Friday, March 2, 2012

Lilly's Birthday Bash!

Hey Hey guys!  It's Alyssa here to tell you guys about "Lilly's Birthday Bash!"  Now you are probably wondering what "Lilly's Birthday Bash!" is, well!  Let me tell you!  So I have seen this blog multiple times before & absolutely LOVE these girls hearts, for little Miss Lilly.  They crochet items & list them on their blog, when they sell them all of the money raised goes to Lilly :)  Pretty awesome huh?  I think so!  Well you see Miss Lilly had her 5th birthday sometime in Feb.  the girls don't know that exact date but they do know her birthday is in Feb.  So they decided to put together "Lilly's Birthday Bash!" to celebrate her 5th birthday! Now before I give you guys the link I want to stress the fact that this little girl has waited 5 YEARS for a family.  It is a VERY urgent need to find her a family!  VERY URGENT!  So if you know someone who is looking to adopt PLEASE share Lilly with them!  Help these girls save Lilly!