Friday, January 27, 2012

Saving Livvy Mae -Giveaway PRIZES

God recently blessed us beyond we could ever describe when a big page shared our blog & put us above more "Likes" & follows then we EVER THOUGHT we'd have!  After that we've learned GOD IS WATCHING OUR BLOG!  He has a SPECIAL plan for us & all of the families we plan on helping now & in the future!     
Livvy Mae
So I am here to tell you who our Feb. giveaway is going to be for!  Meet The Herrington Family who is working on bringing home Livvy Mae.  They are short on there funds, & are praying & asking God to provide!  This is where we come in!  Lets make this the biggest giveaway we have ever done.  Lets bless this family tremendously!  The $2000 dollars that we are hoping to raise for this family will go to them & help cover the travel cost when they go to meet their daughter!  So lets get this family to their daughter! 
God has a plan for HER!!  Let's help her get home to her forever family! 

Please donate to our giveaway "Saving Livvy Mae" & enter for a chance to win one of those lovely prizes!  

The entries are  $5-1 $20-5 & $50 - 20

We'd be SO thankful & we know Livvy Mae & her soon to be family would be too!  Go to the "Chipin" on the side of our blog & enter! 

Here are the prizes......

From the wonderful Simply Vintage Lovely we've got our NEWEST prize update in honor of reaching half way to reaching out half way mark!  We're on a goal of $2,000!  ENTER!!

These beautiful watches donated by Mrs.Nakia!

Cotton Candy Totes donated a gift card of $25!

Element Boutique donated a beautiful clip. 

A T-Shirt donated by Justrust Christian Clothing

A sticker donated by Justrust Christian Clothing

                                          We've got one beautiful item from Just Jewelry By Heather

                                       A three amazing items from Simply Vintage Lovely

                                             Waiting on one more photo of the third prize...
Adorable headband.

From Simply Vintage Lovely!

                                       We have a lovely pair of earrings from Jewelry4ubiz

                 From Barron's Photography Boutique we have a beautiful necklace!  One of a kind!

(they will be available in sizes 2-3yrs, 3-4yrs and 4-5yrs)

We have lovely item from, Lil Cha'peau Headbands
(Pending on the size of the child)

We have a $150 value prize right here from, Lil Blue Boo!  They are donating this entire sewing pattern collection to our give away!  Check it out RIGHT HERE!


  1. Thanks girls, she is a beautiful baby!

  2. Just wanted to let you know I blogged about this to help spread the word! :)

  3. You guys are AMAZING!!!!!! I seriously have no words and for me that doesn't happen often:)

  4. Great job ladies! I just Chiped in...good luck!!!

  5. Thank you so much y'all for donating! :) It really means a lot! & not only to us but to the Herrington family as well! -Alyssa

  6. Your chip-in meter should show $1,000 any moment now! I'm so proud to see such compassionate, hard working girls doing such good work! Keep it up! -Lillian

    1. Lillian!! I hope you check back to read this! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. When I saw this yesterday I was completely overcome. What a blessing you are. These girls are simply amazing and the money that they have raised for us has meant more to us than all of it combined! The passion and love that they have in their hearts is unbelievable. Thank you again! Here's our blog address so you can follow along on our journey to Livvy. It should get very exciting soon with our travel date coming within a week or two!

  7. Beth,

    I checked back! Thank you for your kind words. I'm happy to be in a position lately where I can help a bit. I'll follow your blog! Lily


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