Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayer Request For CT Families Involved in Shooting

Today on Friday, December 14 2012, 26 people were killed in a shooting in the state of CT.  I know little about this, because the case is fresh and no one knows 100 percent the truth from the false and I was gone all day relying on only the radio in the car for information.   But there is one thing I am sure of, and I know everyone else is too.  26 lives were taken and 26 families will never be the same.

This shooting was help in an elementary school in CT.  And I doubt I'm the only one that is absolutely BLOWN away by this!  20 children, mostly kids around the age of 5 (At least that's what I heard.) were shot and killed.  And 20 beds are empty tonight, 20 bed time stories went unread, 20 Christmas tree's most likely filled with present will go unwrapped on Christmas day.  This is more heartbreaking and painful for the parents and families of these children than I could even bare to imagine!  What they are going through is a true real living nightmare!

There is only one true thing that can truly, truly comfort them in the middle of all this terrible madness, and that "thing" is no thing at all it would be the one true GOD.  Like I heard a man on my local Christian radio say today about this story.  "The only thing we can do for them is pray"  And he couldn't be more right!  That is really all we can do, and right now that is what those poor families need more than ever, is God!  They need his love and comfort!  Pray that God will wrap His blanket of comfort over them and wash them with His precious peace.  I know it will be hard, and very difficult for them, but God's got this in His hands.  Just like I know He holds 20 beautiful angels in His never failing arms tonight.

Thank you for taking time to read this prayer request message.  Please please please pray, and please share this everywhere. We need to give those families more prayer than ever before!

God bless you!

-Kaitlyn & Alyssa

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