Thursday, March 1, 2012

Invitation to a Group!

Hey everyone!  Kaitlyn, here!  I've been meaning to write this post for a while now, but I'm just now finding time to actually sit down & write it out.

In May of 2011, 4Girls4Christ got started.  A group of four teenage girls, Alyssa & I were penpals, & Sam & Rachel were cousins. I was also a pen pal with Rachel.  Thanks to social media, which led us all to meet. We all had a hobby of blogging then created this little blog your on now, Rainbow of Hope, which was originally named "John 14:18" which is a Bible verse as you probably already know, "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you"- John 14:18 (NIV)   We still have John 14:18 though, like on our Facebook Page, when we tried to change it the settings were you could no longer change the name after you had over 100 "Likes".  Guess God's plan was that to be our forever page name! ;)  Sorry if I confused you in any of that.
Anyways, a few months into our blogging I "met" a friend who actually found my blog from Sam's, Caleb L.  He runs the blog I've mentioned a couple times before, Speaking for the Silent (FB page).  Great guy with a huge heart for orphans.  One day he blogged about groups of girls blogs, leading us to find the lovely ladies, Guardian Angels (FB page)!  They're an amazing group of girls that I, personally, have grown close to. :)    We also met a few other teenagers with blogs just like ours, or their families adopting.  And all of the friends knew friends who were advocating for orphans also.  After there were so many of us I asked my fellow sisters in Christ, Sam, Rachel & Alyssa, if it would be a good idea to start a Facebook Group for orphan advocating teenagers, funny thing is some of them had already had the same idea, so we were on the same page!
I didn't waste anytime getting the group started, after coming up with a name with the help of the girls, of course! :)  The  Big Brothers & Sisters Saving Little Lives with Christ group!!  And this is a warm welcoming to any God loving teenager to join!  The group currently has exactly 45 members in it, 45 orphan advocating teens that almost all have blogs!  It's amazing!  We're working hard on giving teenagers in today's age a new reputation!   We all want to be the generation that speaks for God!  That wants to be the hands & feet of our Heavenly Father!  We believe that we can change the world.  With GOD's help!  Or else we realize we wouldn't get very far with out Him, if anywhere at all.

To join the group we only have a few, but important rules, due to issues in the past.

If you believe that God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross to save us from our sins so that one day we can spend eternity with Him forever in Heaven, then you are very welcomed to join our group!  More than welcomed! :)

The ages range from preteens-young adults.   Please please let me know if you are interested in letting your son/daughter/you in joining the group!  We're always ready with opened arms for new members!

If you, your son, daughter or whoever you are wanting to join doesn't have a blog, but ones to.  (Or even adults that need help creating your own blog.)  feel free to ask me any questions at all!  I personally will help any new members to the group with anything I can for starting their very own blog, whether it be with a group of friends, like 4Girls4Christ or just your own personal advocating blog!

Email me @:  Just subject it "Group" or something, I'll know what you mean more than likely.

The group isn't just for sharing your blogs & orphan children, it's also a place where you can share your prayer requests and praises!   Everyone in the group is absolutely wonderful & so caring!  I can honestly say they'll all make anyone feel VERY welcomed!  

Just please make sure you email or facebook message our page to become a member of the group.  Or you might not get added.   We've made it a private group so that you must request before you join, that's why I'm asking that you please email or message.   Sound good?  :)

Thanks for taking time to read!  God bless you!

Contact Info:
Or Message on our NEW Facebook Page: HERE

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