Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One Journey Ends, but It's Just the Beginning of Another

 For close to 2 years now this blog has been known as "John 14:18" (for the first months) and later on "Rainbow of Hope" but something that seemed everyone remembered best was "4Girls4Christ".  

A group of 4 girls who wanted their love and passion for Jesus Christ to be shown to the world.  With all of them sharing the same love for orphans oversea in eastern Europe they decided to start this blog and little non-profit organization.

Through the blog they shared many children's faces whom were in need of forever families, and held many fundraisers to help families on their journey to adopting children with that special something Down syndrome.

The girls joined Facebook and successfully reached out to over a million people, and gained nearly 6.000 followers.

Through the ups and the downs the four stood together for almost two years, they remained a team, until now on the date of 12/12/12 the four felt it was best for them all if they go their separate ways.

Sam and Rachel left decided to part from Rainbow of Hope - 4Girls4Christ and go their own ways, Alyssa and Kaitlyn will take on Rainbow of Hope as a team of two.  There are no hard feelings with this decision being made.  The four will continue be friends. Alyssa and Kaitlyn give their best wishes and will be praying for Sam and Rachel in whatever the Lord leads them to do.

"We hope that our amazing followers of 4Girls4Christ will continue to follow Alyssa and I as we start this new journey together!  We'll miss being a foursome but we're also excited to see what God has in store for us and the blog.  Also the people we will be blessing through it all.  Though it seems that the journey as 4Girls4Christ is ending, another is just beginning for both Alyssa and I and Rachel and Sam. We'll update you on all the information that they give us on their next journey!

The blog will remain as Rainbow of Hope but will be redesigned and have a new meaning and mission, we're not only going to try to reach out to orphans with Down syndrome in eastern Europe but we will be combining all of our passions in one big happy blog, such as helping people in Africa, giving advice to young people and encouraging others to be a changing generation, and more!  We're very excited and hope you will come along with us for the new journey!

Thank you everyone for being so incredible and helping us reach our goals and beyond what we as a team ever imagined we could do!  We thank God most of all, but also our outstanding support from everyone all around Rainbow of Hope!   Thank you for everything!" - Kaitlyn 

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  1. While I try to smile, a part of me is sad to see four beautiful ladies separate. You all do such wonderful things for those who need it the most. Please keep up the good work, no matter where you go. So many beautiful angels need the beautiful angels in you! God Bless you!

    1. Thank you, Anonymous for this comment and supporting all four of us! We hope you will stay around to read more of our new posts and help us bless others! God bless you! <3 -Kaitlyn


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