Friday, March 30, 2012

A Chance To Bless Someone...

I am here to ask a favor of the body of Christ. Yesterday we got news about a 15 year old boy named Jonathan, who has a family coming to adopt him & give him a second chance.  Well you see just a few months ago everyone was frantically looking for a family for Jonathan because when he turned 16 he would age out of the system & be kicked out on the streets.  He would be given nothing but a few bucks & the cloths on his back.  That is when God called this family to step in & make Jonathan there son.

Now to get to my point.  This is the news that we got yesterday afternoon.

"Girls we need prayer ♥ This boy can not end up being trafficked due the World Cup .....we are under a time line a very tight time line ... it seems the World Cup Soccer is going to be in Kiev when they are supposed to be picking up Jonathan... Prices in air fair and availbity have all changed... God we know you have moved many a mountain to save this boy... we need your help.. stir the pockets of your flock so we can get this boy home safely !!! He is being adopted from the Ukraine... time is running out!!"

Startling news huh?  We knew once we got this information that we had to act.  We couldn't sit here & watch as this family is digging in there pockets, breaking piggy banks, doing any little job that they can to get the money needed for Jonathan.  But we also know that us 4 girls can't do it alone.  So with God & the help of our followers we are hoping to be able to get money donations for this family.  I am going to put up a "Chip-In" at the bottom of this post.  If you feel so lead to donate, please do.  Any amount helps.  This family needs help.  Let the hands & feet of God move.  Lets show this family how much we love & want Jonathan home.  

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bigger Mission

Hey guys, it's Kaitlyn here to write a post! :) 

 God pulled me to my mission of rescuing His children, orphans all over the world.  God has taught me so much over the past two years.  Things that I don't think would have ever even crossed my teenage brain without Him.   Things like adoption & abortion.   

I have to be honest here, just a year or so ago, adoption was something I never wanted to consider doing in my future.  Even in my early stages of creating blogs & fundraisers to bring children home to their forever families.  It was something that I didn't want to do. 
 After seeing so many results with families adopting children & seeing all the many blessings they have given a child that once had nothing,  The families that adopt are literally giving a child a life, a real life filled with blessings, smiles & so many memories!  It's a second chance!  I've learned that not only the child is blessed beyond blessed, but the family adopting is blessed even more then you could imagine!  That little piece of God's creation, becomes such a huge part of the family's life & plays such a big role.   
Those children really change the family's life almost as much as they do theirs.  :)  
God has shown me that adopting is such an amazing way to work for Him, saving one of His children.  And it's a beautiful thing to do.  Adopting a child is giving them a second chance & giving them a life worth living! Giving the love they would have never felt in an orphanage!  And with out a doubt God has opened my heart to adopting in the future.   It's now something I want to do!  :)    

Abortion.  It's been on my mind a lot lately.  I think it has something to do with holding my precious baby sister, Olivia.  She's not even two weeks old yet.  I know I've never been pregnant, & I hope not to be until I am married to my husband one day in the future, but still..I can't wrap my mind around the thought of having a child aborted.  In my eyes it's like murdering.  Killing an innocent human-being.  It's so wrong.  I realize that some young women my around my age (teenagers) feel like they have no choice.   But killing your problem won't let you lose it.   Giving your child up for adoption is indeed hard & very difficult I can only imagine.  But when you give the child up for adoption they will be getting a second chance to a good life.  Becoming everything they dream to be.  

I've recently realized that Sam, Rachel, Alyssa & I have a far bigger mission then finding orphans their forever families.  But also putting an end to abortion.   

With our new flyer project "Down Right Perfect"
we've gained awareness of our mission & page/blog in the last few days.  I hope to keep it going.  You've probably already noticed it on our Facebook page.  We're customizing photo's like the one to the left of the page.   People that have children, friends & family with Down syndrome are sending us their photo's through our Facebook page/messaging & asking us to put their love one in the slot of the little angel in blue on that flyer.  We've gotten a lot of responses from it!  Our goal here is to gain awareness of our page/mission & also show people that children/people with Down syndrome are a true blessing!  & that they all deserve a chance to live!  They are so misjudged & treated by people is unreal.   We need to put a stop to abortion & also continue to help families adopting children with or with out Down syndrome!    

I wanted to personally thank you all for supporting us in our mission!  It means more to each one of us girls then you could ever know!  You are helping us so much when you hit that "share" button on one of our many "Down Right Perfect" photo's, pages or posts!  You help save a life!  You really do.  As silly as that sounds doing something that simple does make a change towards a better world we live in!  

And if you have any questions please email us @  we're always opened to answering your questions & listening to you! 

I hope I did well on covering this topic.  I was a little nervous posting it.  Giving the fact that I'm only sixteen & people might not understand my point since I haven't "been there" in my life.  But I feel I need to speak up for what I believe in!  & would like to change.  So I hope I did just that with this post.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mexico Part 1!

Hey Hey guys, it's Alyssa!

As some of you may know this past 6 days ( March 16th - March 22nd)  I went on a missions trip with my youth group down to Hermosillo, Mexico.  We went down there to help put up the roof in an orphanage & pour concrete! We also did VBS in the evenings at 4 different churches!  It was a lot of fun! I got the opportunity to be a clown with 3 of my closest friends at the VBS we helped out at.  We got to make balloon animals for the kids, they loved them!  The different types of food that we got to try were all great!  I loved the food!

From Right to Left: Cj, Me (Alyssa) & Ellyn all dressed up as clowns! :)

All though getting up at 5:45am every morning was that much fun, we really weren't tired...But instead excited to know that all day we would be doing something that would show someone the love of Jesus.  Whether it was putting up a roof or pouring concrete, messing around & having fun at VBS with the kids or doing devotions, we all knew that we were making a difference in someones life.  Even though everyone there spoke a different language & most of the time we had no clue what they were saying it was still fun!  There was always that little bit of triumph when you figured out what they were saying to you or when you figured out how to play the games with the kids! 

Playing cat & mouse with the kids at our VBS!  Super fun game!

Being down there where we spoke a different language most definitely showed me that big or little young or old no matter what language you may speak. We all love & laugh in the same language!  It may not be easy but you can show someone that you care about them by your actions & your attitude!  Another thing I learned is that even though there may be that Language barrier the kids will except you anyways!  :) 

Cj balloon sword fighting with one of the little girls :)

The love that these kids show is truly amazing & inspiring!  They have an unconditional love that is so contagious. They have a love that resembles Jesus in a way that I have never seen before.  They are so selfless.  They refused to eat until us greedy-have everything we need- un-greatful Americans had eaten & were full.  The orphans were so content with playing with dirt & old tires all day long.  They wore shoes 3 sizes to big or to small.  There pants were to big & fell down when they ran. But yet they were happy & satisfied with the little bit that they had. 

Jose playing with old dirty tires.  I just love him!

In the evenings we would drive to Casa (The orphanage) & do worship with all of the orphans.  It was so powerful & you could feel Gods presents!  Something that really moved me was when I looked over & saw a few of the little kids look up at the older youth & see the older youth raising their hands. The little kids would then close their eyes & raise their hands.  It was absolutely priceless.  

Worship & devotions at Casa!

On Sunday we went to church at La Vid were we had service outside underneath an awning in the wind & cold.  I loved every single minute of it. Seeing how little these people have. Seeing where they do church every Sunday is touching. They are grateful for it & always have smiles on their faces.  not once did I hear them complain about anything. But instead be grateful for everything.  

Church service. Outside. In the cold. We loved it.

There is so much more that I could add to this post but I will make a part 2 tonight when I have more time! :)  I hope you enjoy this post! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Anderson's Giveaway!- PRIZES!

Hello everyone!!!  The 4Girls4Christ team are excited to open our second giveaway of 2012!!  If you haven't already be sure to read our post on Introducing the Anderson family!  We're thrilled to bless this family the ways we can!    This giveaway is all about bringing the two adorable little girls home to their forever families!  Now, they don't have Down syndrome like most the children do that we help. But the Anderson's daughter, Kaleigh is one of our many good orphan advocating friends & their family could definitely use some help!  The Anderson's would be SO grateful, as well as us, if you donated in the "CHIPIN" on the right side bar.
Entree fees!
[$5-1]  [$10-5]  [$20- 10]

Meet the girls you will be helping bring home!  Feel free to share this photo! :) 

        Apricots & Honey donating,
                                  These are minky car seat strap covers, the winner can pick any two fabric. from the shop!
        Retails around $11.50 US  

                                       From Touch of Charm Jewelry, we've go a lovely necklace!

                                               JusTrust Clothing is donating, again two love items!
                                                              Long sleeved red JusTrust shirt.

Lovely wristbands 


                                            Beth Herrington: "Family" Photo Frame:

& also a $50 gift card to Ruby Dot Designs! 

                                                         Linda N: $25 Target Gift Card

                                                It's a Girl Thing  Beautiful bow! 

                                                                   Sassy Boutique  (Waiting on email)


                                                                       Jill:  Lovely Soap Bars. 

Please donate to the Anderson's giveaway!  Our goal is $600!!  

Pray!  With out God we will get no where. 

Share!  Press that little share button & share this on your page!  (Facebook, Twitter ect.)

Donate!  We realize not everyone is able to donate to the fundraiser but if you can please donate eve jus FIVE DOLLARS!  

You Don't have to adopt to make a difference...donate, share & pray! <3

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mrs. Herrington

Here are pictures of Mrs. Herrington's order.

Thank you so much for helping raise money for Archie! We can't thank you enough. <3 I hope that you will like them and that the sizes are right.

If anyone else would like to order any bracelets just go check out our Rainbow of Hope SHOP. :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

10,000 Blog Views!

After emailing MANY winners of our Livvy Mae giveaway, I come to the blog to check some things & I'm blown away to see we've reached an amazing amount of  10,000 
blog views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're super excited about that!!  Thanks for making this possible!!!!!  

We're reaching so many goals in our blogs & page!!  Praise God!! :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The winners are?!

First off before I show the winners (Yes I am going to taunt you!;)) I would like to say thank you to everyone that donated to this giveaway!  The Herrington family has been Tremendously blessed! <3  As I was reading through the little notes that were left on the Chip-In page my eyes filled with tears!  I was touched by all of the caring people out there!  I cannot wait to get our next giveaway up for the Anderson family!  Thank you guys again!  It means the world!  & now on to our winners! :)

Elizabeth Hodgson- Cotton Candy Tote Gift Card!
Xanthe Aintablian- Element Boutique Hair Clip!
Kristopher Cox- JusTrust T-shirt!
Hansina Michshl- JusTrust Sticker!
Rebecca Harris- Just Jewelry By Heather Bracelet!
Lilian Schoenhals- SImply Vintage Lovely Headband!
Angela Holden - Simply Vintage Lovely Necklaces!  
Stephanie McAlister- Jewelry4ubiz Earrings!
Crystal Pardis- Barron's Photography Boutique Necklace!
Patrick Birschbach- Mickey House Kid Dress!
Michele Hansen- Lil Cha'peu HeadBands!
Lori Vathauer- Lil Blue Boo Sewing Patterns!

Giveaway Has ENDED!

The Livvy Mae giveaway has ended now at a grand total of $1,360 so close to our goal of $2,000!  God has truly blessed us in this giveaway beyond our words could describe!!  We may not have reached our goal but this must have been God's goal to reach!  Praise the Lord!!!

The winners will be emailed & announced on our page, possibly on a blog post too!  Stay tuned!  Hope you won!

Thanks for everyone who helped us bless this family!!!  

We felt your prayers!  We saw God answer them!  <3  

We saw your shares, put smiles on so many faces!  Especially the Herringtons!

And your donations of time & money, is SO appreciated!!!

God bless you!!!  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Big Blessing & Prayer Requests.

Hello everyone!  Felt the need to update the little blog since it's been a while since we've made a post.  This is Kaitlyn. :)  

I wanted to purposely write I post of praises to God! :)  He really deserves one (WAY more than one!)

When we first began asking pages, people & friends for items for our upcoming giveaway the responses we got were pretty depressing.  I began to pray about it, I turn around and God has blessed us with many many prizes for the Anderson's adoption giveaway! :)   I can already see & feel that God is going to bless & do many great things for the family & our group!   He's already doing so many amazing things!  & shattered all my doubt, personally! :)  It's just incredible!  

Please pray that God will continue to help us bless the Anderson's through the way He blesses us!    Prayer is SO strong & very powerful!  With God anything is possible!  :)

Also keep the Herrington family adopting little miss Livvy Mae!  They're praying & hoping for their travel date to see (And possibly bring home, I'm not 100 percent sure)  little baby girl, Livvy Mae!  The family would greatly appreciate the prayers! :)

Please pray for the four of us girls to stay faithful to God & continue to serve the way He truly wants us to, & always give Him the praise!  

If you don't mind me fitting in one more prayer request for our dear Alyssa whose going away to Mexico Friday!  On a missions trip!  Pray for her safety & the children & people she'll be spending time with.   My baby sister is due for Friday, also!  If you could please pray for my mother & little sister.  Also Rachel's family is committing to  a precious two year old orphan girl!  Look on her "Meet the Members" section to read more on their adoption!  Pray for Sam too, an extra prayer is always helpful to anyone!!

The 4Girls4Christ really can't thank you enough for your time & prayers for us!  :)  Thank you!

If you've got a prayer request feel free to share it with us on our Facebook Page/message or post or E-mail us HERE.   We love to hear from you!  I coudn't even possibly even begin to stress how powerful your faith in God & prayer can be!!  We're always wanting to pray for you!  Let us know! <3

God bless you! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Encouragement & Support Makes a Person Stronger

There are many keys to my success for my blogs & love for orphans.  First and most importantly would be God & His perfect planning to put me in the place I feel I should be right now in life, helping save His little children with the ways I can.  Or obviously I wouldn't be making this post, because I wouldn't be here doing this blog.  ;)  

Secondly my family!  All the way around me I have full 100% support from my amazing family God has blessed me with!    Almost every single time I share one of my blog posts or anything, my mom will share it onto her page as well!  When I mentioned that we were in need of more prizes for the "Blessing the Andersons" giveaway, my grandma freely donated a $20 gift card for us to add as a prize!  And my mom added another $5 to add to the gift card.   When I asked if it would be very easy to sew a few things to sell for Archie or use in our giveaway, my grandmother told me she was already sewing some things for the giveaway & Archie's Shop!   I'm overwhelmed with blessings!  God has given me SO much so that I can help bless others!  :) 

I woke up this morning to find that we've got a couple more prizes for the "Blessing the Anderson's" giveaway!!  By two incredible people!!  My heart is so happy for everyone supporting us!!

I have GREAT friends that always encourage me with kind words, pray for me, & really care about what I'm doing!  They NEVER put me down, NEVER!!  All of them are just amazing teens!  AMAZING!  God gave me so big of a blessing giving me them!! :) I could never thank them enough for being my brothers & sisters in Christ! :)

Then we have one amazing person giving our blog a professional face lift!  But..we're keeping that a surprise ;)  (I'll be sure to make a post about it soon)

I have three gorgeous God loving sisters in Christ, Sam, Alyssa & Rachel!!  They always have supported me, as I hope to always do the same for them.  <3  They've always got my back, and so supportive! I can't think of anyone I'd rather be in this journey then those amazing girls! :)

What I'm saying is, everyone should really give out more balcony statements! NOT basement statements!  Let's encourage others to do the thing they feel God wants them to!  Support them!  It will make yourself feel better and also them!!  With out all this encouragement & support I'm really not sure I could have gotten this far in my blogs!

  Support, someone, show them you care!  Encourage them!  PRAY for them!!   :)

God bless you all! :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Introducing the Anderson's!

Hey everyone! I am here to write and tell you all that we have decided who our next giveaway will be for. We are super excited about it and can't wait to see how it goes. :) I'm sure you're wanting to know who the family is, so here is the next amazing family:

The Andersons!! 

- "We are the Anderson family. Keith is our wonderful, hardworking Daddy who loves God and children with a passion. Pam shares those loves while being a stay at mommy and teacher to all the little Anderson’s.   Our journey into adoption began over 13 years ago with the prayers of a little girl who very much wanted a sister, and specifically an adopted little sister. That little girl was the oldest Anderson child Kaleigh who is now in college, but absolutely adores living at home and being part of our family. Two brother’s come next; Kit is in high school and enjoys sports, driving, and reading. Kirtus is beginning middle school and loves sports just as much as his older brother. Kirtus also loves learning, and keeping us all entertained in a million different ways. Karissa is that adopted little sister that was prayed for long ago and came home in 2002. Her story is an incredible one of God’s miracles. She is God’s grace gift to us. Karissa enjoys playing, math, creating and singing. The baby Anderson is a third brother, Kas. He is a precious blessing that we cannot begin to imagine our life without. Kas is adorably precocious and a daily dose of joyous fun.

We cannot wait to bring our new family members’ home! We hope you will follow our journey and keep us in your prayers!" -

Us four girls "met" Kaleigh, the eldest kid in the Anderson family. She is one of the most amazing and sweetest person ever. We all love her so very much, and are excited to be helping them out. :) The Andersons are adopting two little girls from Ecuador, South America, little "L" and "D".  Even though "D" and "L" aren't being adopted through Reece's Rainbow, they still need your help! So that they can finally be home with their loving family. The Andersons have had many difficulties with the adoption, but they are so strong and will NOT give up! They are trusting in God to bring them their little girls home. Lets help them! Get them money and get those girls home!

 We're getting around prizes and are discussing the fundraiser. The Anderson fundraiser will begin soon after the Livvy Mae fundraiser is done. Until then please keep the Andersons in your prayers! Also be sure to go to their blog. (Click "The Andersons" at the top). Leave them a comment and tell them you're praying for them! :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Lilly's Birthday Bash!

Hey Hey guys!  It's Alyssa here to tell you guys about "Lilly's Birthday Bash!"  Now you are probably wondering what "Lilly's Birthday Bash!" is, well!  Let me tell you!  So I have seen this blog multiple times before & absolutely LOVE these girls hearts, for little Miss Lilly.  They crochet items & list them on their blog, when they sell them all of the money raised goes to Lilly :)  Pretty awesome huh?  I think so!  Well you see Miss Lilly had her 5th birthday sometime in Feb.  the girls don't know that exact date but they do know her birthday is in Feb.  So they decided to put together "Lilly's Birthday Bash!" to celebrate her 5th birthday! Now before I give you guys the link I want to stress the fact that this little girl has waited 5 YEARS for a family.  It is a VERY urgent need to find her a family!  VERY URGENT!  So if you know someone who is looking to adopt PLEASE share Lilly with them!  Help these girls save Lilly!