Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giveaway For Livvy Mae!

So I am here to tell you who our Feb. giveaway is going to be for!  Meet The Herrington Family who is working on bringing home Livvy Mae.  They are short on there funds, & are praying & asking God to provide!  This is where we come in!  Lets make this the biggest giveaway we have ever done.  Lets bless this family tremendously! But!  We are in need of prizes for this giveaway, & this is where you guys can step up & help!  So things that you guys can donate are: Hand made goodies, Jewelry, gift cards to popular places, Hair items, electronics, books, movies, toys, pretty much anything will do! Just email us: Prayerwarriorsofgod@hotmail.com or you can message me on Facebook. Alyssa Goodhue.  Just let us know!

Lets help this family.....

Herrington Kids

Add this little blessing to their family picture!

Livvy Mae

Here is the link to their family blog! 

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