Monday, April 2, 2012

Waiting For A Light..

Hey, Kaitlyn here!  I'm going to make it a goal to get better at sharing Reece's Rainbow orphans & many others.  I've been lazy about updating some blogs.  I really need to change that.  I want to promise that I'll make a "waiting children" list/post everyday but being a sophomore in high school & the oldest of 14 children in the family my life can be a tad bit busy. :)  Not complaining though.  Instead I'll make a small goal of trying to make a "waiting children" list/post at the least ONCE a week! :)  

Waiting Children these children I'm showing you today are located in Russia Region 02.  


First precious little cutie I'd like to share with you would be Yana!  My friend (And fellow 4Girls4Christ team member) Alyssa is little Yana's Prayer Warrior.   Yana reminds me SO much of my baby sister, Olivia.
Which makes her even more special to me.  Yana was listen on "My Family Found Me" page not very long ago.  We were heartbroken to find she was re-listed.  Her family must have not made it through to adopting/committing to her. :( 

Yana was born May 2011 & sadly a little less than a year later she's still, never felt true love before in her life.    

Yana has Down syndrome but is healthy!!!  She's so adorable how could you not help her out? :)   Please help Alyssa pray for Yana.  Of course the rest of us 3 girls will be praying too.  

To veiw her Yana's Reece's Rainbow profile Click Here!


Meet Andrew!  He has stunning blue eyes!!  And a precious glowing face, just waiting for a mother to come kiss his rose red cheek!  Andrew reminds me of my little 2 year old brother, Caleb but shares the name with my baby brother, Andrew. ;)  (I know, each child will remind me of one of my siblings often..)

Andrew was born, September 2007
That means he's 4 & turning 5 this year.  That means he'll be facing the Adult Institution this year or sooner!! :(
That's HORRIBLE!!  

Andrew has a grant of $2,185!  That's an awesome start! And we know plenty of people that would be willing to help raise money for a family wanting to commit to adopting him.

To view Andrew's Reece's Rainbow profile CLICK HERE


Oh little Tristan!  How I love this little one so much!  My "little" sister, Kristen (14) is Tristan's Prayer Warrior. She loves this child to death, along with Cain her other little boy. :)
She's so committed to praying for this little one, I can't tell you how much she hopes he or Cain is adopted soon!  Both have waited so long.  Desiring that love they've never felt.

Tristan  was born May 2009 is still waiting for his family!!

Could anyone save him, Yana & Andrew?!

I beg you to pray for this little guy & share this post so people can read about him.  Possibly his forever family will find him through you sharing about him!  Wouldn't that be wonderful?!
To view Tristan's Reece's Rainbow profile CLICK HERE!

All of theses little angels & many more can be found on in the RUSSIA REGION 02.
Take a few minutes to view all the many many waiting children, longing for a family to love them & commit to adopting them.  

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  1. Just wrote Reece's Rainbow about Yana--please pray for our family that God's will be clear!!!

    1. @Diplofam, do you all plan on adopting her? -Kaitlyn

    2. Would love to-look at those eyes :) trying to get our ducks in a row and wait for God's hand to lead us to her!

  2. Oh goodness Diplofam! Your comment just made my week! I am praying so hard that you guys are able to save this sweet girl! -Alyssa


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