Thursday, January 24, 2013


So the family we chose is the Quiambao family!  They are adopting 2 little boys, Josiah and Fletcher. Both of their little boys were born with Down syndrome. :)  Here is a little about the family!
"Marvin and Angel have been married for 11 years and have 5 wonderful children. As much as God has already blessed them, they have always felt called to adopt. They could not, however, because Marvin is in the military and was deployed for long periods of time. During those years of waiting, they were content to pray for and support many friends in their adoptions. They are excited that their family is in a much more stable place and can finally experience the joy of an adoption of their own. They cannot wait to bring their new sons home!"  So this family should be traveling to meet their sons soon!  We want to bless them big time!  Check out the items listed bellow, and consider entering to help this family out!  

Entree Cost: {$5-1} {$10-5} ($20-10} 
How This Works:  When you buy an entree you are entered to win any of the items we have listed below. The more entrees you buy the better chance you have at winning!  The giveaway will go on for 2 weeks. When the giveaway ends Kaitlyn and I (Alyssa) will take the time to choose winners using Random.Org  we will then announce the winners.  We will be contacting the winner via email, so be sure to keep checking to see if you received and email from! :) 

They sound like a wonderful family huh?  I was so excited when Mrs.Quiambao, gave us permission to bless them!  So lets help this family bring their sweet boys home! :) 

Who's ready to bless a family? :D 


A Vintage Bulgarian stamped necklace, donate by Mrs.Tanquary! :)  

We have 4 handmade bag, that were donated by a fellow follower Debbie!  Thank you!! :) 

A brand new Relic Watch, donated by Stephanie W.! 

2 wonderful knitted hats also donated by Stephanie W.! 

A 'Baby Pink' hair flower donated by Becoming Love! :)

This wonderful (And extremely cute!) Hat and scarf set!  Thank you Christy!

Kaitlyn's Cute Designs  donated a CUSTOM Facebook Timeline Cover, you can add as many photos and colors as you'd like! 

A $50 Origami Owl coupon donate by Debbie R.  Thank you!! :D
(Photo credit goes to Origami Owl.)

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