Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We opened a SHOP not too long ago here on our blog, made JUST FOR Archie & Juliette!    We have a ton of cute jewelry items for sale, & I'm almost certain EVERYTHING is under $10!   And at the very least  80 PERCENT of the profit made will go towards Archie & Juliette's adoption funds, for their future forever families.    

We have a NEW Facebook page, dedicated to the SHOP!  Be sure to go "LIKE" FACEBOOK PAGE HERE!!

And we DO NOT have a little page link at the top of our blog, but if you look to the RIGHT side bar you will see our little "SHOP" sign there, just live the one shown above.   There you will find all our items on sale.  

Here are a couple of items on display, remember that you can have your jewelry customized exactly the way you want it, with special wording, different color or length of beads.

If you are interested in purchasing an item email us @ PrayerWarriorsOfGod@hotmail.com

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