Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Darling Kayla

It's not my turn to post about a Chosen Child of the Day today (it's Kaitlyn's...scroll down to read about beautiful Posey), but I just have to put my new little girl in the spotlight for a moment. 

I can't get over how beautiful this child is. Little button nose, GORGEOUS smile, and bright eyes.
I don't want to see her fade away. Can't you just see this little one wheeling into her second-grade classroom with a big smile and pigtails? I sure can.

My sweet girlie can't walk, but boy can she smile! I mean, really? Can you even believe how beautiful her grin is? Who wouldn't want that ray of sunshine in their Christmas Card every year? I know I would. If I was old enough to adopt, this little one would be mine. I honestly would've committed this morning. Seriously! I can't articulate how much I love this little lady. I would honestly sell everything I own to let her be my sister, or my daughter. Problem is, I'm only 10 years older than her. Exactly ten years, actually...we're both August babies. :)

Y'all know I love Helen. And I still do...I *always* will. I've just "met" this other little cutie, and now my love is magnified. Not split, not halved...doubled. Please, help me find my little girl her home? She needs a Mama. And...I'm desperate to meet my darling little Kayla. :)


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