Saturday, April 21, 2012

Right Now? We are Failing.

"This little girl has less than 2 wks left to find a family before her file goes back. When it goes back, we as Christians have failed. I hate to sound mean, but it is just true. We will confirm for the people at "THE BAD PLACE" that Christians in America don't want her or value these children either. It is making me sick! Please pray, share, and donate!!! Someone GO FOR HER!!! A mom who met her recently said she did visually track her, so she has some vision. She was sweet and beautiful. She smiled to show her pleasure in being held. PLEASE HELP HER GET OUT OF THE BAD PLACE!!!"- Amanda Unroe.

The little girl she is talking about was brought to my attention just last week.  She stole my heart & I now refer to her as "My little sister".  She is precious, adorable, lovable, & wants nothing more then to have a mommy to love on her.  As Amanda said, in 2 weeks Sarah's profile will go back & her chances of finding a family will be lost.  She will become bedridden & waste away in a place where she is not wanted.  She will never know love, happiness or laughter.  My heart breaks, the updated pictures of her from March are terrible.  She is crying.  Yes there are tears falling from her sweet eyes.  She is so scared...I can only imagine how she feels every moment of everyday.  We as Christians will FAIL if someone does not go & SAVE this poor girl!!  She is someones daughter, & you CANNOT just leave her there!!  She will die.  She will not survive!  PLEASE!!  It breaks a big sisters heart when your little sister is crying & you cannot do anything about it!!  Don't leave her!! VISIT HER PROFILE!! Right this very second!  Commit to adopting her!  BRING HER HOME!!


Has your heart broken into a million pieces yet?  Are you going to GO GET YOUR DAUGHTER?


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