Saturday, January 28, 2012

Support More Teen Pages!

We're so grateful for everybody's support to our page/blog!  God was in all of this for sure but it's people who support us that keep us going too!  Before last night we didn't have a lot of support, sure we did from our families and blogging buddies, but other people in the public no, not like this!  This is incredible!  We want to continue to make a change and help other teen blogs/pages!

First of all the blog/page we have A LOT in common!  They would be the Guardian Angels!  One amazing group of four teenage girls!  Holding fundraisers on their blog to help raise money for families to bring home their little babies!   They are really great ladies, working to serve God with the ways they can!  Please help support them by "Liking" their Facbook page & following their blog

Support from others will double the encouragement for these ladies!  It did for us!

Here's another young lady who will be twenty soon, Mariah!  She has a big heart for the little orphans from Reece's Rainbow!  Take a moment to read her blog & follow, its His Precious Love.  A great blog!  Be sure to read it! :)

One of the most amazing girls we know would be our friend Leah!  She's NOT one to give up!  No matter what!  The amount of money Leah has raised for the children she is a warrior for is awesome!  Her blog has a giveaway going on right now!  For three girls, I believe!  She also has a good bit of prizes you could win if you donate to her fundraiser!  Caring 4 Celine and Coralynne, is her blog!    Give that girl some support!  She deserves it! :)  Way to go Leah!

Our friend, Caleb is 16 & runs a blog/page!  Caleb was the FIRST guy we ever met with such a kind & caring passion for these orphans! Do us a favor & go "Like" Speaking for the Silent & be sure to read his blog!  He has a way with words that makes everything a little more amazing!  Support our dude, Caleb & go read his blog Speaking 4 the Silent -Blog!

A girl who really supports us is our friend, Kaleigh!  What a great friend she's been to us!  Her family is adopting.  Please help them all out & show your support to a family adopting!  Go visit their blog right, HERE

We'll update will another page supporting groups later!  Please visit these!  :)  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Just followed the ones I don't already! Thanks for sharing! :)


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