Saturday, December 29, 2012

Waiting Babes - SAVANNAH

So I know we have been quite bad at the 'Waiting Children' posts, but I'm in a blogging mood (As I always am :P) and have nothing better to do!  

Today I stumbled across this sweet, sweet, girl.  Her name is Savannah, she is 8 year old and was born with Congenital malformation of the nervous system, spina bifida (Lumbosacral), condition after liquor-shunting (Spinal Fluid shunts); and flail legs.   But don't let her diagnosis scare you away, and can assure you with the love of a wonderful family, Savannah can accomplish anything she sets her mind too.

It was very hard for me to picture Savannah as an 8 year old, because she is SO TINY.  She most certainly does not look like an 8 year old, because of how malnourished she is.  So without further adieu, meet SAVANNAH.

Precious right? I think so too. ;)  She seems to still have a slight sparkle in her eye, which to me says she hasn't given up hope.  Hope that someone will see her and say "That is my little girl!" :)  So show Savannah the meaning of love! :)

To visit her profile, you can either click her name above, or you can go to and type her name into the search bar. :)

Have a wonderful evening all!

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