Saturday, March 3, 2012

Introducing the Anderson's!

Hey everyone! I am here to write and tell you all that we have decided who our next giveaway will be for. We are super excited about it and can't wait to see how it goes. :) I'm sure you're wanting to know who the family is, so here is the next amazing family:

The Andersons!! 

- "We are the Anderson family. Keith is our wonderful, hardworking Daddy who loves God and children with a passion. Pam shares those loves while being a stay at mommy and teacher to all the little Anderson’s.   Our journey into adoption began over 13 years ago with the prayers of a little girl who very much wanted a sister, and specifically an adopted little sister. That little girl was the oldest Anderson child Kaleigh who is now in college, but absolutely adores living at home and being part of our family. Two brother’s come next; Kit is in high school and enjoys sports, driving, and reading. Kirtus is beginning middle school and loves sports just as much as his older brother. Kirtus also loves learning, and keeping us all entertained in a million different ways. Karissa is that adopted little sister that was prayed for long ago and came home in 2002. Her story is an incredible one of God’s miracles. She is God’s grace gift to us. Karissa enjoys playing, math, creating and singing. The baby Anderson is a third brother, Kas. He is a precious blessing that we cannot begin to imagine our life without. Kas is adorably precocious and a daily dose of joyous fun.

We cannot wait to bring our new family members’ home! We hope you will follow our journey and keep us in your prayers!" -

Us four girls "met" Kaleigh, the eldest kid in the Anderson family. She is one of the most amazing and sweetest person ever. We all love her so very much, and are excited to be helping them out. :) The Andersons are adopting two little girls from Ecuador, South America, little "L" and "D".  Even though "D" and "L" aren't being adopted through Reece's Rainbow, they still need your help! So that they can finally be home with their loving family. The Andersons have had many difficulties with the adoption, but they are so strong and will NOT give up! They are trusting in God to bring them their little girls home. Lets help them! Get them money and get those girls home!

 We're getting around prizes and are discussing the fundraiser. The Anderson fundraiser will begin soon after the Livvy Mae fundraiser is done. Until then please keep the Andersons in your prayers! Also be sure to go to their blog. (Click "The Andersons" at the top). Leave them a comment and tell them you're praying for them! :)

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  1. I will start praying for the Andersons!! So excited to follow along and see how you beautiful girls bless another family!


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