Thursday, April 5, 2012

All Girls Party- Waiting List

Kaitlyn here! :)  I was going through the ages 0-2 Down syndrome girls page, that's normal because almost every night I'm on that page. <3   They're all just so special to me!!  I really felt like writing this post, on all the many little D/S orphan babies of Reece's Rainbow.

It's an ALL GIRLS party post today! 


Meet gorgeous little Rebekah!  With piercing blue eyes! And bright pink lips!  Oh how she is still an orphan I have honestly NO CLUE!  She is too beautiful to be wasted away in a rotten old orphanage!  It's just sicking to think.  Although I can't judge though, the mother probably had no choice but to put her up for adoption.  And praise God she wasn't aborted! <3  I hope & pray that one day someone will get the chance to be blessed by this baby!  God makes NO mistakes!  He will hold baby Bekah in His arms forever.  No matter what.  

Rebekah was born January 2010 just two years old & waiting for her for her forever family to pick her up into their arms & love her forever!!  I wish I could be the proud mother of her & the lucky mama to kiss those rose red cheek! <3  

If she lived in my area I could totally see me setting up play dates for her & my one year old brother, Andrew!  They could almost be twins! :)  <3      Rebekah has $1,764  in her adoption grant.   As you might already know she has Down syndrome & a heart defect.    She needs a family BADLY!!  Please be praying for her if you are able to!  She needs them badly.

To View Rebekah's RR profile CLICK HERE


Sparkling little Ashlyn!  Another gorgeous little girl still waiting for the forever family to commit to adopting her.  Again, I have NO CLUE how dazzling Ashlyn is still an orphan!  It truly blows my mind!  Anyone would be overly BLESSED to have baby Ashlyn as their daughter! <3  She has lovely blonde hair & blue blue eyes, just stunning!  I have big feelings for her that God will find her forever family!  <3 I pray that feeling is right!  Ashlyn has a Down syndrome & a heart defect & a few other disabilities.   
Her profile states that she loves to music & sings too.  How sweet!  
She also can walk & talk!  Precious!  She's (Like all children with D/S) is what I like to call Down Right PERFECT! :)  

Ashlyn was born November 2009, almost three years old & never ever felt TRUE love before in her life!  Never been told a bedtime story, tucked in bed, kissed goodnight, never before has she felt that. 
Let's try super hard to change that!  Pray for her & SHARE this post!  It will make a difference!   

To View Ashlyn's RR profile CLICK HERE


Precious little Margaret!  She is like a little "Precious Moments" charter!  Is she not?!   :)  Another blue eyed girly!  Simply gorgeous!  My little sister Madison (13) is her Prayer Warrior & loves this little angel with all her heart!  Margaret was listed on "My Family Found Me" page a few months ago, we were SO HAPPY. Sadly she was later taken off. It turned out God had other plans for little Margaret. -Sigh- I only wish I know exactly what it was.  Margaret looks so fragile and lonesome in her picture.  It tears me, absolutely tears me apart to imagine her staying in a crib tied down all day!  With NO ONE to love her, hug her, kiss her & put a smile on that scared little face.  If you know someone looking into adoption I hope you will suggest Margaret to them.  She needs a family so badly!  I'm so afraid of what could happen to really scares me.  I know God has her in His perfect arms & will protect her, but still I guess I'm only human so I worry.  I wish I could do more for her then this post & maybe I will in the future, Lord willing! :)   Please pray for Margaret!  And 'share' this post!  It will help!!   She has $1,414 in her grant.  And was born in 2011. So little to be so alone. </3   Again I beg for prayers for her & the others. 


 Meet Dottie!  How could you not fall in love with that face???  I know I've already fallen for it! <3  She was listed to Reece's Rainbow not too long ago, but I was sure she would have been swooped up in no time.  But a few months later..she still waits for the family God made for her to commit to her.  

View her RR profile here HERE!!!!

It seems I've ran out of time.  Please share & pray for these girls!  I love them so much & I'm sure you probably do too after seeing their faces & hearing their stories.


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