Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sister Blog

Kristen, Madison & Kaitlyn
Last night, January 27th is when the 4Girls4Christ reached their highest goal of "Likes" & followers!  When my sisters in Christ, Sam, Rachel & Alyssa weren't online for a good hour or so (Or Sam didn't come online till the next day!  Talk about a BIG surprise! ;) )   When I couldn't celebrate & scream of joy with them I was torn, at the same time super thrilled by what was going on!   But, there was two people I celebrated with in the moment.  That would be my two sisters, Kristen & Madison!  They've been so supportive of me & all I've done & hope to do!  They were so happy for me!  I love them so much!

I wanted to share with you our sister, orphan advocating blog!  Sisters Stick Like Glue -blog, is a blog we literally JUST created about two weeks ago, & my little sisters are new to the blogging thing so we're still in the making of making our blog!  But, please by all means check it out & "follow"!

Like I said, my sisters are newbies & I've been packed busy with Rainbow of Hope so we haven't gotten much time to post very much but, I hope you can read & enjoy what you see!  

In case you can't tell, like most, I'm the oldest of the the three, so nope, we're not triplets! (9 out ten times  people will ask us that question.)   I'm 16, Kristen is 14 & Madison is 13.  We've realized how strong we are sticking together as a team doing things!  So what better way to put it to use than to create a blog to spread the awareness of Down syndrome & the love of Jesus Christ!  

I want to do, Kristen a special favor & share to you her personal advocating blog, Saving One of God's Greatest Gift's!  Her blog is all about saving two boys she is a Prayer Warrior for!  Cain & Tristan!  Her love for those two precious boys is AMAZING!!  Just read little Cain's information, he doesn't have much more time before he's TRANSFERRED TO THE ADULT MENTAL INSTITUTION!! 
Please, DON'T LET that happen to either him or Tristan!  Their lives depend on people like us!  People who can PRAY & SPREAD the awareness of HIM!!  We MUST save him!   Help him, please!?

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to ask questions & comment!  We're opened to helping & listening :)


  1. Just followed both and added them to my sidebar blog list! :)


  2. Thank you, Sarah! Means the world to me! <3 -Kaitlyn


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