Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Love Can Do

Tonight Alyssa and I (Kaitlyn) were talking together through Skype.  Since she lives on the west coast and me on the east coast, besides Facebook and text, the only way we can communicate is through Skype.  And we were talking about how God has changed the way we look at His precious children.  I was telling her how I use to have a hard time with children that had different psychical features, like no nose or eyes, or something like that. And she explained to me how she did too at one time. We were afraid that if we shared orphan children like that on our Facebook pages our friends, followers or fans we be scared of it and run away from us and not listen to the real reason we were posting them.  As for myself I noticed that in me I would only chose to become a prayer warrior for a child with Down syndrome that not just I adored and thought was incredibly cute, but one I knew everyone else would think the same to too.  I noticed that in myself and wanted to make it change, I wanted a challenge.  I wanted God to give me a love for a special child that most in the world would run away from, laugh at, or just ignore and pretend they didn't even exist. I wanted God to let me see a child through His eyes, and not with the eyes of the world.
And He certainly blessed me with that when I fell in love with little bitty Lina, whom you might already be familiar with through my personal blog, Saving A Little Life with The Love of Jesus Christ.  And just recently another little boy named, Arlen.  He and she both are gorgeous little angels that I've completely fallen in love with! 
It kills me to see them dying, literally dying in a rotten old orphanage located somewhere in eastern Europe.   Like Alyssa and I were discussing, that so many of their outward, physical appearances could be fixed here in America with the help of surgery and lots of LOVE and CARE from a family.  Even some of the little kids whom are so tiny frail, and that have lost that sparkle in their eyes could make a Miraculous recovery, and you would never know they were an orphan!   

And if you think we're telling you fibs just take a look here at the living breathing proof!

Fransesca & Victoria's before and after pictures.  June 2011, they were officially adopted, and were headed to the states.  June 2012 they have been in a loving family for a year.  Look what love can do. <3 

Gergana was adopted from Bulgaria, a year ago by the Rist family.  Gergana's improvement has been amazing to watch, through Joanna's blog updates!You can read more about Gergana, as well as older child adoption at Joanna's blog: :)

Keith, is 5 years old.  When Keith was adopted he weighed in at 10 pounds.  Here are before and after photos of Keith.  He was skin and bones, but now with the love of an amazing family he is the happiest, little chubby boy, in the world. :)

Sophia, has been HOME with her new forever FAMILY, for just a few weeks.  But you can already see the transformation.  Sophia, has a sparkle in her eyes again all because a family chose to love her. <3

Seth, is an adorable little boy. His before and after pictures are truly amazing.  He went from skin and bones to a regular sweet boy all because of LOVE.

Do you see now?  Do you see that THESE photos are evidence of what LOVE can do! :)  This is what happens when a child is CHOSEN! :)  I have never adopted but I know for a fact that it is extremely tiring, and difficult, but I always hear moms say "It was hard, but the end result was worth it."  These kids are the WONDERFUL reward, prize, golden medal at the end of the paper work, and traveling, and heart break!  There are many kids on Reece's Rainbow whom are waiting for forever families!  Consider adopting a child with special needs. :)  If you aren't in a place to adopt then, pick a child and pray for them daily!  I can assure you it will be worth it!

We hope that these photos have shown you what the power of TRUE love can do! :)

Kaitlyn & Alyssa

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