Friday, March 30, 2012

A Chance To Bless Someone...

I am here to ask a favor of the body of Christ. Yesterday we got news about a 15 year old boy named Jonathan, who has a family coming to adopt him & give him a second chance.  Well you see just a few months ago everyone was frantically looking for a family for Jonathan because when he turned 16 he would age out of the system & be kicked out on the streets.  He would be given nothing but a few bucks & the cloths on his back.  That is when God called this family to step in & make Jonathan there son.

Now to get to my point.  This is the news that we got yesterday afternoon.

"Girls we need prayer ♥ This boy can not end up being trafficked due the World Cup .....we are under a time line a very tight time line ... it seems the World Cup Soccer is going to be in Kiev when they are supposed to be picking up Jonathan... Prices in air fair and availbity have all changed... God we know you have moved many a mountain to save this boy... we need your help.. stir the pockets of your flock so we can get this boy home safely !!! He is being adopted from the Ukraine... time is running out!!"

Startling news huh?  We knew once we got this information that we had to act.  We couldn't sit here & watch as this family is digging in there pockets, breaking piggy banks, doing any little job that they can to get the money needed for Jonathan.  But we also know that us 4 girls can't do it alone.  So with God & the help of our followers we are hoping to be able to get money donations for this family.  I am going to put up a "Chip-In" at the bottom of this post.  If you feel so lead to donate, please do.  Any amount helps.  This family needs help.  Let the hands & feet of God move.  Lets show this family how much we love & want Jonathan home.  


  1. Wow! Thank you! Sitting Here crying and amazed at the love you all have in your hearts. It is the love of God I see in you all. Thank you so much for telling Jonathan's story. Bless you!

  2. We will jump at any chance that we get to bless someone! We hope we can raise even just a little bit of money for you guys! :) -Alyssa

    1. Thank you! That means so much to us. We are going to be doing a fundraiser this week. An iPad, music therapy gift basket, $100 gift card, homemade cards and a gift certificate to Red Thread Stitches. Praying that helps bring in more donations for Jonathan!


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