Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Love So Delicate

Here is a post that I wrote in October, of 2011.  It's a post in honor of this sweet boy.  Dakota.  Fly high sweet boy. <3

"Recently since losing my little sister 3 days before her due date, I have come to realize what love is and how delicate it is. Love is something delicate that everyone should know. To everyone should love be shown. Addison Ruth Goodhue, such a delicate yet so lifeless little girl. She was still born on September 26th 2011. She had 8 older brothers and 1 older sister and 2 amazing parents awaiting her arrival, she most certainly arrived. But not in the way we had planned. She went to be with Jesus. Many tears have been cried and are still being cried. She was most certainly loved, all though we had never met her and never knew what her personality was like, all though we will never know what color eyes she would have, what shade of brown her hair would be, what her favorite color or animal would be. We can be assured that she is in a wonderful place where she can rejoice and praise God non-stop! Days upon days, Hours upon Hours, Minute after Minute. To be honest…I am Jealous that my little sister got to meet God before all of her siblings! The youngest but yet the won winning the race! So many people…Had never met her, but yet had a love so big and strong for someone who never got to feel a hug or a kiss goodnight. All of this has opened my eyes. There are so many children who are alive and living, that don’t feel that love but instead feel neglect and hate. They may never feel love, hugs, or kisses. They will never feel a love so delicate. They sit and waste away their precious lives in cribs. When they could be out running ,laughing ,jumping, and playing. Swinging on swings and Making friends! It breaks my heart to know that the kids in orphanages have never even seen the stars! The stars are on my “Top 10” list of favorites! There was a little boy named Dakota, a 7 year old boy…who passed away over a year ago ,just recently we found out about him passing. A life that slipped away so quietly…No one cared about this precious life. A sweet boy, his life wasted…so wasted. It angers me greatly to know that his life was spent in a horrible place without any love. How could anyone do that to a child? Tell me that. There are so many kids with Down syndrome that pass and are never missed. They are the forgotten children of this world. They are perfect and deserve love. So what they may be different. But aren’t we all different? In one way or another. We most certainly are different. But because the world is so warped, children who learn slower, have almond shaped eyes, wider spaces between there fingers and toes get their lives deemed unworthy of life.   If anything someone who could treat a child like that and not be bothered by it...Their life should be deemed as unworthy to be lived.  This is the blunt truth.  It breaks my heart to know that sweet Dakota had to wait 7 years to feel love...7 years.   He endured pain and suffering everyday for 7 years...Because he was "different".  Because God put a little more time into making him special.   Because Dakota was unique in a way that no one else can ever be.   A precious life on earth that just slipped away with out a sound.  Tears were cried over a little boy whom many had never met.  Better yet teens who cared so much about him that we were devistated that he passed.  Anjelica to be specific.  She had been blogging and advocating for Dakota...For months and months.  Trying to find a home for a precious boy who gained his angel wings and flew to Jesus a year ago.  Doesn't that just give you a heavy heart?  I know it does to me.  She cared so much but yet didn't find out that he already had his family and was HOME, until almost exactly a year after his passing.  It's such a horrible thought.  Thinking about it puts me in tears.   I don't understand the world.  I don't understand God's reasoning for this but yet...Will I ever?  I do know that God is calling all of us followers of Christ to join together and fix the injustice's in this world.  "


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