Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We Believe..

Recently our Facebook page has received a few negative & rude comments on our photo's.   There is no doubt here, that Satan is trying his hardest to break us apart &make us give up.  Call it quits!  But boy do we have news for you devil!  We ain't leaving!  We're not giving up!     No way.  It isn't even an option!

I want to kindly explain this one thing many people are finding offensive on our Facebook page, our abortion photo's that we have reposted from other pages.  

In most peoples cases they are all "anti-abortion" & that causes most people to think that we too are that way.  Please do not take the reposted photo's offensive in anyway.  We aren't out to get people who have had abortions.   And we certainly are not trying to "force" people to do as we believe.
The reason we post the "Against Abortion"  photo's is simply because the four of us know that in the Bible it says not to murder & in abortion is killing an innocent human being & no matter what anyone says that is indeed killing a human.  It is living breathing human being, that dies innocent.  With that being said it's like murdering in our eyes.
By posting the photo's we hope to encourage more people to lean towards adoption instead of abortion.  Because everyone deserves a chance to live.

All we are saying here is please, no hard feelings.  We are just supporting what we believe in.   Trust us, we aren't asking for a war here, or to start a fight, we just want to help save little babies lives.  That's all we want. :)

And I imagine that this question has crossed a few of  your minds before, when crossing our page, "Are these teenage girls using these orphans to get publicity?" or "Are they using Christ to get publicity?"  I'm so thankful that I can honestly say, no we are not doing any of the above.
Publicity is something the four of us have has absolutely no desire in.  We only have two reasons to desire publicity. 1. To spread the word & love of our heavenly Father, Jesus Christ.  2. To spread the awareness of the orphans with Down syndrome, so that children will no longer have to suffer just because God made them a little more extra special then the rest of us.

We really do hope you understand our point here.  To make more peace on our page & less negative & rudeness.  We never ever have any intention on hurting or "forcing" anyone with ANYTHING we do!  We thank you so much for reading this & we hope you agree with us & will continue to follow us in our journey to saving more innocent children of God! <3 

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