Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giving A Gift: Novella's Chance


Hello there everyone!  So remember the giveaway I mentioned in last nights post?  Well as the end of this post you will be able to see the items up for grabs!   Remember that we have to raise a total of $2,000 for these girls.  $1,000 for each of them.  In the history of Rainbow Of Hope the largest amount of money that we have raised is $1,360 for the Herrington family.  Can we break that record and make it $2,000?  Lets hope so!

Anywho, here is how it will work.  You will enter the giveaway to win one of the items that are up for grabs, and then in a month (So the 1st of December) we will draw the winner, using  The more entrees you buy the better chance you have at winning the prize you want! I will post the entree prices bellow! If you win a prize and you don't want it feel free to not take it.  We will keep it and re-use it in the next giveaway! :)  Feel free to donate just to help us reach our goal (You can do that HERE or HERE)!  You can donate whenever you feel led to!  There will be a Chip-in on the Right side of the blog, where you will donate to buy entrees!  :)

The entree prices are {$5-1 entry} {$10-5} {$20-10}

On a side note before I list the prizes for you guys, you all should know that if you donate to THIS link or THIS link, and you make the donation $35 dollars or more you can request a Christmas ornament and it will have Tabitha's picture on it if you use THIS link or Novella's picture if you use THIS link! :)  !!NOTE: DONATING TO THOSE LINKS WILL NOT BUY YOU ENTREES TO THE GIVEAWAY!!

Now that I am done rambling, here are the prizes for this giveaway!  We will hopefully be adding more to this! :)

                       Two lovely handmade totes by our wonderful follower, Debbie Schreiber

Teen/Adult size headband.

Dawn Santoro, donated a homemade sugar scrub!  Thank you Mrs.Santoro! :) 

$25 dollar gift certificate for Tastefully Simple, donated by The Butler family! :)  Thank you Uncle Grady & Aunt Christa! 

Air Plant City, donated these 2 wonderful gingerbread plant holders! :)  Enter to win one of them! 

A wonderful knitted hat! (Winner gets to choose the size.) 

Another wonderful knitted hat donate by Stephanie W. :)  (Winner chooses the size.) 

A brand new Relic Watch also donated by Stephanie W. :) 

Let the "Give A Gift" giveaway Begin!! :) 

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