Thursday, April 26, 2012

Down Right Perfect Project: This Ones For the Orphans!

If you've been on our Facebook Page recently you've probably noticed how big our "Down Right Perfect" album has gotten, & I personally am THRILLED about it, to say the least.   This project is one of my dreams literally coming to life before my very eyes!  I'm spreading Down syndrome awareness faster than ever!  I'm only sixteen years old & have gotten to experience a page go from just dozens of "likes" to almost 2,000 in just months!  It's  simply incredible..that's the only way I know to put how I feel into words.   So I've gotten the spreading Down syndrome awareness part down..(for now)
But there's another desire in my heart.  It's spreading Orphan Down syndrome awareness.   Did you know there are over 147 MILLION orphans in our world today?  And yes, some of those orphans do have Down syndrome.  And in some countries the parents have no choice but to put their child with Down syndrome (and other disabilities) up for adoption.  :(  It's a sad but true thing.   My goal, my mission, the 4Girls4Christ purpose is to end this!  To find all orphans their forever families.  We all four this is what God has called us to do.  These are His children & as Christians it is our job to serve our God in this way.  I praise God & thank Him for leading me here to where I am, everyday! :)  

So my idea here is to specially make a "Down Right Perfect: Orphan" project!  That is specially for orphans with Down syndrome!   The frame style is a lot like the regular Down Right Perfect frame.  Only instead of a star on the side it's a heart on both right & left sides.  Under the saying "Down Right Perfect" is the lettering "I Am an Orphan"   Under that is the orphans name.    Everyone is welcomed to send us the photo of your little orphan & we'll make a frame for your perfect angel!    I am a Prayer Warrior for nine little orphans with Down syndrome & all have a very special place in my heart.  I call them "my" nine butterflies.  Precious in His sight...and mind!

Email the photo to:

And I will continue to make the original Down Right Perfect pictures but please don't feel offended if I don't make it or get it up right away.  I've been so busy out of my mind lately.  There is barely a moment of freedom, which is when I work on all these projects.  I'll try to get them all posted as soon as possible!  

Thanks for your support & reading!

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  1. Girls, I just found your blog through a Momys and want to say KEEP IT UP! Good work!!!!


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