Friday, April 6, 2012

Waiting Babies :)

So it's Alyssa here!  I wanted to share some sweet babies with you guys! :D  They are newly listed on Reece's Rainbow! Also some sweet babes that have been listed for a while who have been on my heart! Did I mention that they are SUPER cute? They are also in search of a momma & papa! ;)
So here they are!


Girl, Born November 2011

Sweet Susan!!   She is HEALTHY outside of her Down syndrome.

Married couples only, large families and older parents welcome, travel required.   More photos available.


Boy, Born January 2012

Gage is just a sweet pea!  So young, and needing his forever family.

From his medical records:  DS, open oval window,  hydronephrosis

Married couples only, larger families and older parents welcome, travel required.  More photos available.


Vincent DOES have siblings.  They are not available to be adopted.
The boy was born in August 2011.
Diagnosis: Down syndrome


Boy was born in April 2010
Diagnosis: Down syndrome


Date of Birth: May 2009
Gender: Female
No siblings
Nature: Calm
Down syndrome, heart condition

This little love is not feeling well lately — she's in URGENT NEED of heart surgery :(

Girl was born in September 2010

So as you can see most of these sweet babes don't have a lot of info.  This is what they are known by... :(  Just some words & a picture.  No one knows there favorite games & how much they would LOVE snuggling.  So lets change that! :D Lets find homes & living families for these sweet babies! :D


  1. It breaks my heart to see these little ones without a family. You and them are in my prayers and God does hear my prayers.

  2. Thanks for spreading the news! Praying for these angels! Praying that they are rescued SOON!

  3. THank you girls for this... i just google Elizabeth (our daughter we are in the process of adopting) and found this page! Your prayers mean everything to us! She has found her family! Keep us the God work!


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