Sunday, March 4, 2012

Encouragement & Support Makes a Person Stronger

There are many keys to my success for my blogs & love for orphans.  First and most importantly would be God & His perfect planning to put me in the place I feel I should be right now in life, helping save His little children with the ways I can.  Or obviously I wouldn't be making this post, because I wouldn't be here doing this blog.  ;)  

Secondly my family!  All the way around me I have full 100% support from my amazing family God has blessed me with!    Almost every single time I share one of my blog posts or anything, my mom will share it onto her page as well!  When I mentioned that we were in need of more prizes for the "Blessing the Andersons" giveaway, my grandma freely donated a $20 gift card for us to add as a prize!  And my mom added another $5 to add to the gift card.   When I asked if it would be very easy to sew a few things to sell for Archie or use in our giveaway, my grandmother told me she was already sewing some things for the giveaway & Archie's Shop!   I'm overwhelmed with blessings!  God has given me SO much so that I can help bless others!  :) 

I woke up this morning to find that we've got a couple more prizes for the "Blessing the Anderson's" giveaway!!  By two incredible people!!  My heart is so happy for everyone supporting us!!

I have GREAT friends that always encourage me with kind words, pray for me, & really care about what I'm doing!  They NEVER put me down, NEVER!!  All of them are just amazing teens!  AMAZING!  God gave me so big of a blessing giving me them!! :) I could never thank them enough for being my brothers & sisters in Christ! :)

Then we have one amazing person giving our blog a professional face lift!  But..we're keeping that a surprise ;)  (I'll be sure to make a post about it soon)

I have three gorgeous God loving sisters in Christ, Sam, Alyssa & Rachel!!  They always have supported me, as I hope to always do the same for them.  <3  They've always got my back, and so supportive! I can't think of anyone I'd rather be in this journey then those amazing girls! :)

What I'm saying is, everyone should really give out more balcony statements! NOT basement statements!  Let's encourage others to do the thing they feel God wants them to!  Support them!  It will make yourself feel better and also them!!  With out all this encouragement & support I'm really not sure I could have gotten this far in my blogs!

  Support, someone, show them you care!  Encourage them!  PRAY for them!!   :)

God bless you all! :)

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