating *pretty* food, (foods that are bright colors?) so they give her vegetables, eggs, and iron.  However they still give her a vitamin, and avoid foods with lactose. 

Her communication is mostly through noises, cries, and gestures, which is normal for a child with Down syndrome.  Children born with Down syndrome, have lower muscle tone, and need speech therapy to help with communicating through words.  Sign language would give Kimberley, a huge advantage, and probably relieve some frustration. :)  

She participates in group activities, and plays well with other kiddos. :)  She is weary of strangers, but adjust quickly to their presence.   Kimberley, sounds like a beautiful little girl, who just needs someone to believe in her, and help her reach her FULL potential!   She would bring such joy to any family, and would make a fabulous daughter!   It breaks my heart that she is still waiting, and I hope that a family will see her potential and step up to love her.    Kimberley, needs you.  She needs a mama, she needs a papa, a sissy, and a bubba too.   Will you share sweet Kimberley today?  Will you help her family find her? 

With Love, 

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