Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Night Fan Party- COME JOIN!

Hey hey!!  Kaitlyn here!  So if you are an older follower of us you probably remember my "Friday Night Fan Parties" or something like that.   Well, I'm holding another one tonight on both our Facebook page & blog!

What this is exactly is that we will post a photo on our Facebook page & request everyone "Shares" or "Repost" it!  

The goal here is to reach a certain amount of "Likes" or "Followers" by midnight.  If we reach the goal we will giveaway a prize that will be announced Saturday (Or late tonight, depending on how we do)  !!!!

We currently have 31 BLOG FOLLOWERS on here!   Can we get more tonight?  "Share" & ask people to "Like"  You might even win a prize! :)

Facebook Fan Night

Go on to our Facebook, here, & repost or share this photo  to the right.  (The photo will already be posted on our page, don't use this one on..just go find it on our page, please.)

Our goal is to reach 1,700 "LIKES" by midnight.
The reason why is to raise Down syndrome awareness & orphans with DS awareness.  

As you might already know that we are holding a giveaway on THIS blog & another wonderful family on another blog.  This will help us raise money for their adoptions.  So PLEASE share this! :)

When we reach 1,700 "LIKES" we will giveaway the prize to ONE facebook fan!!!!  Stay tuned & SHARE THE FACEBOOK PHOTO!!

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  1. Good day,
    I have been checking out the pictures of these adorable children and I just want to tell you that they are all so beautiful, and so very happy. God did make them perfect, because HE never makes anyone or anything imperfect. Thank you 4 girls for sharing this site for all to read and to see.You are all so very young, but very wise. GOD BLESS YOU FOR THIS WORK AND RESPECT FOR THESE PRECIOUS CHILDREN. My name is Jo-Anne and I live in Toronto,Ontario,Canada


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