Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bigger Mission

Hey guys, it's Kaitlyn here to write a post! :) 

 God pulled me to my mission of rescuing His children, orphans all over the world.  God has taught me so much over the past two years.  Things that I don't think would have ever even crossed my teenage brain without Him.   Things like adoption & abortion.   

I have to be honest here, just a year or so ago, adoption was something I never wanted to consider doing in my future.  Even in my early stages of creating blogs & fundraisers to bring children home to their forever families.  It was something that I didn't want to do. 
 After seeing so many results with families adopting children & seeing all the many blessings they have given a child that once had nothing,  The families that adopt are literally giving a child a life, a real life filled with blessings, smiles & so many memories!  It's a second chance!  I've learned that not only the child is blessed beyond blessed, but the family adopting is blessed even more then you could imagine!  That little piece of God's creation, becomes such a huge part of the family's life & plays such a big role.   
Those children really change the family's life almost as much as they do theirs.  :)  
God has shown me that adopting is such an amazing way to work for Him, saving one of His children.  And it's a beautiful thing to do.  Adopting a child is giving them a second chance & giving them a life worth living! Giving the love they would have never felt in an orphanage!  And with out a doubt God has opened my heart to adopting in the future.   It's now something I want to do!  :)    

Abortion.  It's been on my mind a lot lately.  I think it has something to do with holding my precious baby sister, Olivia.  She's not even two weeks old yet.  I know I've never been pregnant, & I hope not to be until I am married to my husband one day in the future, but still..I can't wrap my mind around the thought of having a child aborted.  In my eyes it's like murdering.  Killing an innocent human-being.  It's so wrong.  I realize that some young women my around my age (teenagers) feel like they have no choice.   But killing your problem won't let you lose it.   Giving your child up for adoption is indeed hard & very difficult I can only imagine.  But when you give the child up for adoption they will be getting a second chance to a good life.  Becoming everything they dream to be.  

I've recently realized that Sam, Rachel, Alyssa & I have a far bigger mission then finding orphans their forever families.  But also putting an end to abortion.   

With our new flyer project "Down Right Perfect"
we've gained awareness of our mission & page/blog in the last few days.  I hope to keep it going.  You've probably already noticed it on our Facebook page.  We're customizing photo's like the one to the left of the page.   People that have children, friends & family with Down syndrome are sending us their photo's through our Facebook page/messaging & asking us to put their love one in the slot of the little angel in blue on that flyer.  We've gotten a lot of responses from it!  Our goal here is to gain awareness of our page/mission & also show people that children/people with Down syndrome are a true blessing!  & that they all deserve a chance to live!  They are so misjudged & treated by people is unreal.   We need to put a stop to abortion & also continue to help families adopting children with or with out Down syndrome!    

I wanted to personally thank you all for supporting us in our mission!  It means more to each one of us girls then you could ever know!  You are helping us so much when you hit that "share" button on one of our many "Down Right Perfect" photo's, pages or posts!  You help save a life!  You really do.  As silly as that sounds doing something that simple does make a change towards a better world we live in!  

And if you have any questions please email us @  we're always opened to answering your questions & listening to you! 

I hope I did well on covering this topic.  I was a little nervous posting it.  Giving the fact that I'm only sixteen & people might not understand my point since I haven't "been there" in my life.  But I feel I need to speak up for what I believe in!  & would like to change.  So I hope I did just that with this post.


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  1. Kaitlyn,God certainly has put this in your heart! your words are perfect. He is using you in such a big way and I know you already know this. Never be afraid to speak your mind because of your age your an inspiration. Wishing you ladies many Blessing as you continue this journey.


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