Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bible Orphan Ministry

Once again, I'd like to talk about the Bible Orphan Ministry (BOM). (If you don't know what they Bible Orphan Ministry is, they're a ministry located in the Ukraine that go to orphanages and help care for/play with the children, and teach them about Jesus! :) They are simply amazing. <3) A couple days ago they wrote a post about some of the teenagers that need our help. There are four graduated teenage boys that really need winter coats and shoes. Currently the BOM has a ChipIn on the side of their blog so that people can donate. The money raised will being going towards buying winter things for the boys. They wrote this on their blog:

"But now I want to ask you to pray diligent for these lovely teenagers and about their needs. These boys at all have NO winter clothes, footwear, socks, caps, a scarf and all the rest. Do you know that those clothes that on them, everything what they have it and wear every day? Some of children have even NO sweaters.Oh, my! And those sweaters that they wear, they borrowed at the friends... Their footwear is very worn and in holes. :("

                                                       Here are some pictures of them..
                                                           ^Dima^ Vitya^ Zhenya^

They need to raise $825 in order to get the things they will need. Right now they're at $545 which is pretty close!  I can't imagine being in the boys place.. They're sixteen years old, which is only a year older than me.. They really need your help and prayers! I really hope that they raise the money that they need. PLEASE pray, share and if you can donate!

Also you should really follow/read their blog! :) Just click "Bible Orphan Ministry" above.

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  1. Thanks a lot, girls, for spreading of the word about needs of these guys! We so appreciate.You are simply awesome! Your efforts aren't fruitless. We are very close to the end. Right now we are at $625! God so good! :)
    God bless you!


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