Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mexico Part 1!

Hey Hey guys, it's Alyssa!

As some of you may know this past 6 days ( March 16th - March 22nd)  I went on a missions trip with my youth group down to Hermosillo, Mexico.  We went down there to help put up the roof in an orphanage & pour concrete! We also did VBS in the evenings at 4 different churches!  It was a lot of fun! I got the opportunity to be a clown with 3 of my closest friends at the VBS we helped out at.  We got to make balloon animals for the kids, they loved them!  The different types of food that we got to try were all great!  I loved the food!

From Right to Left: Cj, Me (Alyssa) & Ellyn all dressed up as clowns! :)

All though getting up at 5:45am every morning was that much fun, we really weren't tired...But instead excited to know that all day we would be doing something that would show someone the love of Jesus.  Whether it was putting up a roof or pouring concrete, messing around & having fun at VBS with the kids or doing devotions, we all knew that we were making a difference in someones life.  Even though everyone there spoke a different language & most of the time we had no clue what they were saying it was still fun!  There was always that little bit of triumph when you figured out what they were saying to you or when you figured out how to play the games with the kids! 

Playing cat & mouse with the kids at our VBS!  Super fun game!

Being down there where we spoke a different language most definitely showed me that big or little young or old no matter what language you may speak. We all love & laugh in the same language!  It may not be easy but you can show someone that you care about them by your actions & your attitude!  Another thing I learned is that even though there may be that Language barrier the kids will except you anyways!  :) 

Cj balloon sword fighting with one of the little girls :)

The love that these kids show is truly amazing & inspiring!  They have an unconditional love that is so contagious. They have a love that resembles Jesus in a way that I have never seen before.  They are so selfless.  They refused to eat until us greedy-have everything we need- un-greatful Americans had eaten & were full.  The orphans were so content with playing with dirt & old tires all day long.  They wore shoes 3 sizes to big or to small.  There pants were to big & fell down when they ran. But yet they were happy & satisfied with the little bit that they had. 

Jose playing with old dirty tires.  I just love him!

In the evenings we would drive to Casa (The orphanage) & do worship with all of the orphans.  It was so powerful & you could feel Gods presents!  Something that really moved me was when I looked over & saw a few of the little kids look up at the older youth & see the older youth raising their hands. The little kids would then close their eyes & raise their hands.  It was absolutely priceless.  

Worship & devotions at Casa!

On Sunday we went to church at La Vid were we had service outside underneath an awning in the wind & cold.  I loved every single minute of it. Seeing how little these people have. Seeing where they do church every Sunday is touching. They are grateful for it & always have smiles on their faces.  not once did I hear them complain about anything. But instead be grateful for everything.  

Church service. Outside. In the cold. We loved it.

There is so much more that I could add to this post but I will make a part 2 tonight when I have more time! :)  I hope you enjoy this post! 

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