Thursday, December 27, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

"MOSCOW—President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he intends to sign into law a bill that would ban Americans from adopting Russian children, despite waves of criticism of the plan at home and in the U.S.
On Wednesday, the upper house of parliament unanimously approved the draft adoption ban, a retaliation against U.S. legislation enacted earlier this month that aims to punish alleged Russian human-rights violators." - Wall Street Journal 

Yes, the presedent of Moscow Vladimir Putin is planning to pass a law, and ban Americans from adopting the orphans in Russia.  I Alyssa Goodhue, am here writing this post to try and change his mind.  

I totally understand, getting a bit more defensive, because of the 19 children whom were adopted from Russia, that passed away while in the care of an American family in the past 20 years.  I would feel the same way if children from my country where being adopted by a family in another country, and ended up passing away.  But at the same time, I would be sure that the orphanages I kept the children at were in good condition.  I'm not trying to jump down anyones throat or say that they don't know what they are doing.  But it just isn't right, when at 4 years of age a child is sent to an adult mental institute.  When they are put in those institutes they will be very badly mistreated.  If this ban passes?  There will be MANY more deaths of sweet kids, but this time?  It will be in the hands of the Russians.  A very large number of orphans die daily at the hands of the Russians, but not just in Russia, but also other countries as well.  Which is why international adoption is so important and crucial for these kids. 

There is a VERY large number of Americans, that have opened their hearts, homes, and arms for these kids.  They are more then willing to go through the long, tiring process to bring these sweet ones HOME.  They are ready to show this kids what it means to LOVE.  

There are 147 Million orphans in this world, 120,000 of those orphans are listed in the Russian, adoption  database.  There are only 18,470 Russian families whom are ready to adopt those kids.  Which leaves, 101,530 kids as orphans, without love, a family, or anything to call their own.  Imagine the outcome of combining the number of families in Russia, and America whom are ready to adopt.  That number of orphans would decrease imensely! 

But something else I wanted to point out is, there are 120,000 orphans in Russia because families in Russia decided that they couldn't care for these kids, or they simply didn't want them because of a Special need such as Down syndrome, Cerbral Palsy, blind, limb indifferences, FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), Aperts Syndrome, Epilepsy, and many more.   If these kids were given up by Russian families then they most likely wont be adopted by Russian families.   

I understand you are upset about the U.S. legislation enacted earlier this month, but could you please choose another way to retaliate that doesn't include harming these wonderful children anymore then they already have been?   

With all do respect Mr.Putin (If you happen to read this.) we as Americans have an IMMENSE love for these kids, we want nothing more then to show these kids what it means to be loved.  In the past 5 years, HUNDREDS of orphans with Special needs have been shown love and been given a family, all thanks to Reece's Rainbow

I hope and pray that you will reconsider your desicion, and not sign that law.  It wont do anyone any good.  Again, I know you're upset but could you take your frusteration out on someone else, maybe someone that can atually speak for themselves.  These kids are defenseless, and it's wrong in SO many ways that you would choose to affect these BABIES, because your angry. 

Alyssa D. Goodhue

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