Monday, November 26, 2012

Her Name Is Zoey.

Zoey is 6 years old and weighs less then 10 pounds.  Zoey is dying, wasting away, in a place where she is very unwanted, and unloved.  Zoey needs hope, Zoey needs a voice, but most of all Zoey needs a family.  She needs to be loved, wanted, and cherished.  "I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love." - Mother Teresa.  Someone needs to choose to love Zoey, till there is no more hurt in Zoey's life.  Someone needs to choose to make Zoey, their daughter.  Someone needs to choose to rescue Zoey.  She needs out.  She cannot live this way much longer.  This is the only photo of Zoey, that I have.  She looks sad, sick, and like she has given up all hope that someone will ever choose her.   10 pounds at 6 years old, and only getting worse.  Will someone step up and save Zoey?

You can visit this link --> to learn more about Zoey. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

News On Archie.

I have written and erased this post about 4 times.  I'm not sure how to word it and quite honestly I DO NOT want to be typing this post.  I wish this wasn't real, and I wish I could take it away.  But I can't it's staring me in the face, and is consuming my everything thought.  Archie has been transferred.   Those words are the words that I absolutely despise.  I hate them.  They are the words that now haunt my mind.  At 4 years old, Archie is facing something that is worse then any of us will most likely ever go through.  I'm not sure how bad the institution is that he has been sent to, but I have never heard of there being a "Good" institution.  I would like to get my hopes up and hope for the best but I can't.  I seen pictures, read posts, seen the condition of the kids whom live there.  Saying it's bad is an understatement.  Archie needs out NOW.   We have to shout louder then before for Archie.    Share this post, share Archie, donate to his account, find his family.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giving A Gift: Novella's Chance


Hello there everyone!  So remember the giveaway I mentioned in last nights post?  Well as the end of this post you will be able to see the items up for grabs!   Remember that we have to raise a total of $2,000 for these girls.  $1,000 for each of them.  In the history of Rainbow Of Hope the largest amount of money that we have raised is $1,360 for the Herrington family.  Can we break that record and make it $2,000?  Lets hope so!

Anywho, here is how it will work.  You will enter the giveaway to win one of the items that are up for grabs, and then in a month (So the 1st of December) we will draw the winner, using  The more entrees you buy the better chance you have at winning the prize you want! I will post the entree prices bellow! If you win a prize and you don't want it feel free to not take it.  We will keep it and re-use it in the next giveaway! :)  Feel free to donate just to help us reach our goal (You can do that HERE or HERE)!  You can donate whenever you feel led to!  There will be a Chip-in on the Right side of the blog, where you will donate to buy entrees!  :)

The entree prices are {$5-1 entry} {$10-5} {$20-10}

On a side note before I list the prizes for you guys, you all should know that if you donate to THIS link or THIS link, and you make the donation $35 dollars or more you can request a Christmas ornament and it will have Tabitha's picture on it if you use THIS link or Novella's picture if you use THIS link! :)  !!NOTE: DONATING TO THOSE LINKS WILL NOT BUY YOU ENTREES TO THE GIVEAWAY!!

Now that I am done rambling, here are the prizes for this giveaway!  We will hopefully be adding more to this! :)

                       Two lovely handmade totes by our wonderful follower, Debbie Schreiber

Teen/Adult size headband.

Dawn Santoro, donated a homemade sugar scrub!  Thank you Mrs.Santoro! :) 

$25 dollar gift certificate for Tastefully Simple, donated by The Butler family! :)  Thank you Uncle Grady & Aunt Christa! 

Air Plant City, donated these 2 wonderful gingerbread plant holders! :)  Enter to win one of them! 

A wonderful knitted hat! (Winner gets to choose the size.) 

Another wonderful knitted hat donate by Stephanie W. :)  (Winner chooses the size.) 

A brand new Relic Watch also donated by Stephanie W. :) 

Let the "Give A Gift" giveaway Begin!! :)